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The great stories from the Athens Finale tournament are numerous. And, they will be chronicled, as best I am able here, over time – and, elsewhere, certainly.

I’ve coached Michelle Higgins since she was eleven. She was on my first Shocker team and created a lot of learning opportunities for me as a coach.

I think Michelle gave me three of her best matches this weekend.

It was the little things. She seemed to hustle more than usual, and was engaged around the ball. She also took two hard ball shots to the head and stuck with it. When I was on the pitch in the last match looking after Lindsay (“I’m okay… GAME ON!”), I had an opportunity to take a quick look at Michelle (I wanted to see her eyes after the last shot she took). She had tears, but she gave me a brave nod.

All I could do was give her a kiss on the top of her head, and feel more pride than I could ever convey.

Damn. Life, and the stuff of life, is sweet.

Thanks Michelle.

Coach Brian


epic Lacrosse update


I understand, and reasonably so, that many readers of this Blog have resolved to endure endless and sleepless nights until they have an update with regards to the gripping saga that is Haley Anne’s entrance into the world of Lacrosse.

This saga begins here with my recent post: Lacrosse dna.

womens lacrosseAs everyone should know, Haley Anne and I visited the Starz Soccer and Lacrosse Complex here in Alpharetta and have had an opportunity to work one-on-one with Coach Mike Boyd. Mike coached the Milton High School Girls’ 2004-2008 State Champion teams. As luck will have it, Haley Anne will play (if she sticks with the game) in the Milton feeder system.

I admit that when Haley Anne gripped her first (girls) Lacrosse stick I was convinced it would result in a bonding similar to that of King Arthur and Excalibur.

It was not nearly so dramatic.

The pocket is more shallow in a girls stick than that of the mens version. So, cradling is more challenging. She was a bit stiff.

But, she stuck with it – perhaps grimly so at first. Her athleticism and speed will carry her for awhile. Coach Mike was very complimentary. His own daughter, Molly, was a High School All-American. But, I get the impression that is simply his style. He clearly has a big heart and a boundless passion for the sport. Molly is terrific, and an ideal role-model for any group of young ladies.

After a few sessions I asked Haley Anne what she thought.

A cautious:

“I like it.”

Was all I could get.

However, she called (actually texted) many of her Shocker (soccer) teammates and rallied them to next weeks mini-camp.

That’s a good sign.

So… Naturally, I went to Dicks (Sporting goods) Friday and bought a bunch of girls Lacrosse sticks (and several balls of pink colored balls). Mind you… Joanne expressly told me NOT to do this only last week.

But, this is Lacrosse. And, Haley Anne is showing an interest. And, I am obsessive (and, at least self-actualized).

The only concern that I have is Lacrosse and Soccer conflict. So, now I need to leverage my force-of-will and convince Fusion Soccer to be “open-minded” when it comes to scheduling soccer practice and matches in the even there is a conflict with what might be Shocker Lacrosse!

It’s going to be a great summer.

Peace be to my Brothers and Sisters.

Brian Patrick Cork


haley anne scores A goal


It was nothing less than a THING of beauty.

There is my Haley Anne, age 12, playing “up” (a full year early) at U14 with her next generation Fusion Shockers at their first tournament together (that would be the 2009 Lanier Cup).

As you probably know, Haley Anne is a FORMIDABLE Defender. /1

It’s early in our third match of the tournament. We need five goals with any hope to reach the tournament finals.

On a corner kick, in the 8th minute, from teammate and Captain Mars Twitchell (whom ultimately two goals herself), the ball spins off the boot of another teammate Jessica Curtis (one assist). Haley comes furiously pounding up the “pipe” (middle of the pitch [soccer field]). In seemingly surreal fashion (certainly slow-motion to her coach and father) she connects her right boot with the ball in a perfect stride that sends the ball arcing beautifully towards the goal from (at least) 40 meters out.

The hapless opposing goalie can only reach for the ball in a moot effort as it passes just cleanly beneath the cross bar and settling purposefully in the back of the net.

Brian Patrick Cork (Dad first and then Coach) /2 :


I only know the crowd and her teammates have gone wild because I am told later this is, indeed, fact. But, it had to be drowned out by the blood rushing from my head to my heart and the exultation (and chest thumping that followed) that erupts from my hoarse throat – as I leap (certainly with the most awe-inspiring of agility) upon my friend, and assistant coach, Chris Tovar (clearly the proud father, in his own right [and, for very good cause] of Haley Anne’s multi-season teammate Christy [who also had a goal herself]) – whom could be barely less delighted than myself.

Our teams first goal of the season is scored. By MY daughter – and, a Defender at that.

Could there be greater joy this day?

Possibly only in that the Shockers (“Mighty Tigers” all) go on to seal this victory with a five to zero demonstration of grit, fire power and indomitable defense.

It should be noted that, in Haley Anne’s view (this is typical of Haley Anne), the best goal was actually that scored by teammate Mallory Charlton. Mallory had  no less than four brilliant breakaway’s – with the fourth culminating in a one-on-one with the Keeper and a clean goal in the upper left corner of the net.

Peace be to my Brothers and Sisters.

brian patrick cork


1/ Her Fall 2008 ASA Shockers went 12 – 0 with 7 shut-outs.  Haley Anne had no less than 13 assists as a Defender and team Captain.

2/ Convinced, not unreasonably, that his teams have a tendency to win despite his coaching.


Emma Jo Scored a Goal


I coach Emma Jo’s U5 Soccer team.

At this level the coach is on the field exhorting the squad and working to keep the ball in bounds.

There was fast break and young Mason bolted for the goal with a trail of teammates and forlorn adversaries quickly fading behind him. There is a player from the other side that is standing right in front of the goal. This is not actually allowed – but, it happens.

As Mason streaks for the goal, arms pumping madly, Emma Jo Suddenly comes out of no where and cuts him off just as he launches the size #3 ball – generally in the direction of the goal – with a mighty kick. The ball bounces off of the player standing defiantly (well… actually looking slightly panicked with Mason crashing down on him) in front of the goal and spins around on the turf. Emma Jo fairly minces forward and nonchalantly pops it squarely into the net – with authority. She then spins on her left foot looking for me. She raises her spindly little arms into the air in evident ecstasy and victory, takes a running step, and leaps into my arms. I heave her high up into the air and begin a delirious dance… It’s just me and Emma Jo and the delicious sun.

Later Emma Jo gets hit in the face with a ball and she doesn’t want to play the rest of the game.

But, I have my perfect moment. I will never forget her face; the connection; and, how sweet the air smelled mixing with her hair in my nostrils as we twirled about in a victory dance.

I love being a Dad.

Peace to my Brothers and Sisters.

brian patrick cork

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