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Bat Masterson


So long Gene Barry.

To me, you will always be that debonaire Bat Masterson. They don’t play it that way any longer. Perhaps they never did. They, whoever, they may be, certainly should.

One of the coolest parts of the Television series was that the Bat Masterson character, portrayed by Mr. Barry, often beat his adversaries senseless with the use of his gold-tipped cane, as opposed to the use of firearms (with which he was equally dexterous).

My Grandad would say: “now there’s a gentleman – for you”. And, if he were, tragically, absent from the living room, then my Dad would always carry the banner. It was a determined play on words, and directed amicably towards the hapless villains. Oh, and they were a dastardly bunch.

Great stuff, really.

Please join me with a rousing rendition of the Bat Masterson THEME SONG:

“Back when the West was very young

There lived a man named Masterson

He wore a cane and derby hat

They called him Bat

Bat Masterson!

A man of steel, the story says

But women’s eyes all glanced his way.

A gambler’s game he always won

His name was Bat

Bat Masterson!


The trail that he blazed is still there

No one has come since to replace his name

and those with too ready a trigger,

forgot to figure on his lightning cane.

Now in the legend of the West

One name stands out above the rest

The man who had the fastest gun,

His name was Bat

Bat Masterson!”

Peace be to my Brothers and Sisters.

Brian Patrick Cork

Brian Cork Remembering Barbara Stanwyck


You probably remember Barbara Stanwyck from the 60’s television series “The Big Valley”.

I loved watching westerns with my Dad and Grandad.

It was terrific.  Lots of subtle messaging in the soap box operetta format along with high adventure and spirited dialogue.  Only Bonanza (in the early days) might have been better. /1

In any event, Stanwyck has always fascinated me.  By reputation off camera she was true and kind.  She played strong willful characters that were typically possessed of an edge.

And, it bothers me that Robert Wagner has written a crappy book and told the world that he had a love affair with Stanwyck almost 60 years ago. But, what can we expect from a smarmy ‘ol dude that hocks reverse mortgages on cable television?

As it turns out, My Nana and Grandad knew Stanwyck.  They were “old Sacramento”, and had many a pool party stuffed with Hollywood, political and sports luminaries that included Ronald Reagan and Max Baer (The boxer [although my Mom grew up with his son Max Baer Jr. who played Jethro on The Beverly Hillbillies”]).

…I recall my Nana and Mother saying that I looked like Max Baer (senior).

Moving on…

Stanwyck’s first husband was stage actor Frank Fay. They were married on August 26, 1928. On December 5, 1932 they adopted a son, Dion Anthony “Tony” Fay, who was one month old. The marriage was a troubled one. Fay’s successful career on Broadway did not translate to the big screen, whereas Stanwyck achieved Hollywood stardom. Also, Fay apparently physically abused Stanwyck – especially when he was inebriated.

My Grandad once told me that the Fay and Stanwyck story was the basis for the book and movie(s) “A Star is Born”.

Brian Patrick Cork


1/ I will be Blogging about Bonanza in the next week or so.  It was simply brilliant.  Way ahead of it’s time and shares some interesting parallels with The Big Valley.

Seeing the Light


I don’t like the saying : “It’s always darkest before the dawn”.

It makes me think of Bosnia. And, I don’t think most people that say it actually understand the metaphor.

So… Naturally this is me being arrogant (there are probably other words, but flexing my vocabulary is not meant to be the issue here today).

What is the point is I am getting tons of emails from concerned friends and people that want to be my friends – or other people that simply want to care. This Blog is getting more hits than ever recently as the word gets out that I am troubled.

To wit, more people are referring to me as “Pooh Bear”. /1

Debra Forrester reached out to me this morning because Christine Wall called her asking what might be going on with me (they apparently read this Blog). Christine is married to my friend Steve Wall (whom it turns out I like more than most other people).

In any event, I like to consider myself a beacon. I mean this in terms of enabling other people to see things within, about, and around themselves (sort of like a flash light shedding the best light on the important places). But, today I am reminded that sometimes we need dark moments so our friends can be beacons of light that help us find our way. /2

I acknowledge that I could have used fewer words this morning to convey this message. But, my friends also know that I am verbose, self absorbed, and constantly impressed with myself, analysis, and wisdom.

Too bad I have such a difficult time following my own advice.

But, then, I might not have the opportunity to really know who my friends are. And, apparently I have a lot; and, they are terrific.

Thank God.

I finish with this because (you have read and heard this before) my Grandad said:

“If you must judge a man, do it by the people he surrounds himself with”.

I miss my Grandad. But, he is ever reflected in days like today.

Peace be to my Brothers and Sisters.

Brian Patrick Cork
1/ See my Blog Post “However, Brian Cork is not Winnie the Pooh”.
2/ See my Blog Post “Good Chaos”.

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