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me? I’m starting to investigate with some thinking the Democrats might have it more than half right.

evidently, from a Biblical perspective we aren’t supposed to EVER turn our collective backs on widows, fatherless children and strangers.

so, France really has it right. that said, don’t be too concerned.

I have a lot of research to do. but, this line of thinking has curtailed my blogging for a spell (until this evening).

meanwhile, I think Google might be right as well. more on that later. I’m looking at my Nexus 4 I’m unclear why anyone cares about the Samsung S4. the Nexus 4 is the perfect Android device. I like it better than my iPhone. that said the iPhone 6 is bad-ass. but, look… the competition is great for the rest of us (just diversify your stock portfolio).

If it were miraculously available to him, I think Thomas Jefferson would have used the Nexus 4. and, he would have approved of the way Larry Page has grown into a skilled leader with a genuine vision that can lead us. HINT: this has a lot to do with a Ministry called Faith Comes By Hearing that I bet Page is unaware of, at the moment.

in any event, Jefferson John Adams and Ben Franklin honed a lot of political skill and then clout be serving as diplomats at one-point-or-another in France. Jefferson’s duties in France involved the negotiation of commercial treaties with several European powers. fortunately, he was not alone in this difficult task, having been preceded by elder statesmen Adams and Franklin.

all of this is tied together. seriously. stay tuned. but, we might know for certain in roughly eight years. now I need to find three hundred and fifty million dollars.

peace be to my Brothers and Sisters.

brian patrick cork

follow me, then


follow me boys. it’s glory or death, then.

dramatic words, to be sure.

however, we’re realizing another period in our nations history where drama and action are relevant and required. Aubrey Nelson said it first (as far as I know), but Neal Boortz repeated it – and, with great emphasis. We may well be facing the single greatest challenge to our country since the Civil War. mind you, war has a unique way of catapulting a society to another level. that can be a higher level, or a lower level.

I don’t know if shots will be fired, other than from debating floor. but, I’m convinced that change needs to be the result.

our national deficit, which means debt, may be creeping towards unprecedented levels. back when England, France and Spain were much younger as nations they also owed a lot of money so they set out to discover new territories. we may not have that option, other than Mexico. more on that later, but annexing Mexico makes a lot of economic and strategic sense.

England has committed to reducing government spending by twenty-five percent (25%) until their deficit is “manageable”. trust me, they mean it. and, few people can knuckle down better than the English. I’m married to one of them. the French on the other hand are rioting in the streets. I don’t know if it’s because they have embraced a Muslim culture, or if it’s because they can’t survive, as a people, without direct government distribution of broader fiscal management.

historically, our own (more) direct ancestors faced some tough decisions and then challenges in terms of whom they might follow – the English and/ or the French.

by the way… the French are not as self-entitled as our media would have you think. it’s mostly that they have become dependent on a government that tells it’s people what to do as opposed to leading by example.

as it turned out, from the historical rear-view mirror, we learned vital lessons from both and followed our own destiny. now Barack Obama and his total lack of both business acumen and disregard for anything other than his personal desire to stay in power, threaten everything that a Capitalist-oriented nation with appropriate oversight and checks and balances should stand for.

broad statements, I know. and, the debate, with salient details, will take better form elsewhere.

but, the question, here, is whom shall we follow? England or France?

lessons both learned and taught from my own experience with standing armies, and in business, is if you don’t like what is happening you change the rules, or you change the circumstances. so, perhaps I run the risk of being called a dissident or a heretic – depending on your historical perspective – and, think like the English or the French. but, we must needs realize change.

so… getting back to that drama… it really might be about glory or death. I am a patriot. I am also an influencer. and, I think first, and foremost like a Jeffersonian and the heterodox. let’s go ahead and toss in some Ayn Rand for good measure. Barack Obama would fear, and also hate, both of them – just like Golem despised the light (Lord of the Rings). fight the evil. let’s not be like the French and allow an insidious and ill-conceived agenda inspire rot in our culture that will disallow our children to realize what this nation was founded upon, and can be yet, in terms of a global beacon of truth and light.

I have a torch, in hand. and, I’m lighting it here. follow me boys. it’s glory, or death.

more later.

meanwhile, lets listen to “its the end of the world, as we know it” by REM (this tune never had a dedicated music video of it’s own. but, this offering is relatively apropos.


peace be to my Brothers and Sisters.

brian patrick cork

just another Stated goal


Are you familiar with the Brotherhood of Chateauneuf-du-Pape?  Most are not. Yet, you can be certain that this is one of France’s most famous wine regions.

It’s a rare honor and experience to be invited to that place, and oft-reserved for one form of cultural star or another.

And, it’s a stated goal of mine.

free climbingYou can’t just climb there. Although that might be one way to get attention.

The invitation to join the Brotherhood, and the initiation ceremony, is always a quiet affair – as is the event itself. But, it unfolds something like this:

The guest is welcomed into the Brotherhood at the Domaine de Marcoux, has an aperitif, tastes the wine of some of the region’s top vintners, and finally tucks into a gourmet dinner at The Verger des Papes restaurant perched right on the top of the Chateauneuf-du-Pape village.

It’s rewards such as this that makes trying to make a difference, possibly a profound difference in this world, ever more the worthwhile.

Peace be to my Brothers and Sisters.

Brian Patrick Cork

french are practical and damn silly Basterds


I believe this will be the result of a French-led investigation into the tragic incident that is Air France 447.

After more than two weeks of analyzing flight records, cockpit radio transmissions, and floating ocean debris, investigators will determine that the tragic events of Air France Flight 447 were in all likelihood caused by a “giant plane crash.”

This shocking discovery, will be announced during a planned press conference that finally sheds light on what took place in the early hours of June 1st, and answers a number of puzzling questions about the mysterious mid-flight disaster.

I can picture the actual opening announcement:

“We can now say, with complete confidence, that Air France Flight 447 was brought down by an unscheduled and unforeseen plane crash,” lead French investigator Michel Villon stated. “Indeed, a survey of all the evidence indicates that this terrible tragedy was the direct result of a large airliner falling suddenly from the sky, dropping 30,000 feet, and colliding with the Atlantic Ocean at extremely high speeds.”

So French – and, so very practical.

This is not me poking fun at a tragedy. However, this is me poking fun at the French (whom I admire more than I despise – and, you must have a love/ hate relationship with the French to fully appreciate them).

We probably won’t ever know what actually occurred because the planes back box is deep in cold waters. Or, until someone makes the movie that is then referenced in Wikipedia, and the mythology takes on a life truth of it’s own.

This is me setting the stage for a post I am preparing around Lance Armstrong, The Tour de France and, of course, the French (and, dopey doping officials in particular) who recently stated that they plan on “…paying very special attention to Lance Armstrong”, but they will be fair (as long as they finally succeed around their assinine efforts in tormenting, distracting and discrediting Armstrong).

“First, France’s sports minister says Armstrong will be “particularly monitored” in anti-doping checks at the Tour de France this year.”

You can read more about his here, and watch a video as well!

To know the French is to love the French. To love the French is to hate the French. Once you have mastered hating the French, you know them well enough.

Peace be to my Brothers and Sisters.

Brian Patrick Cork

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