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progressive slavery


“The two enemies of the people are criminals and government, so let us tie the second down with the chains of the constitution so the second will not become the legalized version of the first.” – Thomas Jefferson.

As our country was founded on Judeo/Christian beliefs, the originators of our great nation appeared to understood one greater truth as they created our Republic.

I’ll position that as being human flesh is fallible and cannot be trusted.

“Given enough power, man will be corrupted by that power – no matter the nobility of his intent.” As so aptly phrased by Lord Acton when referencing the heated debates around the infallibility of the Pope at the turn of the 19th century: “And remember, where you have a concentration of power in a few hands, all too frequently men with the mentality of gangsters get control. History has proven that. All power corrupts; absolute power corrupts absolutely.”

I’ll pause here, and advise you that in 1862, Acton merged The Rambler, a Roman Catholic – ish monthly, into the Home and Foreign Review. His contributions at once gave evidence of his remarkable wealth of historical knowledge (one reason why I’ve studied him myself). But though a sincere Roman Catholic (while I could never pretend to be), his whole spirit as a historian was hostile to ultramontane pretensions, and his independence of thought and liberalism of view speedily brought him into conflict with the Roman Catholic hierarchy. NOTE: Lord Acton is naught less than a fascinating read. Look him up on Wikipedia. Do it!

In any event… Our founding forefathers knew that we needed a system of checks and balances that could control the flow of power. Legislative (to create the laws), Judicial (to enforce the laws) and Executive (to set policy). No one branch controls and the output of one branch is executed by another.

So I’m saying all this to inform. Perhaps the result will revolutionize and lead to reform …not because I’m waxing poetic today; rather because I’m inclined to think the collective we of this nation require turbulent, possibly radical change today, almost as much as our forefathers did, yesterday. Remember (if you care to recall positions taken by men such as the inestimable Mr. Acton) that one must centralize power in order to accomplish government programs, redistribute the wealth and “perfect the human”.

Mind you, Acton likely felt that that man was reflected by his government, and that kind of perfection was possible. However, I’m more likely to think that our government needs to reflect that greatest potential that man might realize. So, that’s where I flex my Jeffersonian ideals. And, Thomas Jefferson could kick Acton’s ass. And, he would take on Obama without, even asking names.

Although not for the first time, because I am constantly on the lookout for such things everywhere I study, research and travel, I’ve recently encountered a (possibly) fair(er), albeit sophomoric, description explanation of what is happening, currently, in American politics. Whether you like or dislike Glen Beck (and, most people say they do, as they continue to increase his ratings), the five minute program below might open a few eyes and lead to awareness, if not outright, understanding.


Socialism means slavery. Marxism, a form of socialism is change by revolution. Progressivism, a form of socialism is change by evolution. After all… In theory, it’s possible to boil a frog if you turn the heat up slowly…

I’ll pause here, yet again, to catch my breath… But also mention that you better not use that anecdote unless you are prepared to explain it fully, and understand what it might lead to, if relayed to a group of thirteen year old middle-schoolers. I tried it, and it was controversial, to say the least. I attempt things like that within my own household, with varying results. Just follow your browser here, and you’ll be just fine.

Look at the change in our country politically over the last one hundred years. We’ve all been part of it. The slow decay of values and morals to create a collective people (as in: …we the people…) who like their ears tickled.  So… There might be an argument here for a concern that the progressives, those collective peoples, intend to enslave your children’s, children.

Perhaps America is waking up to the objectives of progressivism. Watch the aforementioned video, and possibly be informed. In twenty five years we’ll have a better understanding whether it’s the informed or misinformed variety. Just start trying to understand now, so you can at least give your progeny a fighting chance, like Jefferson and his hearty and ferocious crew did for us.

Peace be to my Brothers and Sisters.

Brian Patrick Cork

isn't evolution Gods fault, anyway?


I found myself embroiled in something of a heated debate over on Paul Sunstone’s “Cafe Philos (an internet cafe)”. I had been given a heads-up on a post he wrote titled: Do Evangelists Ever Tell the Truth? I waded in and offered some thoughts. I clearly touched a few nerves (nothing new there). But, unexpectedly, I found myself facing a ferocious crew that are convinced over half of America believe it’s Creationism over Evolution. I am naught less than skeptical. And, I’ll hold-out for Evolution (as you will see from the long-winded comments, providing you approach that post – beware!).

In any event, we’re putting a poll together today to resolve the matter. To prepare for that I’ve lifted the following outlines of both Creationism and Evolution directly from that venerable repository of information itself, “Wikipedia”.

