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so… I found myself being updated around the continuing adventures of Mary Guthries family. I coached two of her daughters in soccer for a couple of years. they taught me a lot. and, like my own daughter, Haley Anne, I’ll likely long consider great days of coaching soccer as being associated with the Guthrie girls, Claire and Grace.

I’ll keep the details of the most recent email exchange with Mary in trust. but, the immediate result would be the following excerpt from that dialogue…


I am, the eternal optimist.

my own home is under pressure from Satan. I know that sounds dramatic, and it’s meant to be. I don’t know precisely how Satan works because I don’t qualify as as an evangelical Christian. but, in my imagination, this is how dante may have been inspired for the abyss.

but, I always feel like I can prevail and with the balances of forces between good and evil, light and dark, I am a good guy, and thusly hold a tenuous advantage. kind of like the Hal Jordan Green Lantern (my favorite). the ring knows Jordan’s heart is pure, and his greatest test is always his own deeply rooted sense of humanity. that constant test of strength, character and will raises him above many of his brethren, and fuels the awesome power of the ring that is focused against evil.

so Mary, this Fred character makes me think of Sinestro, a Green Lantern arch villain. Or, possibly a Shakespearean villain (actually Sinestro is quite Shakespearean by design, I’m certain, and he is clearly meant to come across as fascist). I’m not prepared to label Fred a “fascist” (mostly because I know hardly anything about him), but he should always offer the courtesy of keeping you in the loop where the kids are involved. but, with that said, I have to believe your daughters approach him with a mix of many feelings, not the least of which is curiosity. but, I would trust them to maintain a level head. you can tell them I expect they’d both to make terrific Green Lanterns.

moods are good. they suggest “feeling” with it’s attachment to life, and change. remind Claire to take a run when she might feel blue. it certainly works for me.


peace be to my Brothers and Sisters.

brian patrick cork


green lantern


whooooo Hooooo!

since I was eight years old my hands-down favorite comic book and other-worldly hero has been, and without reservation, Green Lantern.

I understand all of you come to this blog for uncanny wisdom and insight.

so, my best advice today is to just lose yourself and revel in a character where imagination runs wild with integrity forged with embattled hope.

some addition thoughts…

as the story has always gone, Hal Jordan is an extremely talented man with the greatest potential. but, he is deeply flawed, in some ways tortured. that makes him the perfect (hu)man bean because he always has a chance to be better.

…okay, so that’s my interpretation.

and, this is also how I happen to see myself. does this mean I identify with a comic book character?


and, I admit I want to be bigger than life. I want the ball. I’m up for the challenge. bring it on. all of it.

peace be to my Brothers and Sisters.

brian patrick cork


let those who worship evils might Beware my power


Todd Miechiels came by Wednesday to discuss the 3:15 Project.

it makes sense both from both a self-sustaining and self-sufficient model. then, from a Kingdom and best practices perspective it represents a good business model. it’s also aligned with theories around trends (see my discourses around Steve Jobs and video anywhere and everywhere). so, it could lend itself to the viral process with ease, aplomb, and a form of elegance. perhaps the best part is it requires almost no outside capital. so, it’s genuinely “part of the solution, and not part of the problem”, unlike most Ministries.

in a moment of careful thoughtfulness, Todd told me I was “intimidating”.

I’m pondering that. so, more about that later.

meanwhile, John Stein lofted over another of his herculean and epic prayers:

“Father, in the name of Yeshua, God I decree the soil of Brian’s heart be watered. God, let your wellspring of life come forth. May Brian know the love of Christ beyond any indifference, any confusion and any doubt. God, may Your presence be upon him. May He know the love of a perfect Father. God, may You tear down the walls that the enemy has built around his heart. May they be destroyed, and may his inheritance come forth. God, please anoint Brian today for the service of the King. LORD, let him see his purpose. Let him know his destiny. God, I call him into that now. In the name of Jesus, Brian will fulfill all that he was created to fulfill. LORD, I confuse the enemy now. I say to all relationships that are of hell, be gone now! LORD, raise up today new relationships of divine destiny. Let Brian have encounters, O God. Invade his night time. Increase his dreams. Bring forth more LORD. Give him strategies of heaven to change an entire economy. Let him know, Jesus, that Your Spirit is at work in him. May Your light shine brightly through Brian. In the name of Jesus. Amen” – John Stein

okay… that’s intimidating.

how the hell (just run with me here, I’m all worked-up and excited) can anything stand in defiance against that? it’s like Green Lantern’s, well, lantern. and, his awesome oath:

In brightest day, in blackest night,                                                                                                                                      No evil shall escape my sight,                                                                                                                                              Let those who worship evil’s might,                                                                                                                          Beware my power… Green Lantern’s Light!

…that’s meant to be intimidating, for good.

so, it’s the same. now there exists scienter. and, the dutiful requirement to use our super powers for good.

I’ll likely take heat for this. Gale Jackson may well gnash his teeth and shake his fist at me. but, I’m good. my heart is pure in this matter.

by the way… I remain a work in progress. but, I understand. and, I know what I want.

peace be to my Brothers and Sisters.

brian patrick cork



strange opportunity, really


One of the best ways we start our day off is with me walking Emma Jo to the bus stop.

Today, it was colder than most days. Rowdy has a new store-bought coat, and still could not be coaxed outside.

There was frost on the windshield of my (my big black bad-ass) truck. So, I crawled into the cockpit to start the engine; the intention to warm it up for the drive to work and the related high adventure.

That’s when I noticed that my automobile registration and proof of insurance were laid-out on the passenger seat  alongside two pair of sunglasses I normally keep in the console between the seats.

Odd and creepy, to be sure.

The only thing I could immediately determine that might be missing was a flashlight that I keep in the same console.

The sunglasses are both high-end and expensive. So, the interloper has bad taste, or simply different taste.

But, we know the intent, at large, in this matter is creepy (that word again), and evil.

If some hapless stranger needed a flashlight I would have offered it to him, with a spare set of batteries. And, probably a knapsack of provisions, including a thermos of hot chocolate. If they are looking for me or need something, I’d prefer they not slink through the night like a jackal. Toe-to-toe, any time, say I.

So, as I walked my little daughter to the bus stop this morning, her warm and endless chatter generating delight in my heart, I had to be reminded that there is an odd balance to life. It’s my job to represent truth and light. To protect my family and neighbors. But, never lose sight of my humanity. Another Kobayashi Maru?

I’ll have no choice but to view this as a God-given opportunity to represent and reflect, some how.

That’s me, raising my hand.

By the way… Do you, my readers, remember (or, just know) the pledge of Green Lantern as he recharges his ring? If not, you only have to ask in the comments, or via email, as so many of you do, and, I’ll share it with you.

Peace be to my Brothers and Sisters.

Brian Patrick Cork


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