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After reading Nick Milne’s recent book reporting post Lady Audley’s Secret, and then Brian Visaggio’s thought provoking dissertation Daybreak, First Impressions where he compares the final episode of Battlestar Gallactica with various iterations of Star Trek, I felt like my own effort today might seem, well, potentially unproductive.

…Won’t be the first time.

So, forging ahead…

You have no doubt heard someone use the phrase:

If I never see that person again, it will be too soon.

However, perhaps they meant to say:

If I ever see that person again, it will be too soon.

Using the word never might imply that it might be too early to never see the person that might be the object of ire. That doesn’t work.

This is one of those phrases that might have you stop and pause to consider how you say the thing yourself – and, how you think you have heard it said by others.

It’s potentially maddening.

Peace be to my Brothers and Sisters.

Brian Patrick Cork

Mystery Solved


…well, not really.

However, in the likely event of the bold font issue being resolved outside of coincidence with me contacting Worpress support, I am, for the moment content.

So, let’s rally shall we – and, focus on this new “look” for the Blog.


This just in!

A true solution to the mystery is realized. For those of you on standby – possibly even on your knees in fervent prayer, here are the details delvered, no less, by “Sheri” from the very womb of WordPress itself:


A few of your text widgets had unclosed bold html tags. I fixed the html code in the widgets, and that fixed the problem with the main content area of the blog.

– Sheri
Automattic |

Alas, I am my own unwitting culprit.

Learn from my mistakes. They are certainly plentiful.

Now… If only Catalyst Magazine could offer a solution for the broken links for their Catalyst Top 25 Entrepreneur Badges (as depicted to the left).

Peace be to my Brothers and Sisters.

Brian Patrick Cork

Movies, Life and Stuff


Obviously I am never short on opinions.

But, you – like my clients (and, bored people) and, apparently world leaders and decision-makers alike (but, few others) seem to care. We had 25000 visitors yesterday.

So, keeping lit light – but culturally relevant – today I decided that two movies are important in your lives. Mostly because they are stories about relationships and how people fit into society.

I like Fandango.  The cast is great and the story line has always fascinated me. I have had many of my own “fear and loathing” road trips; grappled with angst; and survived (some times those with me did not).

Facing death by growing up is/ was a transitional point in almost all of our lives.

Me?  I still Fandango.

I also like  The Darjeeling Limited. Owen Wilson is brilliant (But, so, are his cast mates). He might be underrated for his unconscious wit and elegant ability to help us observe the absurd and make us realize it’s normalcy (what the hell does that mean?).

Apparently this movie gives us some insight around streams of consciousness around many Indian (as in Bollywood) movies.

But, I am currently struggling through my relationship with my own brother Greg. So, this movie just hit home – and, reminded me of our extended European trek in 1987.

So… Along an unrelated train (ha!) of thought, why do Americans (How ironic – I should say white settlers) despise Indians so much?

It’s true.  We do.

We really hate them when it comes to Call Centers and Help Desks. But, we seem to have a love-hate relationship with that part of the world. But, we also hated the American Indians when we invaded their lands.

Never mind. Just a thought.

Go listen to “You” by Buckcherry.  But, only because I said so.

Peace be to my Brothers and Sisters.

Brian Patrick Cork

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