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my life is taking some quirky twists-and-turns. simple things are not always easy.

I get up A LOT earlier than everyone else in my household. typically around 430am.

I text all three of my girls with something like, “good morning! I love you all. have a great day” at roughly 6:15am when they are all rousing. but, I am always ignored.

my Mom used to say, and almost every day, “tell everyone that you love all about it every day. demonstrate it. you never know what your last impression will be.”

and, I miss her every day.

you can miss a lot of things when you don’t have them. so, never take anything for granted. nothing.

I was at Olde Blind Dog last night with Marc Kutter, catching up, swapping war stories, and investigating opportunities. I think he and I are destined to make really cool stuff happen. I talk a lot. but, one of the little bon mots I shared with him (I’m convinced it was relevant to the flowing stream-of-conscienciousness) was a brief story about where I was less than a year before I first met Joanne.

it was 1988 and I was still in Los Angeles working on my MBA and in the midst of rehabbing my knee after a disastrous training accident while I was pretending to be a professional triathlete. I had lost all of my sponsors, had no medical benefits, and was living out of my car with my white retriever Alex. I had taken David Sugarman’s guidance and started working as a securities broker. it was a long hard struggle (mostly the knee part, selling stuff came easy), however I was convinced my next steps would eventually pay-off. I was still using commercial airlines, hitch-hiked to work sometimes, and saved every penny. every now and then I pitched a tent in my buddy Tom’s back yard, and would use his hose for drinking and washing (both me and Alex, actually). his neighbors hated me.

but, I have never shied away from fist-bumping a homeless person. in fact, I think the first fist-bump I ever received was from Otis, the crazy dude on the Promenade in Santa Monica.

things, generally, got better from there. but, they are more often than not, always interesting. and, I am so happy to have mates like Marc around. and the world spins around my girls mush like the globe upon it’s sturdy axis. and, I’ll keep telling everyone that I love, it’s from my heart. and, I’m grateful.

and, optimistic.

peace be to my Brothers and Sisters.

brian patrick cork

wise words are like family and a comfortable old blanket


this post is inspired by daylight savings time.

however, the following (the quote, not the preamble) was shared with me by one of my “Uncle Bob’s“, via email recently.

Bob roehrs copythis particular Uncle Bob is the husband of my Mom’s (Mom is currently deceased) best friend, and my Godmother, Phyllis. he is certainly an inspiration with his commitment to riding and charity at the age of eighty-seven (87). he travels around the country riding for a number of charities.

Uncle Bob is relevant, and current.

wisdom just tells.

this particular and unique Bob is not to be confused with my other two storied Uncle Bob’s you might know about.

that short list includes, Robert “Sonny” Cork /1 ↓, my Dad’s brother, whom is also currently deceased (relative to my Mom), and Bob Cork, from the “other side of the family” (I call him my “Earth-Two” Uncle), whom is a great story-teller, but currently losing a battle with dementia. NOTE: Dementia, in this case reminds me of a Muslim maxim, “the punishment is in the promise and the promise is in the punishment”. Bob can recount, and often does, his stories – which are rich and meaningful – but he is forgetting almost everything two

I can’t tell you this was actually said, but I do think it sounds reasonable:

“When told the reason for daylight savings time, an old and wise Indian allegedly said, ‘Only the government would try and lead you to believe that we could cut a foot off the top of a blanket, sew it on to the bottom of the same blanket, and some how have a longer blanket’ “.

Uncle Bob, whom was a very successful financial executive, added one comment:

“and then embark on a 10 billion dollar media blitz to try to convince us that it really does make the blanket longer”.

north point mosaicI wish I could call my Earth-Two Uncle Bob and share all of this with him. I know he would pause only for a moment and then come up with some corollary Indian tale that weaves all of this together in a brilliant tapestry that adds to life. we are all part of that.

that made me think of a series shared at North Point Community Church called Mosaic. this image is from that. look at the pieces. each separately told it’s own story. together, they told a completely different one with a whole different, and much richer, t meaning.

peace be to my Brothers and Sisters.

brian patrick cork

NOTE: the reference to “earth two” is relative to the DC Universe, and not to be confused with a past and ill-fated television show, that was lame.

