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Good morning.

I miss Colorado. but, I don’t know if I miss that place, or its potential, more. that’s also where I became a fireman and EMT. That was when and where some of the most vitally GREAT moments of my life were realized. I probably would still be there, but my life blew up when I lost control of my company and the regulators stepped-in. thank God for all of it, maybe.

while still there, I recall that a very wise and older man once said to me, “this is God’s country (Colorado), but, the Devil is in it”. so, I always take the position that Colorado is “Chinese Interesting”.

I’m on something of a new and scary-interesting path that has a lot to do with a squirrel and the “burning platform” memo.

…a squirrel?

and, then another crazy twist in the road occurred this very morning when once of my coaching clients  failed to appear but I met Doug and Al. for months Al was the guy that just pissed me off because he smoked near my table. today he’s an example of how I want to live much of my life. damn… thirty minutes can shift an entire lifetime. I need to be mindful of that every time I meet or work with everyone. every minute counts when you’re on a “burning platform”.

man, the latter is galvanizing and life-changing.

I have so many questions. and, oddly, I’m realizing more and more each day that the simplest answers are literally all around me, and just, and agonizingly so, within reach. it’s almost like drowning with the promise of the surface achingly close to ones fingertips.

peace be to my Brothers and Sisters.

brian patrick cork


moments like these


our minds create pictures of moments that we can cherish the rest of our days, or perhaps soften the blow of our final moments as we are standing between our flag and bitter enemies, being hurled towards a tree, or simply fading to black.

this is the month we lost Bill Pope and his son and Bryce a year ago. you can read about that, here: taken aback by Bill Pope/

I often wonder what Bill’s final moments were like, the last thought, the image in his mind. I suspect he was calmly sorting through options that would navigate he and the boys to safety, and determined to realize Jane’s arms. by the way, Jane, if you are reading this, I only bring all of it up again because none of us can or should forget Bill and the man he will always be the standard for, and Bryce and his great potential.

the last few weeks were tough on my own family with Haley Anne suffering so much. it’s been a tough year. but, the recent events were, if naught else, perspective building.

emerging from all of this is a continued appreciation for the moments, great and small alike, that are making my own life so very rich.

monday night I was watching Stargate Universe (I don’t need any rude comments or jibing. at least I admit that I watch it – oh, and Battlestar Gallactica, as well). it was past her bed time but Haley Anne, still sore and restless could not sleep. so, she groggily made her way into the family room, muttered something about needing Daddy, drew up a large pillow and put her head up against my chest so I could stroke her hair for awhile. within moments she was purring and asleep. no ferocious tiger, just my silly little kitten.

that was a great hour. just me and Haley Anne. she was safe, relaxed and sleeping deeply.

last night at my U10 Shockers soccer practice I had a small turn-out. tuesdays are “extra” practice for the little ones.

this gave me an option to work very closely with the team and I decided to try and work on some fairly advanced “give-and-go” drills.

“think simple about giving the ball to a teammate and then running up pitch and calling for them to pass it back. give-and-go, give-and-go.”

to both my astonishment and delight, and that of one of the more experienced mothers, we pulled it off. the girls knew thay’d done well, and we all felt great about practice.

so, seeing my keeper roll the ball to an outlet player that deftly passed the ball to my little Emma Jo who then set up the “go-pass” was inspiring and deeply satisfying – both as a coach, and a Dad.

dammit Bill… I genuinely miss you. and, I know you would have listened to my stories at Starbucks and enjoyed them as much as I relished relaying them.

peace be to my Brothers and Sisters.

brian patrick cork


one of those moments #14


we were back from the Atlanta Falcons game seeing them take it down to the wire to beat the San Francisco Forty-Niners with another field goal win.

I took off for a run at North Park. the turf field has become something of a refuge through the agony that represents Joanne, and I put in a solid five miles in good form despite the pizza I choked down at the Georgia Dome only a few hours behind me.

while I was spinning around the field a growing group of multi-nation footballers (soccer) were gathering. and, as I cooled down they had finished with their easy-going warmups and started putting it one to another. the footwork was at once easy and dazzling. the joy from their hearts shown through their smiling and sweat-drenched faces. some were fit, others almost portly. but, they were all agile and quick – evidence of a life-long passion for “the beautiful game”.

that’s it. the sun was streaking through the trees and mottling the field with pieces of light that made the cooling air seem almost magical. actually it was. just a nice moment where the world seemed to spin smoothly upon it’s axis.

I’m thankful for that, today.

peace be to my Brothers and Sisters.

brian patrick cork


pause for Effect


“We try to break the boundaries and see what we can do,” said Shaun White after winning (thus repeating) the Olympic Half-Pipe Gold medal at the Vancouver Winter Olympics. “I think we’re just tapping into what is possible. I can’t predict the future. We have to go create it. It’s a cool position to be in.”

[pause for effect]

“He only knows how to WIN!”

I love that.

I’ll admit to being naught less than a proud American. But, under no uncertain terms, Mr. White, AKA “The Flying Tomato” and/ or The Animal”, is an ass-kicker.

Oh… And, get a load of John Mayer (a decidedly different John Mayer):

Warning – difficult language ALERT. I suspect he’s controversial, simply for the sake of being controversial. So, I’ll ponder the potential effect – beyond the ironically entertaining.

Go listen to Paradise City by Guns and Roses, for full effect.

Peace be to my Brothers and Sisters.

Brian Patrick Cork


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