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discovering Ben Franklin


this dissertation on Benjamin Franklin is insightful.

me? I now have a renewed and insatiable appetite for learning everything I can about this man and how he came to influence.

 Enrolled in the Boston Latin School at the age of eight his father had to withdraw him after the first year. The Boston Latin School was well known for many of the famous Puritan divines, a future Franklin apparently did not want to follow. One author stated that while a youth he was reported not as pious or faithful, but as “skeptical, puckish . . . irreverent.”(1) He went to another school but soon educated himself from the age 10 and on.

its another demonstration as to how brilliant and unique our founding fathers were. imagine being eight years old and having that much situational awareness. then being able to self educate himself from the age of ten into the leader and international influencer he became.

peace be to my Brothers and Sisters.

brian patrick cork


our Founding Fathers on Google


from: Brian Patrick Cork

me? I’m starting to investigate with some thinking the Democrats might have it more than half right.

evidently, from a Biblical perspective we aren’t supposed to EVER turn our collective backs on widows, fatherless children and strangers.

so, France really has it right. that said, don’t be too concerned.

I have a lot of research to do. but, this line of thinking has curtailed my blogging for a spell (until this evening).

meanwhile, I think Google might be right as well. more on that later. I’m looking at my Nexus 4 I’m unclear why anyone cares about the Samsung S4. the Nexus 4 is the perfect Android device. I like it better than my iPhone. that said the iPhone 6 is bad-ass. but, look… the competition is great for the rest of us (just diversify your stock portfolio).

If it were miraculously available to him, I think Thomas Jefferson would have used the Nexus 4. and, he would have approved of the way Larry Page has grown into a skilled leader with a genuine vision that can lead us. HINT: this has a lot to do with a Ministry called Faith Comes By Hearing that I bet Page is unaware of, at the moment.

in any event, Jefferson John Adams and Ben Franklin honed a lot of political skill and then clout be serving as diplomats at one-point-or-another in France. Jefferson’s duties in France involved the negotiation of commercial treaties with several European powers. fortunately, he was not alone in this difficult task, having been preceded by elder statesmen Adams and Franklin.

all of this is tied together. seriously. stay tuned. but, we might know for certain in roughly eight years. now I need to find three hundred and fifty million dollars.

peace be to my Brothers and Sisters.

brian patrick cork

I appreciate the tradition


I appreciate the tradition. but, I also need to understand the reason(s) they exist. the foundation, if you will.

as the Founders of the “Republic” anticipated, American freedoms and liberties must constantly be defended against the corruption of the American Government – and, the media.  No one can do that for us. We must do it for ourselves.

we can’t believe everything we read or hear. I know there is a hint of irony, here, given my disposition towards strong, if not strident, opinions on this very blog.

however, all these words are meant to drive home the primary reason I bore most of you with my trivial thoughts, although they are certainly heart-felt, and reasonably well researched.

my Mom said:

“question everything, and accept nothing”.

I also heard my Grandad say, and often:

“there is the truth of the day”.

that means the truth, like facts that underly them, change and evolve. and, I believe this is one of many reasons the genius of the Constitution realizes itself constantly and continuously.

how often, for instance, has someone fallen in love, told a child to work harder, invented a god, or decided one of the most important things he or she can do in life is to “know themselves”.  I bet Socrates wasn’t the first person on earth to have gone around telling his fellow humans the unexamined life is not worth living and admonishing them to know who and what they are. not the first by far. not in all that time.

so, this is a nudge in terms of reminding you where a lot of my passion and moxy hail from. I was taught and then encouraged, by a strong line of mentors to question everything around me and seek the truth. that is the path of the Heterodox. in my case a Jeffersonian-Heterodox. I appreciate the tradition and the roots of the thought (then theory). but, I know the rules, and then the application – even the fairness change and evolve quantitatively.