1/ ↑ In my Dad’s family, all the kids were nicknamed, “Sis”, “Sonny”, “Bud”, and “Babe”.

honoring the Squirrel



my excuse(s) for not blogging much these days seat themselves squarely on Lacrosse.

yes… I still coach my Shockers (although Haley Anne is actually a Breaker). But, both Haley Anne and Emma Jo find themselves on undefeated Soccer teams this season (despite the coach), and these days are rich indeed.

Joanne often resents the time I spend blogging. but, I completely understand. blogging is genuinely a great exercise in self-absorption. but, I really do try and use myself as an example, most of the time, regardless if the result paints me in a good or poor light. I want it to be a worthy and noble effort through a life well-lived; an authentic life.

how many of you know that Haley Anne is named after my Mom, Barbara Anne, and Joanne? And, that Emma Jo is also meant to honor my wife? I look at my daughters and I see the women that both were, and remain, forces of nature and incredible influencers through my existence.

in any event, I still play Lacrosse. and, I hope to play a lot of it this summer for a couple of teams. however, I’m a bit frustrated by my achilles again. so, we’ll see. but, through all of that I have “my guys”. Coaching boys in Lacrosse is am amazing experience. …more on that later, though. this is about almost everything else; a bigger picture, if you will. I must.

coaching (sports and in business, for that matter), of any sort, is another form of self-absorption. back when I was a volunteer fire fighter in Lousiville, Colorado, I found myself being interviewed by the local paper over some harrowing event. and, the reporter asked me,

“why do you put yourself in harms way when you don’t even get paid?”.

I looked at her, and probably a bit askance, and I offered, “are you kidding? I get to wear cool gear, ride backwards on fire trucks – and, I’m a FIRE MAN!”. I actually feel selfish and self-absorbed that I get to do this”. I told her how, that morning after the fire, as we rolled-out, there was a small group of young boys watching us from a street corner. there was awe in their faces. awe, and admiration. I gave them a wink and a thumbs-up, and I really did feel like a hero.

Lacrosse makes me feel that way. so, another possible post is around the concept of Braveheart.

but, it was the events of that life-changing day (a cool Colorado evening with the great promise of a rich and full life, and the leering wake-up call of an ugly death) that led me to my current career, in fact. but, that’s another story. certainly for another time (but, I need to make a note of it. hopefully one of you will remind me).

mind you, I get similar questions from the parents of kids I coach. such as, “why do you give these kids so much time?”, and, “how do you do this?”

I’m going to discuss that in the next couple of weeks. because there is a lot of good-and-bad, trials-and-tribulations mixed with that – balanced by an incredible sense of accomplishment and self-worth.

I love Lacrosse. I love my family. I love life. I love giving of myself. and, everything I’ve done with my life has brought me to a point where I feel I can make a great difference in the lives of the people God surrounds me with. okay… that strikes me as another blog post idea.

are you beginning to wonder what the hell this has to do with a squirrel?

well… this might come as a shock to some, but not necessarily others. Joanne will tell you, in no uncertain terms, that I am not often as sympathetic or compassionate as she feels I ought to be. I believe that trait in myself is valid and that comes from being raised by a military officer (my Dad) and also a Mom (the ideal officers wife and Mother) that were both convinced that doing anything is worth giving it everything you can. that’s something I teach all of my players, and it’s a driving philosophy in terms of how I manage myself by the hour with a higher sense of purpose and accompanying standards. but, sometimes… okay, often… really ALWAYS… I come across as exacting, uncompromising, certainly demanding, and clearly seemingly unsympathetic.

that was until I faced the squirrel.

