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social media has obviously changed our lives, collectively. and, we are constantly being exposed to tools we did not know we could not live without until they were part of our daily existence (like Apple products).

blogging, as it turns out, is a terrific tool, of sorts, and is part of my own life. and, I use the WordPress platform for a wide-variety of reasons that include a lot of options like plugins that make the process more challenging for myself and interesting for you. however, one of the reasons is not the unique analytics offered on the dashboard (or, backend) of user accounts.

I like to research and write, and don’t care about the associated data generated by analytics.

but, those analytics are tools, in their own right that people use to make all manner of decisions in their own lives. the results can be as uncertain, revealing, or possibly deceiving (and entertaining) as the effort, itself.

“analytics” have made our social-media-driven lives “Chines Interesting”.

for example, part of the WordPress dashboard analytics involves a summary of terms people from around the world use to find information. they might be looking for a specific person, a historical event, pictures, or stories. the sort of information can be revealing about our local and global culture. and, it’s not difficult to discern how outsiders might think of a target of search, such as myself.

from a ego-centric point-of-view, I thought the following Search Engine Terms results (ranked from most hits to least hits) might be of interest to my readers. these particular results are from a random day late last week that might say a few things about what people think of me, are looking for, finding, or think they are finding (like: “brain cock”). I’ve not picked one over the another. and, all I did was cut-and-paste that days unique results. NOTE: the post template made the positioning of the data a bit “wonky”, (a decidedly English term). but, the data is what it is. my “home page” had 3,935 unique hits as of 1130 hours that morning. although, to be clear, I’m not certain how this arcane science, of a sort, actually works.

by the way, one term or set of terms that caught my attention were those reflective of the hapless Vanessa Hudgens (naked), and how much of this continues to make and validate my original points postulated in my prior posts: vanessa hudgens gets sucker punched naked, and, the word naked is good for something but not for me. oh, and possibly, brian cork is ironically Stupid.

pos·tu·late  (psch-lt)

tr.v. pos·tu·lat·edpos·tu·lat·ingpos·tu·lates 

1. To make claim for; demand.
2. To assume or assert the truth, reality, or necessity of, especially as a basis of an argument.
3. To assume as a premise or axiom; take for granted. See Synonyms at presume.

as the fabulous BB Webb would say that I would say: Voila!

Search Engine Terms

These are terms people used to find your blog.

brian patrick cork (332 Views)

brian cork

brian cork is stupid

brain cock

cork brian professional athlete

sucker punch nudity

brian cork fights driving and texting

vanessa hudgens completely naked

texting and driving deaths

stocks better than apple

brian cork is Racer X

vanessa hudgens naked sucker punch

see naked vanessahudgens online

facebook is evil

brian cork entrepreneur

alex gauna on apple

vanessa hudgens naked photos march

brian cork and Apple

how deep is an abyss

brian cock

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vanessa hudgens naked in sucker punch

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naked vanessa hudgens photos 1st time

rhodesian ridgeback puppies

use usb hotspot with ipad2

buy ipad2 cork

socialpreneur is

arthur miller abandon

vanessa hudgens torrent nude

vanessa hudgens naked march

the leader and i entered on that hidden

sucker punch leaked online?  (1 vew)

no music today! I’m adding a link to Naked Scientists 11.04.03 – Keeping the Conversation Flowing. it’s not what you might hope, or think. but, a  number of you will check. and, that’s, okay. because good will come of it.

peace be to my Brothers and Sisters.

brian patrick cork


brian cork’s iPad 2


so… we have our iPad 2’s now, and you don’t.

did you know that Larry Page owns an iPad?

they are, indeed, thinner and lighter. the front-facing video and still-action camera will be useful. but, to optimize all that you still need adaptors. the blog geeks can go into more detail over that. but, that’s what hardware “refreshing” is all about with Apple’s brilliant scheme of drawing you in at six month intervals. oddly, the camera does not have a flash feature like it’s iPhone 4 cousin.

I’m glad we stuck with AT&T (my prior rants aside). Verizon has some real “gotcha’s” in their pricing. Verizon assesses a thirty five dollar ($35) “activation fee” when you activate 3G data service for the first time, and charges it again if you let your data service lapse for more than three months. not cool for the infrequent, but determined traveller.

Santi confirms he can’t use his iPad 2 on the Sprint network. oddly, he is still able to use his Verizon iPhone on Sprint, but for the life of any of us, we don’t know how or why.

you can put in the SIM from an iPhone in the iPad 2 if you have a Micro-SIM used in iPhone 4 (by the way… you can get the SIM card and/ or configuration kits straight off Amazon if you want to use your T-Mobile SIMs on both the iPhone 4 and iPad 2). I can’t say for certain it’s ironic, but the T-Mobile data plan is faster than AT&T’s, for now. and apparently users do have fewer dropped calls.

