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don’t let Obama be the LAST MAN STANDING


Brian Patrick Cork: the video below is both insightful and entertaining.

I’ll add to Mr. Barbour’s musings that Obama, by design, probably wants to be amongst the “once percent” of Americans still standing when he is finished laying waste to both the Constitution and our national identity – and, the economy.

the full story… or, at least part of the background, is under way and in-the-making. so, consider this a backdrop…

former Mississippi Governor (and unrepentant rascal, to be certain) Haley Barbour was holding court at a private party before the Republican National Committee Sunday, where he called President Barack Obama “a one percenter,” and urged a group of conservative bloggers to rally behind Mitt Romney even though he’s “not perfect”.

“We’ve got two guys running for president, by the way, who are both very rich. Each one of them is in the top one percent in the United States.” Barbour said during an event for the National Bloggers Club in Tampa. “Both of them are one percenters. And in fairness, both of them made their own money. Romney made his by winning the confidence of people who invested their money. …Obama made his money writing two books about himself. He’s a one percenter! …Which one do you figure is going to do a better job of getting our economy going in the right direction?”

indeed, both men are in the “top one percent” of income earners, although Romney’s net worth is about twenty times greater than Obama’s (based on public information). Romney and Obama are worth around $200 million and $12 million, respectively.

NOTE: this view of what might define a “one percenter” is not the same as that outlined by Ayn Rand in The Fountainhead. so, you probably won’t hear Obama ask, “who is John Galt?”.


Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney’s selection of Paul Ryan as his running mate has brought new attention to philosopher Ayn Rand. Paul Ryan says as a young man he was inspired by Ayn Rand’s writing. in her novels Atlas Shrugged and The Fountainhead, she described the virtues of private enterprise and the evils of government. those ideas evidently resonate with Ryan. in a campaign video from 2009 he said, “Ayn Rand more than anyone else did a fantastic job of explaining the morality of capitalism, the morality of individualism, and this to me is what matters most.” that said, Ayn Rand was also an atheist, and Paul Ryan has clearly distanced himself from Rand’s religious views (Obama just comes across as Godless, and more so a deist). but, under any circumstances Ayn Rand’s thinking is all the more relevant and remains an intriguing figure in American political thought.

during his talk, Barbour also argued that conservatives need to look past Romney’s moderate record as governor of Massachusetts.

“Mitt Romney’s not as conservative as I am. It’s a fact,” Barbour said. “But the difference between him and Obama in terms of their vision, their plan, their policies, their belief in the history and the fundamental principles of America are the greatest difference of any two presidential candidates in my lifetime. …It behooves us to make sure Romney wins.”

so… while I stand unconvinced that we should vote for Mitt Romney simply on Barbour’s endorsement, his logic is awkward but oddly relevant.

my sense of Romney is that he is a tried-and-true businessman that will make it his business to get our country on a path of best-practices. however, my gut and observation thus far, is that Obama is interested in what is best for Obama.

peace be to my Brothers and Sisters.

brian patrick cork


Israel vs the World except Germany


I find it endlessly, endlessly, fascinating that since Germany and Israel established diplomatic ties in 1965, Germany has become arguably Israel’s strongest ally in Europe.

peace be to my Brothers and Sisters.

brian patrick cork


nancy pelosi and whitney houston, seriously


we must always compare for its contrast.

so long Whitney Houston. you really are an Angel, hopefully anyway. you entertained us all both with a golden voice and as a silly neighbor here in Alpharetta horse country.

meanwhile, Nancy Pelosi will ever be your equal in championing the odd cause:

I miss Bill Clinton and all the things he did for his country, that Obama never will.

peace be to my Brothers and Sisters.

brian patrick cork


my man Morrissey



my Blog posting has certainly realized itself a rare effort, lame and uninspired of late.

my only excuse has been the holidays and coaching an indoor and a Select Field Lacrosse team.

but, I did find the time to revisit a book that reminded me how much I have always favored alternative music, especially that from the ’80’s and early 90’s. in particular, I’ll have to mention and lift-up The Smiths. and, one of the best chronicles of their significant contribution was, and remains, Johnny Rogan’s Morrissey & Marr: The Severed Alliance.

that was a powerful, charismatic, dynamic and  creative team. likely on-par with Lennon and Mccarthy (Beatles). and, their crushing falling-out was equally telling within the history of musical collaboration.

to wit…

Rogan has offered us an account of the rise and inevitably agonizing fall of English indie phenom The Smiths that is a must-read for any music fan that understands how this band forever changed the music industry by pioneering the alternative recording scene. the book dives deep offering us insight within the steady development of the bands brilliant four albums. you’ll also have an accurate insight into the lives and thinking that drove an unprecedented string of hit singles.

NOTE: what is a bit unusual is this is a partial rewrite of the original book. the first effort famously drove Morrissey, himself, to publicly state that he wished Rogan would “…perish in a car crash”.

charming. but, so Morrissey.

a must read. do it!

meanwhile, enjoy How Soon Is Now by, by (the very same) The Smiths. the tune was recoded in 1984, the year I graduated from University, and released in 1985, the year I stormed Southern California. originally released as a B-side single to William, It Was Really Nothing, it soon after found a home on the Smiths album, Hatful of Hollow. more recently it’s showed-up on the refreshed the eponymously named album, The Sound of the Smiths. I tell you all of this because I suspect you should be wondering.

peace be to my Brothers and Sisters.

brian patrick cork

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