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why we party


The main purpose of a political party is to get its members elected to office and then push specific objectives that follow a sustained line-of-thinking.

Although our current president (I used small caps, purposefully) Barack Obama, is clearly more interested in staying in office for the sake of just being in office. He is apparently in mortal fear, now, of being ousted after a single term – an ultimate form of humiliation suffered by tense denizens of the Oval Office (see the hapless Jimmy Carter). This is the only reason he petulantly gave up his efforts to over-tax the wealthy (under his own earthly father’s vision). But, let’s all of us, collectively, firm up our satisfaction in knowing the fellow and his government whore group have been routed (as in seriously ass-kicked).

Meanwhile… Parties are, otherwise,  made up of people who have the same general idea and goals about governing. Once in power, the purpose of the Party is to accomplish its goals for the city, state, or nation. While not in power, the Party acts as the “loyal opposition” until it can elect a majority of its members to power.

Look for Obama to devolve into a form of petulant terrorist if he finds himself wobbling towards lame-duck status under eight years. I’m currently of the belief that he thinks wealthy people, not of his design, don’t deserve their status, and need their assets reallocated to fuel his ideals. More on this later. However, we need to be ready. That’s both the Heterodox and Jeffersonian in me – as well as the Prudent and Optimistic Gentleman.

To be clear… The Founding Fathers disliked political parties, calling them “factions” motivated by self interest.

Historical footnote: Then President, George Washington, was so disturbed over the quarreling between Hamilton (Federalists) and Jefferson (anti-Federalists) that he famously devoted much of his Farewell Address to the evils of parties. You need to understand that the people who supported Hamilton and Adams were called Federalists (ironically supporters of the Constitution) but they were not, in fact, an organized political party.

The first recognized party in America was made up of the followers of Jefferson, who, starting in the 1790s, called themselves Republicans (or, I love this, Jeffersonian Democratic-Republicans). Hamilton and those who opposed Jefferson, kept the name Federalist and appeared to be content with a form of rabble-rousing.

Let’s be clear, Jefferson’s Republican Party has no ties to the current Republican Party. In fact, the current Democratic Party considers Jefferson and Andrew Jackson as the founders of their party. But, somehow, after Bill Clinton, the Democratic party forgot that they are public servants, and appear more intent on creating an environment that serves their own miserable means.

More later. Read between the lines. Talk amongst yourselves. Care.

There might be the gnashing of teeth. Possibly the shaking of fists. Certainly voices will be raised.

Peace be to my Brothers and Sisters.

Brian Patrick Cork

inside the Box


We were asked: “What is thinking ‘inside the box”?

We hear so much about thinking “outside the box” that it apparently made the questioner wonder if going back into the box might not be a wise thing these days. They suggested that it might “just be less crowded. Or maybe not.”

My own immediate thought is that we need to focus on core objectives relative to goals.

So, whereas “outside the box” allows for broader thinking – and, suggests open-mindedness, “inside the box” might signal that we have opened the box, come up with a great idea, and are now implementing a plan of action to execute.

This has equal applications in both business, and life inside and outside of  business (sometimes there is a difference).

That’s just me thinking. I tend to do that, sometimes, more than many people care to know.

However, I do think much of this offers an insight to the views of the Heterodox.

Peace be to my Bothers and Sisters.

Brian Patrick Cork

running in that Zone


I’ve been running most of my life.

There have been District, State and National championships.

Along the way, and as most runners can relate, there have been those sublime moments in the “zone”.

Typically they occur during training. Some times by luck, during a race. Ideally when something significant is at stake. This is why we sometimes train to peak.

I’m forty nine years old. I admit that I plan to run until I am one hundred years old. It’s a goal, to be sure. And, there is a lot that goes along with that in terms of other, and peripheral, goals.

As many close friends are aware, I’ve been fighting two fairly serious injuries, and another challenge. I grudgingly admit all of that has sapped my strength and focus considerably.

However, today I was feeling pretty good. And, my body has begun to knit itself back together – and, I recognize myself. That’s hard to explain. But, many of my training partners, through all manner of adventures, that span almost thirty years, understand. Yes… They certainly do.

So… With a warm sun in my face, and the promise of an easy sweat, I decided to try six miles at three quarter speed. However, it took me less than half a mile to realize that today was going to be one of the really good days. I found that zone; literally caught the rail – just like a glassy fronted wave under a short board. I flew; my feet synced with my heart and a rhythmic staccato tapping on the gravel, as if winged. I considered that Superman, who is my brother in more ways than one, although a son of Krypton, draws his strength from the sun, but it was all mine this day as I sighted, and ran down, no less than five runners on Brittle Road.

Another great memory in front of countless miles, and the expectation of many and many more to come.

Peace be to my Brothers and Sisters.

Brian Patrick Cork

just another Stated goal


Are you familiar with the Brotherhood of Chateauneuf-du-Pape?  Most are not. Yet, you can be certain that this is one of France’s most famous wine regions.

It’s a rare honor and experience to be invited to that place, and oft-reserved for one form of cultural star or another.

And, it’s a stated goal of mine.

free climbingYou can’t just climb there. Although that might be one way to get attention.

The invitation to join the Brotherhood, and the initiation ceremony, is always a quiet affair – as is the event itself. But, it unfolds something like this:

The guest is welcomed into the Brotherhood at the Domaine de Marcoux, has an aperitif, tastes the wine of some of the region’s top vintners, and finally tucks into a gourmet dinner at The Verger des Papes restaurant perched right on the top of the Chateauneuf-du-Pape village.

It’s rewards such as this that makes trying to make a difference, possibly a profound difference in this world, ever more the worthwhile.

Peace be to my Brothers and Sisters.

Brian Patrick Cork

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