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epic Lacrosse update


I understand, and reasonably so, that many readers of this Blog have resolved to endure endless and sleepless nights until they have an update with regards to the gripping saga that is Haley Anne’s entrance into the world of Lacrosse.

This saga begins here with my recent post: Lacrosse dna.

womens lacrosseAs everyone should know, Haley Anne and I visited the Starz Soccer and Lacrosse Complex here in Alpharetta and have had an opportunity to work one-on-one with Coach Mike Boyd. Mike coached the Milton High School Girls’ 2004-2008 State Champion teams. As luck will have it, Haley Anne will play (if she sticks with the game) in the Milton feeder system.

I admit that when Haley Anne gripped her first (girls) Lacrosse stick I was convinced it would result in a bonding similar to that of King Arthur and Excalibur.

It was not nearly so dramatic.

The pocket is more shallow in a girls stick than that of the mens version. So, cradling is more challenging. She was a bit stiff.

But, she stuck with it – perhaps grimly so at first. Her athleticism and speed will carry her for awhile. Coach Mike was very complimentary. His own daughter, Molly, was a High School All-American. But, I get the impression that is simply his style. He clearly has a big heart and a boundless passion for the sport. Molly is terrific, and an ideal role-model for any group of young ladies.

After a few sessions I asked Haley Anne what she thought.

A cautious:

“I like it.”

Was all I could get.

However, she called (actually texted) many of her Shocker (soccer) teammates and rallied them to next weeks mini-camp.

That’s a good sign.

So… Naturally, I went to Dicks (Sporting goods) Friday and bought a bunch of girls Lacrosse sticks (and several balls of pink colored balls). Mind you… Joanne expressly told me NOT to do this only last week.

But, this is Lacrosse. And, Haley Anne is showing an interest. And, I am obsessive (and, at least self-actualized).

The only concern that I have is Lacrosse and Soccer conflict. So, now I need to leverage my force-of-will and convince Fusion Soccer to be “open-minded” when it comes to scheduling soccer practice and matches in the even there is a conflict with what might be Shocker Lacrosse!

It’s going to be a great summer.

Peace be to my Brothers and Sisters.

Brian Patrick Cork



Some times the exchanges that occur, in the trenches (comments), once a Blog post is aired become decidedly more rich and vibrant than the original posts themselves.

I found myself on Daniel Florien’s Unreasonable Faith and Nick Milne’s The Daily Kracken adding comments, and then embroiled in a rewarding repartee with other bloggers positing varying beliefs and theories involving such wide-ranging topics to include Rap music and Christianity.

Interestingly (to me any way) part of this dynamic communication ended-up migrating over to one of my own recent posts: open minds.

Today (if only in terms of writing and sharing) I will take it easy, and share this summary I offered a new acquaintance “John C (his real name might actually be Craig)” after he reached out to me, through this Blog, as the dust was settling:

Call me a Seeker.

I was a Christian of unreasoned faith. “All hat and no cattle”, if you will. I was very passionate. But, not very learned.

I think I should feel it, to have it.

So, I stepped back and began to evaluate how, and what, I think and feel in terms of faith. I believe in one God. It’s true; and, the conviction runs deep. However, I struggle with the Christ element of the Christian faith. I don’t want to be a hypocrite. God will know the difference – right?

Admittedly, I enjoy this evaluative process. I am learning whom my friends are, and making new friends all the time. I started reading Florien’s Unreasonable Faith, more because a contrarian view is healthy and interesting if you take a heterodoxal position (and, I do). I also stumbled upon (or, was possibly led to) Nick Milne’s The Daily Kracken. But, Nick draws us (me any way) to him because he is so interesting and ernest (and educated and striving for more) – and, that means he reflects and represents what I believe I am looking for. This is a central theme (as is Natural Selection, Thomas Jefferson and Family) of my own Blogging efforts.


On a different comment thread, involving yet another post, I concluded:

Okay Colm … The lack of italics aside, my daughter agrees with you. Quite dismissive of Black Eyed Peas in fact. She did, however, offer Akon for consideration. So, I will sally forth and reconsider. There is no soccer this weekend due to Spring Break. So, I will indulge myself with investigating a history of Rap and Hip Hop. A facilitator for some good long runs, to be sure.

Syzygus … Your words are like apple butter on hot homemade bread. Wow. I wish I could write with such clear articulation. I struggle with that. I was practically illiterate when I graduated from High School. I could run like the wind and was passed through each grade. I only got into college because I could run and had a great SAT score. It’s been a long road. But, writers like you and Nick (and Brian V.) inspire me.

I am still drawn to Rap and Hip Hop, however. I feel and relate to the passion those forms inspire – even as I try to represent and reflect other things and influences. It has a lot to do with being a Dad (deeply flawed, but determined to be a good example).


I understand a lack of context might be confusing. However, a little research and digging could bear some fruit that will drop much of this into perspective.

Or not.

However, in summary, that is all me today, looking forward towards tomorrow.

…Transparency. Open-mindedness. Today’s truth.

Peace be to my Brothers and Sisters.

Brian Patrick Cork

Emma Jo Scored a Goal


I coach Emma Jo’s U5 Soccer team.

At this level the coach is on the field exhorting the squad and working to keep the ball in bounds.

There was fast break and young Mason bolted for the goal with a trail of teammates and forlorn adversaries quickly fading behind him. There is a player from the other side that is standing right in front of the goal. This is not actually allowed – but, it happens.

As Mason streaks for the goal, arms pumping madly, Emma Jo Suddenly comes out of no where and cuts him off just as he launches the size #3 ball – generally in the direction of the goal – with a mighty kick. The ball bounces off of the player standing defiantly (well… actually looking slightly panicked with Mason crashing down on him) in front of the goal and spins around on the turf. Emma Jo fairly minces forward and nonchalantly pops it squarely into the net – with authority. She then spins on her left foot looking for me. She raises her spindly little arms into the air in evident ecstasy and victory, takes a running step, and leaps into my arms. I heave her high up into the air and begin a delirious dance… It’s just me and Emma Jo and the delicious sun.


Later Emma Jo gets hit in the face with a ball and she doesn’t want to play the rest of the game.

But, I have my perfect moment. I will never forget her face; the connection; and, how sweet the air smelled mixing with her hair in my nostrils as we twirled about in a victory dance.

I love being a Dad.

Peace to my Brothers and Sisters.

brian patrick cork

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