The Creation of Adam“Creationism refers to the religious belief that humanity, life, the Earth, and the universe were created in some form by a supernatural being or beings, commonly a single deity. However the term is more commonly used to refer to religiously motivated rejection of natural biological processes, in particular evolution, as an explanation accounting for the history, diversity, and complexity of life on earth (the creation-evolution controversy). In Christian sects such creationism is usually based on a literal reading of Genesis 1-2 but other religions have deity-led creation myths which are quite different.”

Just to be clear… This would mean carbon dating and fossils are wrong. And, I have already pitted myself against this view in an earlier post: How Long Is Seven Days?


evolutionEvolution (non-technical introduction) is the change in groups of living things over time. Living things (organisms) have children (offspring) which differ from their parents in minor random ways. Many of these differences, called traits, can be passed down to future generations of offspring during reproduction. Evolution is the process of these inheritable differences becoming more common or rare within large groups (populations) of organisms. Evolution occurs in two different ways. The first way is random – when a population’s traits change by chance. The second way is called selection. Selection happens when a trait helps an organism to have more offspring, such as by keeping the organism from dying young. This helpful trait will tend to become more common in the population, because organisms with the trait produce more offspring – who may inherit the same trait.”

You know the drill here… Amoeba’s, fish, birds, dinosaurs, Land of the Lost, Jurassic Park, fossils, apes, and all that stuff most of us learn in school (at least me and Curtis Burton the Third, any way).

There is some uncertainly within the aforementioned post’s comments where certain people of interest like Senator John McCain and (wannabe, but not really, VP) Sarah Palin play it down the middle saying they might lean towards evolution, but add the “hand of God” element – which I personally, feel is fair and balanced (just so you know).

There is some true (and delicious) irony represented in-and-amongst all this. Those debating me at Cafe Philos are relying heavily upon the internet (to include google and carefully crafted youtube videos to support their position).

I have taken a different and more academic and community census approach (this unhinged poor Webs, one of the commenters).

Therefore, because of the differential in approach and passion involved, I’ve decided to take personal opinion out of (my) equation, and go to my readers whom I know to be both fair-minded, as well as a hearty and balanced crew in their own right. It’s time to go with that promised poll.

And, the best irony comes in the form of my using my Blog (on the internet to make a point – I just don’t know who’s point yet).

Thusly, and without further adieu America (okay this is a global Blog. So, I’ll ask those who are not Americans to back away), which is it – Creationism or Evolution?

[polldaddy poll=2058742]

Peace be to my Brothers and Sisters.

Brian Patrick Cork

robots are always cool


You have to admit, this is cool.


I don’t care how old a kid you are.

And, I am pretty sure the female ‘bot is saying something to the effect: “In the future, it will take mechanized athletes to keep pace with Brian Cork”.

And, we need pirates too.

Peace be to my Brothers and Sisters.

Brian Patrick Cork

police States can spawn revolutions


So… History does not refer to it as a “Police State”, but that could aptly describe the the American Colonies under British rule.

That view, and it’s merely a (substantiated) view, sets the stage for my thinking today.

“When the President does it, that means that it is not illegal.”

Richard M. Nixon

“Change – yes we can!”

Barack Obama

“Policies that were wrong under George W. Bush are no less wrong because Barack Obama is in the White House.”

Bob Herbert

As you read this Blog post further, I am going to ask you to watch a “position” documented by MSNBC’s Rachel Maddow that offers insight into an emerging perspective on the future of President Obama’s administration and what it portends for the American people.

I better point out now that I don’t support Al Qaida, or what we think are global terrorists. But, I do recognize the objectives and intents of Thomas Jefferson and the Founding Fathers as they architected the Constitution. Mind you, the signers of the Declaration of Independence likely felt as if  they were signing their own death warrant. They were often hunted down and imprisoned without trial of due process. They were terrorists after all – right? But, the more the British pushed us down, acted like bullies, and upset our collective sense of fairness, the more strident became our call to action for freedom – and, the world (even the French) rallied to us.

Certainly things have changed.

Americans have a tendency to conceive of our country as an exception to the rules, or to the laws of human nature, that govern other nations.  This notion is sometimes called “American exceptionalism”.

Sometimes, it takes the form of believing Americans are entitled destined to be a free people.  When we see the difficulty so many other peoples have realizing their freedom, it often confirms our notions that what is happening to them cannot, or should not, happen to us.

