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Facebook is dead to Me



it’s all quite official, at least in my household, anyway…

Facebook is dead.

this is certainly not the first time you’ve seen my ferocious opinions around Facebook. some example simply must include, Facebook is on a Mission but not from God, why Facebook might be a great bad story, and, Facebook’s contribution to Terrorism. and, there is more to be sure, heck yeah.

to be fair, to a point, I’m reasonably confident my Haley Anne fanned the flames (there, is ample evidence that she is a Cork, after all), but the seething hate that sprung from former friends and other girls across Atlanta through Facebook and Twitter may well have brought several servers to the point of melt-down.

in most cases it was the language they used, but no less the imagery and threats leveled that disturbed my force. some of these kids had been in my home and on my boat, for Gods’ sake. so, when Joanne showed me some of the messages I was stunned, I mean really shocked to my core. I’ve fought like Green Lantern my entire life against bully’s of all kinds. but, these cowardly devils from the abyss known as cyber space realize an unprecedented low.

in any event, Haley Anne mutely surrendered her iPhone and Airbook to her Mom so Joanne could investigate the trail of ugliness and get the right people involved. and, they are.

but, the next and best steps were to close Haley Anne’s Facebook and Twitter accounts. we’ll investigate other platforms. please feel free to make recommendations. do it!

she’ll have a shiny new iPhone 4S for her troubles and the fervent hopes of her parents and better circle-of-friends that she can focus on the better things that life has to offer that might include studies, soccer, and less likelihood of carpel tunnel syndrome.

Zuckerberg has made billions of dollars, and I’m sure he feels great about that. but, I hope one day he understands what he has unleashed upon a culture that was unprepared for his platform to be used as a weapon of mass destruction.

many parents and thought leaders, in fact, decry Facebook. but, how many of you are, in truth and fact, willing to do something about it? you are challenged!

so, I’ve set the example, in my own actions. the rest if left up to the rest of you.

for the record, I do have a Facebook account that was built by my public relations people (Cork has public relations people?), but I don’t accept friends on it and never sure what it could be used for other than to start trouble from somewhere. and, I have a Twitter account. thats how a mere handful of you get notice of my epic blog posts, eh. but, I’m certainly not part of the internet solution there. my blog automatically pushes content out to Twitter, but I don’t follow anyone or even respond to tweets. I’m much too self-absorbed for that with changing the world, and all. so, I’ll have none of that hypocrite hockey puck stuff.

peace be to my Brothers and Sisters.

brian patrick cork

outside the Inside


I found myself offering the following bon mot to a younger fellow in my community based on something of a repartee we’ve found ourselves engaged around:

Keep looking inside. Eventually you will start to recognize what others see from the outside, and your perspective makes more sense to the majority. that makes you relevant.

I get to coach so many people across the four seasons of life that I’m fortunate enough to be constantly reminded that few of us can rest on laurels, or get too relaxed about our critical roles in life.

I had Haley Anne leaning on my shoulder while I was tapping that message into existence. she’s had a tough week with a cyber bully from another school. I’ll discuss this more later, but I despise Facebook all the more, and a lot of the social networking platforms available are simply dangerous platforms from which evil can launch all manner of assault. Haley Anne needed her Daddy. and, we are getting ready to start driving lessons. …wow…

in any event, she read the message aloud a few times and finally rewarded me with:

okay… the more you read that it actually makes sense.

I think it helps that we’ve had a running dialogue, whether she realized it or not, over the past few months about perspective, and what it means. it can be a trying concept. but, it’s foundational. and, it makes my point, here. the fellow referenced above is now over thirty. Haley Anne just shy of fifteen. I’ll be one hundred years old in fifty years.

I have a lot to both learn, and teach. and, I really do need to keep thinking from all the angles.

peace be to my Brothers and Sisters.

brian patrick cork

getting Down on Google’s Upside


Eric Savitz let me know that consumers are now activating five hundred thousand (500,000) Android devices every day. apparently he knows this because Andy Rubin, Google’s senior Vice President for mobile, made the comment on his Twitter account.

Rubin also notes that the number of Android devices activated is growing 4.4% every week.

but, this is a good example of both pointless and possibly misleading information.

why? you ask. how could this happen?, you might wail.

never mind those insipid questions. let’s focus, collectively, on what is actually relevant.

let’s see… based on Mr. Rubin’s information, and the scoop offered up by Mr. Savitz, that’s one million Android devices activated every two days. that puts the number at fifteen million a month, forty-five million a quarter. that seems rather impressive when you consider the tallying being one hundred and eighty million units a year. that’s certainly a whole lot of phones and tablets.