I’m that guy that finds himself driving down a road and unconcerned if a squirrel frantically tries to evade tires. that’s an ugly image. but, it’s an obvious and practical reality. Joanne, on the other hand, will throw her car into another lane to save a squirrel, duck, dog, or deer.

but, about two weeks ago, as I was driving home from Lacrosse practice, as providence would have it, a hapless squirrel skittered across my path. I steeled myself and surprisingly managed to evade him, and found myself pleased by the result as I took a peak in my rear view mirror. “off to home and hearth, little fellow”, thought I.

not but a few days later was I facing the same challenge. and, the thought did, indeed, cross my mind that this could well be that same damn squirrel. I really did try to avoid the critter, but I felt the awful and final “thump” under my truck tire. instantly I was, myself, genuinely distraught. as I looked in the rear view mirror, to my horror I saw the squirrel flailing in the street. with my heart in my throat and a cold sweat on the back of my neck I slowed down. numbly I backed-up knowing I had to put the stricken creature out of it’s misery. and, the horror I experienced was comparable to Sarajevo.

when I got home Joanne and Haley Anne were in the midst of a fifteen-year-old-girl-issue. and, evidently Joanne was having a rowe with her own Mom and one of her sisters. as I listened to to the details of all that I found myself uncharacteristically engaged with a softening heart. there is a lot more going-on in my head and heart relative to all manner of venture, adventures and efforts. but, four days ago I told Joanne that a lens I wanted to start looking through life with in terms of how I related to people, ironically, would going to be about “honoring the squirrel”.

so, God has a whacky sense of humor, to be sure. he gave me and all my Southern California, Lacrosse-playing buddies daughters, for one thing. and, he throws us a curve-ball (some times they may look like a squirrel), to change-up our view(s) of the world. but, I don’t want to look back on my life and miss an opportunity to make sure that everyone I meet and know; that’s in my life, feels loved, valued – and there is compassion, possibly the option for compromise.

that’s it. you, collectively know, even the simplest of maxims’s must needs have its vociferous story attached (or affixed?) to it.

peace be to my Brothers and Sisters.

brian patrick cork


the 2012 My Princess Dance


time certainly does fly, but all the more so when every Daddy grimly observes the ticking clock against the dreaded time his “little girl” lets go of his protective hand.

however, those fears can be reasonably set aside for the moment, because its that magical time of year, again. and, the 7th Annual – My Princess Dance is upon us! it is! so, mark your calendars! guard the date, and fiercely so! Saturday, February 18th at 630pm to 9pm at The Foundry at Puritan Hill. stand firm, goodly men, and register, here.

to be sure, you’ve read earlier stories on this Blog from last year, God gave me daughters. What did He give you?, Its time for a Princess to Dance!, the Princess and the me, and, investing in my daughters.

consider forging a few stories of your own.

I have three Princesses in my immediate family with the girl of my dreams at my side, and two daughters that I’m determined will realize their own.

I coach a good number of princesses in soccer. but, that is different. and, the stuff of other stories. you can always read about those adventures, here. now, I’m also coaching young lads in Lacrosse with the best hopes of influencing them to be gallant around any right Princess. more on all that, to be certain.

Haley Anne and I went to the first “Daddy/ Daughter Dance” six short years ago after a heads-up from Woody Faulk (a father of four girls of his own) let me know he would be hosting this inspiring event. it has quickly became an Atlanta-area tradition. Last year the event was renamed, and aptly so, “My Princess Dance,” and held at the InterContinental Hotel in Buckhead. More than five hundred fathers and daughters came to that My Princess Dance, and they are, and all of them, forever changed. complete with princesses, carriages, chocolate fountains, and a knighting ceremony, the evening was spectacular.

Haley Anne kicked me to the curb after seventh grade and I started taking Emma Jo to the dance. the experience has been brilliant for us all, and I’m keen to share it with any man that understands how important he is in the life of his daughter. I’m convinced this is a vital bond where God really trusts some of us with daughters. the anticipation builds with talks about pretty dresses and an afternoon getting hair and nails done (or, Mommy can certainly do that!). it’s dancing practice and perhaps a special dinner. then come the shared secrets and the memories that enchant a life-time realized in only the span of a few hours that leave us all the more excited about the next year.

the My Princess Dance is all about the importance of family by stopping the busy-ness of life, and spending time with those we love, and cherish, the most.

read more about My Princess Dance in this story, printed by the Atlanta-Journal Constitution: do it!

and, then watch the video below for a sense of what is yet to come (sorry if it’s bleeding over on this blog page. it’s videos fault, and not mine own – yet, I’ll forgive almost anything that helps me share this wondrous event with you all.

peace be to my Brothers and Sisters.

brian patrick cork

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