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beware words of Meaning


I’m sorry, perhaps, to advise you that I’ve come up with what may well be the key to knowing about everything.

this meaningful effort won’t come in the form of an illustrated book you can hide on your living room coffee table (does anyone call those places “living rooms” any longer? and, I once asked my Mom what happened if someone wanted to call it a a “pepsi table”. but, she was appaently not in sufficient a mood that day, to properly clarify. so, I remain perpelexed, and some what distracted by that). it will come in the form of a talk radio show and this (or another) blog, as well.

in any event, among the surprising words contained in what you need to know in order to understand are “despondent,” “panache,” and “hat.”

there may well be a riddle involved. but, possibly three; only if the first is solved, though.

this isn’t necessarily about fear and loathing. but, those words, and their implications, certainly have their place

if you want to know what these words have to do with a bird (ostrich, to be very clear) a goat, or a muffin, you should probably read the book.

more later. and, you better be ready. because there will most certainly be controversy. I’m predicting this will involve a great deal of pushing and shoving, possibly raised voices. it’s almost certain there will be some fist shaking and the gnashing of teeth. eventually, with the dawning of understanding, there will then come a form of collective awareness followed by cheers and a long satisfying trend of goodwill.

by the way… this post was crafted (that’s a fair word, all things considered, on an Android-powered laptop). it’s inconceivable, with the possibilities, limitless. however, it remains so, nonetheless.

peace be to my brothers and sisters.

brian patrick cork


american Trends – We Make Our Stand Here (for now)


President Barack Obama is thumping his chest today because the House and Senate passed one of his Bills.

The House and Senate are thumping their collective chests because they are taking bailout money back from the distressed companies they lent it to. Never mind that they approved the loans (and, how it was deployed).

Wall-Street is thumping it’s chest because it thinks (or, perhaps it has decided) the recession is close to bottoming-out.

Corporate America, in general, is thumping it’s chest because recent layoff’s have inspired analysts to value certain stocks back up – which brings us back to Wall Street.

However, I will stop (the chest thumping part) it there because it’s always going to be about Wall Street. It’s where our fortunes are made and lost, and where we put our hopes and gauge the country’s health (sooo much more on that before, and later).

The last few months, our morally bereft reprehensible ill conceived (dammit) irrational irresponsible media has driven down the American people’s collective moral with insidious stories based on poorly researched and one-sided viewpoints. Remember when “Kramer” (not his real name, we need to be careful about these things [but, it’s actually Cramer]) was trashing Apple on Mortgage news? And people fell for it? Then he probably bought it (or, his cousin Vinny bought it), and without any real rationale, began to tout it again.


“You can’t create yourself an impression that a stock is down, but you do it anyway because the SEC doesn’t understand it … Apple’s very important to spread the rumor that both Verizon and AT&T have decided they don’t like the phone … You also want to spread the rumor that it’s not going to be ready for Macworld. And this is very easy because the people who write about Apple want that story, and you can claim that it’s credible because you spoke to someone at Apple, ’cause Apple doesn’t … they’re not going to comment … So it’s really an ideal short. And again if I were short Apple, I’d pick up the phone and I’d do that today.


However… Apple has snuck crept lunged back up to $115 today.

Last:  115.29
Change:  +2.58 (2.29%)


Americans don’t tolerate lack of progress for long.

Remember in the months to come, that I put it precisely that way. In fact, mark your calendars and come back and review this post in about three months. And, then watch what I discuss in the next few months.

Hopefully that white van does not catch up with me (remember I said that too – for Joanne and the sake of insurance money).

We have stopped paying attention to the media (for now) and have become focused, once again, on the kool-aid.

This is a good thing, and a bad thing. I suppose we make out stand here.

There is going to be a bump or two so Wall Street can rape and pillage a few straggling citizens (apparently with the help of select Congressmen and Senators [oh, and apparently Cramer]). But, we are probably back on the road to world domination – and, just in time for summer holiday and sales at the mall.

My apologies to the Wall Street Journal (in advance) for stealing their thunder. They can fight me behind the public library if they are upset.

Peace be to my Brothers and Sisters.

Brian Patrick Cork




Some times the exchanges that occur, in the trenches (comments), once a Blog post is aired become decidedly more rich and vibrant than the original posts themselves.

I found myself on Daniel Florien’s Unreasonable Faith and Nick Milne’s The Daily Kracken adding comments, and then embroiled in a rewarding repartee with other bloggers positing varying beliefs and theories involving such wide-ranging topics to include Rap music and Christianity.

Interestingly (to me any way) part of this dynamic communication ended-up migrating over to one of my own recent posts: open minds.

Today (if only in terms of writing and sharing) I will take it easy, and share this summary I offered a new acquaintance “John C (his real name might actually be Craig)” after he reached out to me, through this Blog, as the dust was settling:

Call me a Seeker.

I was a Christian of unreasoned faith. “All hat and no cattle”, if you will. I was very passionate. But, not very learned.

I think I should feel it, to have it.

So, I stepped back and began to evaluate how, and what, I think and feel in terms of faith. I believe in one God. It’s true; and, the conviction runs deep. However, I struggle with the Christ element of the Christian faith. I don’t want to be a hypocrite. God will know the difference – right?

Admittedly, I enjoy this evaluative process. I am learning whom my friends are, and making new friends all the time. I started reading Florien’s Unreasonable Faith, more because a contrarian view is healthy and interesting if you take a heterodoxal position (and, I do). I also stumbled upon (or, was possibly led to) Nick Milne’s The Daily Kracken. But, Nick draws us (me any way) to him because he is so interesting and ernest (and educated and striving for more) – and, that means he reflects and represents what I believe I am looking for. This is a central theme (as is Natural Selection, Thomas Jefferson and Family) of my own Blogging efforts.


On a different comment thread, involving yet another post, I concluded:

Okay Colm … The lack of italics aside, my daughter agrees with you. Quite dismissive of Black Eyed Peas in fact. She did, however, offer Akon for consideration. So, I will sally forth and reconsider. There is no soccer this weekend due to Spring Break. So, I will indulge myself with investigating a history of Rap and Hip Hop. A facilitator for some good long runs, to be sure.

Syzygus … Your words are like apple butter on hot homemade bread. Wow. I wish I could write with such clear articulation. I struggle with that. I was practically illiterate when I graduated from High School. I could run like the wind and was passed through each grade. I only got into college because I could run and had a great SAT score. It’s been a long road. But, writers like you and Nick (and Brian V.) inspire me.

I am still drawn to Rap and Hip Hop, however. I feel and relate to the passion those forms inspire – even as I try to represent and reflect other things and influences. It has a lot to do with being a Dad (deeply flawed, but determined to be a good example).


I understand a lack of context might be confusing. However, a little research and digging could bear some fruit that will drop much of this into perspective.

Or not.

However, in summary, that is all me today, looking forward towards tomorrow.

…Transparency. Open-mindedness. Today’s truth.

Peace be to my Brothers and Sisters.

Brian Patrick Cork


Holy Crap!


This shared with the rest of us by Mr. Daniel Florien, the arbiter, if not purveyor, of Unreasonable faith:

A Believer’s Farewell by John C.


…holy crap.

Peace be to my Brothers and Sisters.

Brian Patrick Cork

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