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the face of fear


if you’ve ever read any of the Dune books, a series by Frank Hebert, you know that we:

“…must face our fears, and do it anyway”.

it might also help to understand that fear is an emotion that exists to give any of us an edge in terms of what we need to do. that fear, sense, or feeling is instinct speaking to you, maybe something like a whisper tickling the nerves at the base of your skull.

I look in the mirror daily, and whether I like what I see or not, and if I’m honest, I get frightened (I never use the word scared) most days. but, I try to use that as some form of advantage.

by the way… go read Rhinocerous Success by Scott Alexander. do it!

mr. Alexnder probably did not say this, but I know Grandad did:

“I don’t sweat the details, so much. for me the important stuff involves following your dreams and looking after your true friends”.

peace be to my Brothers and Sisters.

brian patrick cork

I’ll leave you with one last prayer request…



we were awoke around one am today realizing a parents worst nightmare (okay… in fairness any one of an awfully long list). our fourteen year old daughter Haley Anne had come crashing into the bedroom howling and bent double in agony, tears streaming down her tortured face.

Haley anne is still at Children’s Hospital with her Mom undergoing a mounting number of tests, and on a morphine drip. it was left to me to get Emma Jo off to school and explain why Mommy and Sissy were not about for the routine.

why is it God makes men like myself so strong physically, but so weak emotionally when it comes to my daughters?

following was part of an email I received (along with a lot of other people), yesterday, that, although generally unrelated to the current plight of my own family, offers terrific perspective.

…this is all I can muster, today.

“I’ll leave you with one last prayer request…

it expresses things in such an elegant manner that given my own anxiety I’ll just surrender my will and efforts to God and the gifted author of these words:

When you dodge a bullet like this, it’s incredibly easy for its ripple to fade quickly. There are mountains of mundane, everyday novelties and necessities just waiting to gobble up all of that fresh perspective you had when danger was so near. That quickening sense of what’s truly important is already starting to fade. I would really love to be able to keep first things first without an immanent threat closing in on me. Wisdom usually doesn’t come easily or without some expense. I’d ask for us – and for you – that God would remind us each how to live well and love well, even more so because we’ve been given the grace of a good report.

If you live in a house and have clothes and aren’t wondering where you’re next meal is coming from, you’re incredibly blessed. If you have any friends or family, BONUS! It’s so easy to get caught up focusing on how to pay for the house, whether the clothes are fashionable and the food fattening. Don’t waste your energy on worry. Just take a minute to say, “Wow. I get to spend another day with people I love. Thanks, God.”

Yes, there are bills to pay, rooms to clean, cars to fix, trash to take out, messes to clean up and hard conversations to have. But underneath all the stuff we catch ourselves complaining about is something we would be destitute without: life. Whatever your biggest problem is today, there are at least a million people on the planet who would give their right arm to be you. Be bold, be grateful, be honest, be humble. Be yourself and enjoy it.”

peace be to my Brothers and Sisters.

brian patrick cork

why the rain


rain does not make a lot of sense.

it rarely comes when we need it. and, it’s almost always certain to appear when most inconvenient.

that makes rain rather like surprises.

and, change.

I hate rain. and, naturally, I love rain.

rain is bad. rain is good.

I prefer to run in the rain; a down pour, please.

that might be where pain meets ecstasy.

perhaps rain, like most things, is what we make of it.

so, I’m listening to U2 and Running to Stand Still.

me? I’m running to the light.


peace be to my brothers and sisters.

brian patrick cork

i can't pretend to fear what might be uncertain


I don’t know, yet (anyway), if my recent post: prayer and change (everyone is talking about. I’m flattered, just skeptical unsure as to why) upset or inspired Butch (“RW”) Nicholson. But, it certainly initiated, or possibly provoked the following point and question:

“Many people pretend to be Christains? Really? People believe what they believe, including you. I am interested in what you have to say. I am not interested in what you think others pretend to be. I would submit we all pretend most of the time. What do you pretend?”

I’m now pondering precisely why, but the question made me recall another of my posts: drink heartily from the cornucopia of fear.

This is an exercise in assigning words that might read pretty to a feeling that is ugly. To recognize what we don’t like, so that it can be replaced with what we want or dare hope for.

And, also, the widely read and certainly debated: Christian Ambiguity.

There is nothing worse than a Christian on the defensive. They become less tolerant and more judgmental when they get insecure.

And, somehow, from the dark reaches of my own mind, there emerged a response to Butch’s query:

“well… there is always the implied contention that the demonstrable inadequacy of any argument from analogy for the existence of other minds is sufficient to reject introspection as a method of determining one’s own mental state(s). there is always the position in the repudiation of an argument from analogy, but disagrees with knowledge of one’s own mental state(s) does not require introspection

so… relative to my blog post, I simply don’t pretend to have an answer like – for example – people with fish (symbols) on their cars. I only believe (in the context of this rapartee)  that prayer can help anyone answer most questions as it aligns mind, body and spirit with most circumstances.”

I strive, and daily, to live the authentic life. I may fear hypocrisy, but I pretend little (other than, perhaps the pretense of no fear, itself).

This is a line-of-thinking that may have no end. But, you can’t lose for the attempt and effort – although there may well be no clear win. That is, until you fade to black, or see the light, in a manner of speaking.

Peace be to my Brothers and Sisters.

Brian Patrick Cork

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