…except, Google does not get any money for those devices. there is no revenue sharing agreement with manufacturers and service providers like there is with Apple (a company that clearly understands how to make money).

I understand there might be some profit from Google Apps. but, not much. and, that’s why no one really talks about that particular subject. analysts don’t want to go there. Rubin certainly does not enjoy the topic. Larry Page won’t answer calls over it – that’s for certain.

nonetheless, Google (GOOG) (the last I bothered to check) finished up $10.85, or 2.25%, to $493.65.

and, that’s precisely why Rubin unleashed the information.

…but, watch where it goes a week from now.

peace be to my Brothers and Sisters.

brian patrick cork


the Microsoft curse


it’s no secret I hold Microsoft in utter disdain. contempt is a good word, as well.

…utter contempt.

they have the simple audacity to exist. this in light of the simple fact that they pale in comparison to Apple, in terms of innovation and profitability. of course this is poetic given the fact that Bill Gates gave birth to Microsoft by stealing from Steve Jobs. to day, Apple’s marketcap eclipses Microsofts by an order-of-magnitude.

…whatever… that’s old news.

what is becoming more apparent, and every day is that Microsoft’s evil core carries with it something of a curse.

As it turns out, at least eight firms have recently cut ratings on Microsoft stock, including Goldman Sachs, Canaccord, WestLB and Citigroup. as bad as Tuesday was, Wednesday will be another rotten day for Nokia shareholders. and, it’s what they get for partnering with Microsoft.

in a fast changing market, Nokia is losing ground very rapidly. The profit warning for the second quarter provided evidence that the next couple of years will prove very challenging, with the gross margin and market share trends of the last four quarters continuing, if not accelerating even more. the collaboration with Microsoft now appears to us unlikely to be successful, as Nokia’s brand is losing ground too fast and the window of opportunity for an alternative ecosystem is vanishing rapidly. even modeling a scenario in which Nokia stabilizes next year leads us to believe that the stock will under-perform over the next twelve months.

you think I’m, biased, and possibly opinionated, eh?

Bernstein Research analyst Pierre Ferragu early Wednesday cut his rating on the stock to Underperform from Market Perform, chopping his price target on the shares to $4, from $7.33.

I called him myself. if he were standing in my Boardroom, right now, he will tell you that he’s come to the conclusion that Nokia is in deep trouble, which continue to get deeper. and, he does not think the deal to switch to phones based on the Microsoft Phone 7 OS will save the beleaguered, and former technology darling.

consider the harsh realities. I believe new guidance issued by the company is a strong indication that a worst case scenario is crystallizing. I have to believe Nokia’s Device business will experience operating losses in the third quarter of this year and in the first quarter of next year. I’m also convinced that the launch of Windows-based phones will be challenging, to say the least, given the likely loss of traction and visibility of the Nokia brand, as well as the speed at which the opportunity for a third ecosystem to emerge is vanishing.

Nokia’s stock isn’t even worth the effort to short it.

but, Google is.

later, I’ll discuss what I’m confident will happen to Facebook now that they’ve sold their soul and part of the company to Microsoft. Facebook has an evil element to begin with. but, now the rot can’t help but become evident. look for the story in or around June of 2013.

later, I said. Google now has three problems that you need to understand:

it underestimated Facebook. evil spreads like plague (just look at Android [AKA “dumb down kid machines”]) and over five hundred million people are on Facebook. this includes millions of kids that lie to open-up accounts, and people that create a statistic that says Facebook accounts for sixty-one percent of divorces in our country, alone.

Larry Page is now CEO. he’s not a leader. you don’t have to trust me on this one. he’ll prove it himself.

finally, but not really, there is so much more. but, neither employees or shareholders can build wealth owning Google stock. so, the company is easy to recruit from. the company built it’s collective employment foundation on greed and a sense of entitlement. if you understand my core business, you get how I know this. let’s be clear, I stand against such things. I fight them.

the best way to win and make money with Google is hope your enemies buy their products and you shorting their stock.

do it!

if you are wondering what Microsoft has to do with Google, just understand the lack of innovation, creativity and soul that permeates both organizations. how could purgatory, in it’s form, be any different?

peace be to my Brothers and Sisters.

brian patrick cork

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