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the real deal: why Obama is no Roosevelt


when Franklin D. Roosevelt became President in the middle of the Great Depression, he offered the discouraged American people a “New Deal”.

were he living today, I suspect Roosevelt would grimly advise Barack Obama to keep the “change”.

in the news…

the CEO of a big bank says a U.S. default could be catastrophic for the economy.

the head of the Federal Reserve warns of chaos.

and, a credit rating agency threatens to take away the country’s coveted triple-A status.

the response on Wall Street: ho-hum, so what? they have more control than to be overly worried about White House shenanigans.

I’m sitting here thinking that Roosevelt and Thomas Jefferson are spinning so hard and fast in their graves the world is threatening to spin of it’s axis.

there is an old saying, to the effect:

“when you owe the bank a little money, they own you. but, when you owe the bank a lot of money, you own them.”

I’ll submit that the banks own Obama. they are too big to fail, after all. and, Obama is going to need a job. someone is going to pay for his run for the head seat at the United Nations (Obama wants to be king of the world, I’ll wager, now).

in Roosevelt’s era, faced with desperation, our nation asked for and received a decisive leader. Roosevelt had the support of a Congress that quickly became known as the “brain trust”, noteworthy for decisive action around the directions of a stalwart President that listened to people, instead of telling them what he wants them to hear.

yesterday, it was reported that Obama, unconvincing in his conviction and arguments before Republicans, stepped away from the table in a huff and stormed out of the room. he essentially took his ball and refused to play because he does not like rules that make sense for everyone else interested in a free-market, and capitalism.

Mr. President, my open-letter is coming. and just like I advised your buddy Zuckerman, I’m going to call upon you to lead us – and, not by the nose. the “real deal” today is you need to read the history books, consider the rules book, and make decisions that follow the Constitution, not your tribal wish-list.

more later. everyone stand by. lets go Sean (Hannity). it’s time to saddle-up.

peace be to my Brothers and Sisters.

brian patrick cork




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