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I Miss My Dad


we all lose our Dads.

they are rarely forgotten.

I’m sharing a link with you regarding John Schneider (Bo on The Dukes of Hazzard from the 70’s):

Mr. Schneider lost his own Dad recently.

john schneiderman getting real

my Dad and I used to watch Dukes of Hazzard together. the best reason I enjoyed those all-to-brief hours together was because I loved to hear my Dad laugh. it was genuine, and deep from the belly. it made me feel really good and safe.

I really miss my Dad. I never missed a chance to hug and kiss him, even in public all through my life, even when I was in my twenties (while that may not be a big deal for some, it is for some others), until he left us.

call your Dad. tell him you love and appreciate him. if you don’t feel that way I’m so very sorry. but, maybe it’s not too late to change that.

peace be to my Brothers and Sisters.

brian patrick cork


saying goodbye to Andy Whitfield


the, or any story, of and around Spartacus is epic, albeit not actually Biblical, or historically factual.

and, if you’ve managed to catch: Spartacus – Blood and Sand on STARZ, you know it’s a visual, if not visceral, treat. there was also Spartacus – Gods of the Arena, and soon Spartacus – Vengeance, come January 2012, in the series. but, most shows are memorable, less so for the story, and more so for the charisma of an actor, or ensemble cast.

that was the case for Australian Andy Whitfield.

tragically, Whitfield left us with cancer to blame earlier this month.

oddly, I never met Whitfield. but, I won’t soon forget him. he was fun on Spartacus. but, evidently he was a much larger-than-life hero in the real flesh, and hopefully in the hearts, memories, and mirrors of his beautiful children. but, he has a rare opportunity to leave something behind that transcends grief. read the short story below with gratitude in your heart for an actor of no mean skill and a brilliant example to any parent:

Tragic actor Andy Whitfield’s widow has revealed how her brave husband broke the news he was dying to the couple’s two kids last week.

The Spartacus: Blood and Sand star lost his battle with cancer on 11 September, but had time to say goodbye to his children Jesse Red, six, and Indigo Sky, four.

His widow Vashti tells Australia’s The Telegraph, “(He said)”:

“I am going to go to sleep now as my body won’t work anymore. I am like a butterfly with broken wings… I will always be with you and will always be watching over you. I love you.”

there is that old Muslim maxim that allows: “there is the punishment in the promise, and the promise in the punishment.” to wit…

evidently Whitfields children look so much like him that his wife says:

“They can look in the mirror every day and see their dad.”

thank God my own daughters don’t look like me. but, I hope I can reflect the virtues enough of Whitfield to mirror such sentiment and earn a good memory in their hearts.

peace be to my Brothers and Sisters.

brian patrick cork


investing in my daughters


Saturday night realized the 6th annual Daddy Daughter “My Princess” dance.

I’m chuckling as I tap this post into your collective lives because after all the work Emma Jo and I did practicing “swing” dancing, and a Waltz, she still had more fun standing on my feet and looking up at me with those beautiful blue eyes lit up like gemstones (and, her Princess ring from the event). she’s my little monkey, that one.

this years was the best yet. and, I’m deeply grateful to Woody Faulk and his team, and that includes Shari Wassell, who likely fielded over one thousand questions, for pulling the event off with such panache.

I feel that way for many reasons. but, one that stands-out was the opportunity to define “panache” to my Emma Jo.

she listens to me. and, carefully.

oddly, though, while we were dancing through the evening I found myself thinking about her future. college. that sort of thing. and, Apple, where most of her college (and wedding) money is growing.


I don’t hink Emma Jo’s hand left my own. not once. and, we talked non-stop the entire evening. the words just seemed to flow one into the other with no real plan. it was just easy banter. however, it’s times like these that I share stories about my own childhood for examples. and, she is also particularly fond of stories about her “Nana” (my own Mother) as relayed to me by Mom and my own Nana.

we took only one quick snack break. but, even the beautiful and towering chocolate fountain possessed a prayer of hope in competing with myself that evening. Emma Jo was much too eager to remain on the dance floor and kick up her heels. I don’t think she stopped smiling, not once. except when she was observing. she is good about doing that. and, of course, that leads to endless questions. so, more on that later.

we got home in good form. it was late for Emma Jo. she was utterly exhausted. and, her feet were sore. but, I did get a sleepy “giggly-giggly” in response to my “home again home again” (that won’t last much longer, will it) she had her warm milk and I got an extra long hug and a squeeze.

later, I was pulled from my own deep slumber when I heard her calling for me around 0530 hours Sunday morning, and that resulted in my crawling into bed with her and smiling into the dark as her little arms relaxed and twitched around my neck and she slipped back to sleep. she snores, just a little bit. but, I’ll not, ever, tease her about that.

Joanne is still sick. more on that later, as well. so, with Haley Anne still at her sleep over, it was Emma Jo and me left to fend for ourselves. we pulled Anastasia off Netflix as we remained in the Princess zone. and, other than me out for a run in the afternoon, the day belonged to just the two of us.

NOTE: Haley Anne was busy being fourteen in-and-through her eighth grade dance. I asked her how that went Sunday late morning. all I got, at first was: “fine”. but, details continue to realize themselves slowly. and, I am very patient. in fact, she just before her own bed time Sunday night she crawled onto the sofa with me. I knew it was meant to be quiet time. she just wanted to be around me. she asked me a question about Mormons. I gave her some of my thinking. but, I know she was more interested in listening to my voice, as opposed to words. and, that was enough to make her sleepy.

mission accomplished.

peace be to my Brothers and Sisters.

brian patrick cork


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