NOTE: it looks like the iPad 2, itself, does not support the new Personal Hotspot feature of the iPhone. but, the iPad 2 can use an iPhone’s Personal Hotspot to connect to the Internet.

here’s a bugger you, you, collectively, although not for my people, for reasons I can’t explain… when using an external display, there’s no way to indicate a “finger” pointer on the external display. that appears to be a custom feature Apple created for its demo. (…and, this is ironic, for Adobe’s demos of their un-FLASH related products). since I’ve blown the cover off of that Adobe revelation, you should know there is more coming. more on that in a few weeks. but, as I remind you that Apple remains philosophically opposed to Flash on iOS devices, Adobe has yet to ship a version of FLASH that works on Android 3.0 devices such as the new Motorola Xoom (which is pretty slick, by the way), and Adobe FLASH performance on Android 2.2 devices, such as the Samsung Galaxy Tab is awful. this information will annoy if not unhinge Google kool-aid guzzlers.

something (amongst a plethora of so many other things) most of you don’t know you would not be able to live without until you try it is the simple fact that you can use USB audio input or output. although this is not officially supported, the iPad supports generic USB audio devices, both input and output. USB audio devices, among others, can be connected using the USB adapter in Apple’s iPad Camera Connection Kit. a powered USB hub may be required for some devices which draw more power than iPad can supply.

more later. being me is fun.

peace be to my Brothers and Sisters.

brian patrick cork


the Princesses and the me


I have three Princesses in my immediate family with the girl of my dreams at my side, and two daughters that I’m determined will realize their own.

I coach a good number of princesses in soccer. But, that is different. And, the stuff of other stories. You can always read about those adventures, here.

Haley Anne is preparing for her first big eighth grade dance tomorrow night. This one is clearly different from other less considered events. She has an indoor soccer match that morning with a team that will likely vie for the state championship in the Spring. After the match she has to rush home (and, we’ll be pressed for time) so she can shower and then spend ninety minutes being surrounded by a hand-picked team, alongside her BFF’s (I know they don’t say that any longer) being pampered with the application of makeup, getting their hair coifed (seriously), and having their collective nails manicured.

There are moments when I think that attention to detail might be over the top. You might use the term: “spoiled”. But, it’s also something I can do that allows her to get really excited about things that are actually harmless, but really fun. I understand the planning is half the joy. And, just being thrilled by something is very important in life. My own Mom was a debutante out of old Sacramento. She would have absolutely understood the tradition of the preparation. The prospect of getting roughed-up that morning in a soccer match before the preparations begins has Haley Anne turning her nose up at me. But, she’ll pull it all together. And, I know she’s doing that for me.

It wasn’t so long ago that I was blogging about taking Haley Anne out to buy a pretty dress so we could go to a Father Daughter dance. Or, maybe just have a special evening where I tried to make things magical under simple circumstances like a dinner at a posh restaurant where she could experience what being treated like a lady means.

She’s growing up. And, we both need to be ready. She’ll be leaving me behind all to soon. So, maybe me allowing her to get gussied-up is just a way for me to stay involved.

And, as you know Emma Jo and I have the My Princess Daddy and Daughter Dance that evening as well.

Wednesday night she was playing music on her Mom’s Macbook. I asked her to dance. But, instead she grabbed a soccer ball and insisted on practicing her stops and kicks. She was blissfully unaware that I was holding back some tears and remembering her big sissy was about the same age when she started being a Shocker and thought it was fine when I sang along to the radio while we were in the car.

So, come Saturday night I’ll find myself in two worlds. One foot pivoting my Emma Jo through a Waltz at the Buckhead Intercontinental making damn sure she feels like the very center of the universe. She has a lovely white and black ensemble ready to go. Her silver tipped shoes will match a specially picked handercheif that will be stuffed gallantly in the breast pocket of my coat. The other foot will be tapping to the beat of my heart as Haley Anne, my “formidable defender” takes her own first steps towards a coming of age, but just outside of my protective reach.

I look at them, and I can’t believe what absolutely wonderous creatures Haley Anne and Emma Jo are (and, their own Mother, Joanne). They are so pretty. And, smart. And, perfect. And, silly. And, always four years old in my eyes, stomping in water puddles.

So… Saturday is going to be all about being a Princess at the Cork household.

Peace be to my Brothers and Sisters.