I am often offended by Barack Obama. but, here is a thought… because he is so desperate to stay in power, it is feasible that our willingness to aid and abet him will enable him to evolve his actions, over the next four years, to actually get this country on a track that might work, for now. I don’t mean to say “on-track”, I want to be clear in saying “a track” that get things generally moving in a better (not right) direction.

here is an example…

Obama is carefully picking corporate and business leaders like, Jeff Immelt at GE, that he believes have global influence and partnering with them to create change abroad that will reflect back to our own shores and impact our abilities to lead. I think this might be one of many reasons he picked book smart people early on for his cabinet. now he is establishing business smart people to make for a global beachhead. mind you, I also believe he is setting the stage for an unprecedented attempt to secure an international seat of power – and, that may well involve the United Nations. GE partnering with China, India and Brazil won’t necessarily translate into jobs for our own citizens. but, it will make him popular abroad. I’m certain his aspirations make being President of the United States a stepping stone. that’s fine and dandy. but, to what end?

side note… and, it might be apropos… Michelle Obama is going to be at Northpoint Community Church next month celebrating the one year anniversary of a program close to her own heart. Northpoint is a veritable bastion of hearty and ferocious white Republican success stories. a Northpoint mission is to sidestep domestic concerns and drive Christ into the hearts of the global “unreached”. so, ironically, our Democratic president is aligned with Republican evangelical missions.

I don’t know about you, but I find the potential for promise or punishment provocative – and, possibly fascinating.

I think there is an Islamic maxim that goes something like:

“the promise is in the punishment, or the punishment is in the promise”.

by the way… I was also grimly advised (he was shouting, actually) years ago by a little man in uniform:

“it’s what you don’t know or see that will kill you”.

so, lets be ready. this means being aware. investigate, ask questions, pry, push (and, pull). do it!

peace be to my Brothers and Sisters.

brian patrick cork

why we party


The main purpose of a political party is to get its members elected to office and then push specific objectives that follow a sustained line-of-thinking.

Although our current president (I used small caps, purposefully) Barack Obama, is clearly more interested in staying in office for the sake of just being in office. He is apparently in mortal fear, now, of being ousted after a single term – an ultimate form of humiliation suffered by tense denizens of the Oval Office (see the hapless Jimmy Carter). This is the only reason he petulantly gave up his efforts to over-tax the wealthy (under his own earthly father’s vision). But, let’s all of us, collectively, firm up our satisfaction in knowing the fellow and his government whore group have been routed (as in seriously ass-kicked).

Meanwhile… Parties are, otherwise,  made up of people who have the same general idea and goals about governing. Once in power, the purpose of the Party is to accomplish its goals for the city, state, or nation. While not in power, the Party acts as the “loyal opposition” until it can elect a majority of its members to power.

Look for Obama to devolve into a form of petulant terrorist if he finds himself wobbling towards lame-duck status under eight years. I’m currently of the belief that he thinks wealthy people, not of his design, don’t deserve their status, and need their assets reallocated to fuel his ideals. More on this later. However, we need to be ready. That’s both the Heterodox and Jeffersonian in me – as well as the Prudent and Optimistic Gentleman.

To be clear… The Founding Fathers disliked political parties, calling them “factions” motivated by self interest.

Historical footnote: Then President, George Washington, was so disturbed over the quarreling between Hamilton (Federalists) and Jefferson (anti-Federalists) that he famously devoted much of his Farewell Address to the evils of parties. You need to understand that the people who supported Hamilton and Adams were called Federalists (ironically supporters of the Constitution) but they were not, in fact, an organized political party.

The first recognized party in America was made up of the followers of Jefferson, who, starting in the 1790s, called themselves Republicans (or, I love this, Jeffersonian Democratic-Republicans). Hamilton and those who opposed Jefferson, kept the name Federalist and appeared to be content with a form of rabble-rousing.

Let’s be clear, Jefferson’s Republican Party has no ties to the current Republican Party. In fact, the current Democratic Party considers Jefferson and Andrew Jackson as the founders of their party. But, somehow, after Bill Clinton, the Democratic party forgot that they are public servants, and appear more intent on creating an environment that serves their own miserable means.

More later. Read between the lines. Talk amongst yourselves. Care.

There might be the gnashing of teeth. Possibly the shaking of fists. Certainly voices will be raised.

Peace be to my Brothers and Sisters.

Brian Patrick Cork

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