For example, we might fully support the Iranian people in their struggle for democratic elections, but our support for them is seldom qualified by the thought, “That could happen here.”

But, it did happen here. And, it might needs happen again.

Put differently, we appear to struggle with learning, or the notion of learning from other countries (another example is Norway and Healthcare). Very few Americans think Iran has anything to teach us about our own democracy.  After all, we are, an exception to the rules that govern countries like Iran (we can also nuke other countries, and then dictate who is allowed to own nuclear power).

Did I use the work dictate?

Sometimes the notion of American exceptionalism takes the form of believing our leaders can breach with impunity the checks and balances that have traditionally limited their power over us.

Richard Nixon seems to have expressed that opinion when he stated that if the President does something, it’s not illegal.  Ultimately Nixon was impeached – but, only because he was blatant, blunt, undiplomatic, considered unsavory (compared to the mob boss John F. Kennedy) and generally (in retrospect) unable to deliver a flowery speech like Barack Obama.

In any other country, unchecked power soon becomes tyranny. But not, we think, in America.  In America, only the nut cases (or terrorists, or insurgents, or patriots) warn us against allowing our government to have unchecked powers.


As promised earlier, here is a Youtube video demonstrating how President Obama has declared his intention to indefinitely imprison people without trial.

The notion that a free people can grant their government the power to imprison them indefinitely and without trial is absurd.  Ayn Rand is likely spinning so fast in her grave that the world is in danger of spinning off of it’s axis, and falling into the sun. There is nothing in the long history of our species (long time readers of this Blog know I am always looking for a way to sneak Charles Darwin into the mix) to suggest that is at all possible, let alone likely.  Any people who condone grant their government tyrannical powers will, before too long, enjoy a tyranny – and, this is evidenced by history.

How long before people like myself – controversial figures that speak our minds, end up in prison (okay, for me back in jail) for exercising free speech against the machine?

“But we are different”,  says the American exceptionalist.

Or, maybe we reconsider the word entitled and call ourselves “entitleists” (I probably made that word up – I do that a lot on this Blog). That sort of sounds like “elitist”. And, Americans like to believe we make the rules.

But, if we use the idea of our Constitution as a blunt edged weapon it becomes abuse. I think that changes the spirit that inspired Thomas Jefferson and that hardy and ferocious crew of rabble rousing non-conforming Founding Fathers, and that will in turn change the karma attached to our two hundred and fifty year national history.

Men like Barack Obama are called the Anti Christ by nut-cases right? People that speak out against him are not cool and certainly politically incorrect. We might even be viewed as racist.

Come on… We have to ask hard questions. Truth and light, I say. You gotta watch the carnie’s hands performing the card tricks.  So, to wit, additional food for thought (this could have – maybe should have, been a separate post. But, I want everyone thinking about all of this. And, I know this post os going to be widely circulated.

It seems that Barack Obama is carefully priming the pump for dropping a unpleasant surprise on our collective “we the people” (yes, more video evidence). As you recall, he (that would be Obama) promised once that no one making less than $250,000 a year would see any tax increases.  In fact, those people would enjoy tax cuts, he carefully promised.

But, to be fair, that was only an empty promise made by a naive candidate whose only business experience spanned that of a non-profit lawyer.

But with his health-reform plan, which will likely add another $1.6 trillion to the deficit, there won’t be any way around new and higher taxes on everyone (and several future generations of Americans, who will be paying through the nose fifty and a hundred years from now solely on account of 2009 spending).

Is that the kind of change Obama would talk about while on the campaign trail? I suppose he was really referring to all the change he was going to pull out of our pockets.

You may Recall Obama’s Presidential Campaign slogan:

“Change – yes, we can.”

The new updated version is:

“Can you spare some change? Sorry, I’m not asking – I’m telling you!”

One of my (hardly articulate) points here is that, over the next five and a half years (by then Obama will be under a lot of fire and hopefully it won’t be too late), you are going to get a lot more taxation without representation.

Just be aware that the rules are being changed subtly. One day, if you squint your eyes, tilt your head to the left, stand on one foot leaning against a wall, you can see that many of our Constitutional rights have been chipped away, and laws may be be leveraged that benefit an ever growing minority.

It’s what you don’t understand or see coming that will kill you. On the other hand, if you see a problem and don’t do something about it, you become part of the problem.

Right there you become the catalyst or footnote for evolution or revolution.

Peace be to my Brothers and Sisters.

Brian Patrick Cork

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