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good food and Hope


I feel centered and focused today. I have hope in my heart.

However, I don’t feel inclined to try and change the world leveraging my thoughts. Let’s see if my actions tell the tale.

But, apparently Fidel Castro is also offering us all hope, as well as good food and music. Therefore, I add this story to this Blog, for the sake of posterity (I plan on other solid activity today. Hopefully this is just part of a good string).

Here is an excerpt:

A ‘very healthy, very energetic’ Fidel Castro asked visiting Congressional Black Caucus members what Cuba could do to help President Barack Obama improve bilateral relations during his first meeting with U.S. officials since falling ill in 2006.


Although it might have been cooler and more interesting to visit Cuba when we weren’t supposed to, I do look forward to one day experiencing that place.

Peace be to my Brothers and Sisters.

Brian Patrick Cork

I Talk To interesting People


…And, this is what they are saying…

1. In this years elections, the leading issue is the environment. It will influence our voting at 31%.  This is followed by foreign policy at 27%, and the economy is running at 17%.

I get the sense that fellow American are generally optimistic about our ability to weather dynamic economic trends.  And, being thought leaders (as evidently determined by the Laws of Natural Selection), we wonder about how and where we fit into the world, and our ability to affect and impact it.

Which leads me to…

2. There is apparently great HOPE (if not expectations).  I say this because 57% think the environmental movement is turning the corner and getting traction. Only 27% think this is a losing battle. Oddly, the balance, or 16%, seem to think the environment, as an issue, has been co-opted by big-box retailers.

I find this both symmetrical and fascinating. Americans can actually believe that our business industry, and, this would be reflected in our views of the economy, is so powerful, that it can drive the global environment.

However, my dear friend and mentor Raymond St. James, the British Financier, said recently that:

“I will believe you Yanks truly run this bloody planet when your Men’s side (British for team) champions the World Cup (Soccer), and Hell freezes over”.

Peace be to my Brothers and Sisters.

Brian Patrick Cork

What’s All This About?

"What am I looking at?", you might wonder.

Lots of stuff.

Meanwhile, here, I discuss events, people and things in our world - and, my (hardly simplistic, albeit inarticulate) views around them.

You'll also learn things about, well, things, like people you need to know about, and information about companies you can't find anywhere else.

So, while I harangue the public in my not so gentle way, you will discover that I am fascinated by all things arcane, curious about those whom appear religious, love music, dabble in politics, loathe the media, value education, still think I am an athlete, and might offer a recipe.

All the while, striving mightily, and daily, to remain a prudent and optimistic gentleman - and, authentic.

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