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brian cork on Wealth and Happiness


I suppose wealth and happiness are both a matter of definition.

that said, if someone picks David Geller’s book, Wealth and Happiness, up from a coffee table, it can be a quick read (it’s engaging), or a great read (it’s relevant). however, I think as we spread the word about it the effort will become both.

I know David’s partner Marc Lewyn better. but, as I’ve come to know the good people at GV Financial Advisors I recognized they share a passion driven by a commitment to a better life for everyone within their sphere of influence that begins with a core philosophy developed by David Geller. I’ve built and sold several businesses and I am always concerned about what to do next, including how to handle money smarter and better each time. Mr. Geller’s mission, shared by his fellows, is to help us all be part of the solution, not the problem.

peace be to my Brothers and Sisters.

brian patrick cork


life and Stuff with perspective


today marks an interesting perspective driven milestone for myself and role on this planet.

I’m forty nine years away from being one hundred years old.

yesterday marked the 25th anniversary of my earthly Father’s suicide, whom I idolized because he was a great Dad, loving husband, by example, and leader of men (I’m still left with the question: “why didn’t he call me?”).

two days ago I lost a pretty good friend that helped me form a view of life, and philosophy in business. I fielded phone calls from local papers for “unique quotes”. in a way, that helped make feel a little better, about Steve.

my business is solid; and, I make a positive difference in people’s lives, and daily. I know it; so do they. that feels good. relevant.

so… today I’m hanging out with Joanne thinking, if I died today do I want to be in business meetings or be with her? Happy Friday everyone. I love you all. Lift me up.

with all that, I’m listening to: All I Do Is Win, by T-Pain, Ludacris, Snoop Dog and Rick Ross (never mind the bits about making money – that just comes with using my Super Powers for good). also, Dear Mr. President by 4 Non Blondes, just because it’s completely different from All I Do Is Win – and, that is it’s own perspective. and, Knockin’ on Heavens Door, the Bob Dylan version, mind you. it’s not commonly known that Dylan was a favorite of Steve’s (and, my Dad).go find it on iTunes. you’ll be better for the effort. Do it!

peace be to my Brothers and Sisters.

brian patrick cork


happiness Audit


Do a happiness audit.  Do it!

Write down a list of all the things that you do during the course of a week and put them in categories according to the level of Joy they cause in your life.

That, I suspect (well, actually know), will make you part of the solution.

Peace be to my Brothers and Sisters.

Brian Patrick Cork


October sixth


I miss my Dad.

I think my readers (and, certainly those of you, otherwise, closer to me) know that he took his own life on October 6th, the day before my Birthday. That was a good number of years ago. But, the rawness of it still explodes at the back of my skull every October. I had this gripping post ready to go. But, I’ve sat on it for weeks, uncertain why, until now.

Yesterday I had a good day with Emma Jo.

A quick aside, if you’ll indulge me… I spend a good amount of time with Haley Anne – especially around proper football (soccer). She is gorgeous. And, yesterday I realized that she is developing a love for writing, in her own right. My Dad had more of a gift for drawing. But, her creativity, in general, would have delighted him.

Meanwhile… We are preparing to move our household deeper North into Alpharetta (Milton) horse country off Freemanville Road. There is a long story attached to this. But, I’m more interested in some of the highlights occurring in and around the “big picture”.

While rummaging through the storage spaces in, what will shortly be referred to as the “old house”, we came upon containers crammed with family photos. In one crumbling box was a treasure trove of photo albums and curling black and white snap shots of Haley Anne and Emma Jo’s ancestors. This included my Dad in many an enigmatic situation. There were a bunch of them with him with his arm around me. Or, me hugging him from behind while he worked on some project (this made me recall that I often hugged my Dad. I never shied away from that, even in public, through High School and College). And, these fascinated Emma Jo. She took right to them with an endless and insightful stream of questions. But, the best part was the bonding as she snuggled into me. So, she was my “buddy” all day. We made a few trips back-and-forth to the “new house” having loaded up my big black bad-ass truck. And, we were fortunate to have another classically beautiful Georgia Fall day because the drivers-side window is broke and won’t close. So, we had this incredible moment with a lull in the easy conversation when Emma Jo was caught thinking carefully between questions and observations. She looked so happy. The golden light was pouring through the window and highlighting her hair, still almost white from the lake and sun, that had the wind pushing wildly around her shoulders and face. Her cobalt blue eyes were bright as diamonds. She looked over at me winsomely and shrugged, rather shyly. And, it struck me that Dad had ironically created this moment.

I was so incredibly thankful.

Dad was a better man than me. And, I was fortunate to have him in my life. And, he is always my inspiration for the sort of earthly father I try to be every day. So… October sixth can come and go. But, Dad and Mom live on through Emma Jo and Haley Anne. And, all of it means me living the Authentic Life.

You can roll your collective eyes at me – and, I’ll give it little merit. And, so, I’ll share this video from Glee and their cover of:

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