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john stein on Fasting


the background for this post is fascinating, for me.

John Stein is a remarkable fellow, on a number of fronts. his story, in part, and in relation to my own, has been extolled on this blog at several points. the dude is relevant. but, with this preamble established, I’m going to take the easy route and drop in an email message he sent me earlier today. so, make of it what you will. it’s both informative, and possibly helpful. it’s certainly useful stuff to know.

especially if it means God “shows up”.

to wit:

“Jenetezen Franklin is free chapel’s pastor who wrote a book called, “Fasting”. It’s awesome on the biblical teaching on the subject. The church could do a better job with the subject.

My own testimony has shown God to break through and do amazing things when I fast. It is a matter of humbling yourself before the LORD in petition for help. It’s all throughout the Bible. God has called me to a life of fasting which is not for everyone.

However, everyone can tap into its power. I believe that this is such a time.

Fasting is not abstaining from certain things like tv, cussing, etc. Biblical fasting varied from Esther’s drink or eat nothing to Daniel’s fruits and vege fast.

For three day fasts, I do water only.

Expectations – body cleanses during day one, and toxins are removed. Headaches are a common complaint, but I rebuke that. After day one, you move to a different place.

Prayer is a good thing to mix in a lot more during a fast than other times. Some folks read the Bible during meal times.

My experience has been that there is definitive strength in corporate fasts. It seems to be a lot easier to fast when you are along side others doing the same.

This will be one of those times.

I dont prep. I just stop eating. I will get soda water to go with tap water.

During long, long fasts, I will do juice or broth or fruit. Earlier this year, I did a 21 day fast of fruit and veges and hated the fast. It was easier for me to just to juice.

God showed up, though.


peace be to my Brothers and Sisters.

brian patrick cork


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