Brian Patrick Cork

the shadowy Troy Brown says brian cork is a Liar



most opportunities realize themselves unexpectedly. and, the majority of you won’t care about any of the following. three of you might.

being a Prudent and Optimistic Gentleman means I, more often than not, must hold myself “out there”. that can mean all manner of things. but, it’s often relative to scrutiny – attack is an option. and, the list must also include derision.

although I am of uncertain consequence amongst my Brothers, I remain everyman. and, part of the Prudent Gentleman’s mission is to makes things happen, point other things out, and, generally be involved.

in any event, after a recent post, a shadowy and uncertain figure calling themselves “Troy Brown” decided to come after me in the comments section. Belinda does not allow many comments on our blogs (“because it’s so much work to manage”). however, over the course of some verification she realized she was facing-off with one of the shadowy and insidious “they”. we don’t intend to honor “them” in any fashion. to be sure, we are not suggesting they are reasonable, potent, or possessed of merit. we do believe they are provocateurs, instigators, rabble-rousers, and loosely associated with the Black Dog and perhaps worse, the Smoking Rabbit.

I’ve met Mr. Page. and, I admire him. there are times when I might envy him. but, I don’t lay claim to knowing him. I do want everyone to focus less on me, and more on my original point concerning the conflux of change in leadership that will certainly catapult great companies to new heights. I am a shareholder of both Apple and Google, and I’m keen to see both companies change the world materially.

all that said, I decided to share the exchange with you, with a narrative of sorts. we decided to do Mr. Brown (he makes me think of those bad guys in funny sun glasses from the Matrix. or, maybe thats the image he’s hoping for) one better and take this from the comments and put it all right out here in the open. decide for yourselves, collectively any merit.

Troy Brown who is apparently not actually Troy Brown:

“I spoke with Larry Page late last night.”

I literally laughed out loud when I read this. It is truly a priceless quote. It takes great courage to so boldly lie to everyone you know – kudos for that strength.

It could have been better, though. You could have thrown in an “again” or changed “spoke with” to “had beers with” or even added “when Larry Page was at my house last night for dinner”.

And, to top it off, you thrown in a quote from a clear pseudonym – syntax and grammar were the give aways. People are much smarter than you give them credit for; they choose to allow you to continue the charade – out of pity, maybe.


Good afternoon Mr. Brown.

Thank you for visiting Unsinkable brian cork.

You have certainly left us a provocative comment!

Two things need to be addressed.

1.  You have made a direct attack on another person. That is mean-spirited and inappropriate.

2.  You state that a quote was used:

‘And, to top it off, you thrown in a quote from a clear pseudonym – syntax and grammar were the give aways. People are much smarter than you give them credit for; they choose to allow you to continue the charade – out of pity, maybe.’

I’ve checked. But, I don’t see a quote used. There is however a link to a third-party article that tracks to what the post is about. We view that as prudent and weighty.

So, here is what we need to do…

Please come back with a good way to verify your true identity. LinkedIn might be a good start. And, you’ll need to explain your thinking around the quote.

If you can’t or won’t do this then we have to reasonably assume you are only attempting to be nasty and find yourself without merit.

I’m looking forward to hearing from you.

Belinda Dobson O’Hearn @ 877-207-1109

Troy Brown:

“You have found a typo in my comment!  Instead of “quote”, I meant to type “comment”.  The first comment by “Andy S.” is clearly the same writer as the rest of the blog.  In addition, it is evident by your syntax and grammar that you are the same writer as the other two.  So, either “Belinda Dobson O’Hearn” ghost writes for Brian Cork and ghost comments, or Brian Cork uses aliases to make himself appear bigger than he is.  Either case is sad.

As the moderator, you have the ability to edit my post, I believe.  If so, please change “quote” to “comment”.

Also, you say I made a direct attack.  I’d like to ask, “with which statement?”  I said that he was bold and strong.  The first line of the blog post is clearly and obviously a lie – it is almost laughable to think that you would try and deny it.

I think it would be interesting to see this comment approved.  How many people in his vast network of business professionals, athletes, politicians, et al would come to his defense?  And, then, how many would agree with me?  But, truth be told, I doubt many people read this blog, so it would be difficult to assess, especially since we know Brian is apt to create another alias or twenty.

And, for your information, we receive a notification any time Mr. Page’s name is mentioned in a personal blog.  We first started monitoring your blog after your first mention of him in October.  The context at that time was benign, but you’ve made a bold statement with this post.

And, as I’m sure you can understand, Brian/Belinda/Andy, I can’t divulge my real identity.  In my line of work, it could be dangerous.  People don’t like to be exposed, but sometimes, it is for the betterment of all.




[name of person she believes Troy to actually be] you are so silly.

If you don’t like aliases, why use one yourself?

Your “line of work”?

Quote or comment it still does not work. What are you referring to? Please be more clear.


the exchange did go on a bit. but, it ran itself to ground with Mr. Brown coming across as self-important without adding anything new.

Mr. Brown takes his best shots from the shadows. he therefore renders himself moot. let’s hope he isn’t run over by those rabbits. however, today we have this terrific opportunity to bring some new readers, scrutiny and attention to the great things happening in corporate America and the technology and thought leaders that are more deservedly in the limelight, and making for a clear difference.

Peace be to my Brothers and Sisters.

Brian Patrick Cork

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