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why I will always be an Entrepreneur, Story #14


Brian Patrick Cork I love this story. it resonates with me. back in 1990 I was a badly injured professional SoCal triathlete living-out of my car with my dog Alex, trying to rehab myself at a local gym. I was working three jobs trying to raise money to start my own investment fund. I showered and operated out of the gym and the cafe. it was there I met my mentor David Sugarman and also my wife, Joanne.

Meet the tireless entrepreneur who squatted at AOL For two months last fall, Eric Simons secretly took up residence inside the Internet giant’s Palo Alto, Calif., campus, eating free food, enjoying gym access, and building a startup in the process.I am relentless in my quest for being the Solution.
peace be to my Brothers and Sisters.
brian patrick cork


kickstarting the crowdfunding Problem


so… how is Kickstarter, or “crowdfunding” not illegal?

consider this point-of-reference article, The Kings of Crowdfunding.

what type of regulatory filings or qualifying standards are involved?

NOTE: another aspect of crowd funding is tied into the JOBS Act  which allows for a wider pool of smaller investors with fewer restrictions. the Act was signed into law by President Obama (naturally) on April 5, 2012.

the SEC is going to have approximately two hundred and seventy (270) days from the enactment date to set forth specific rules and methods to ensure that funding will actually take place. so, technically it’s probably not illegal due to that evaluation period. but, investors are going to get hurt. and, eventually, the programs will need to be radically altered. as the saying goes… if it’s too good to be true… and, it’s right up the, collective, alley of self-entitled entrepreneurs that think it’s okay to cut regulatory corners along with the offering of white lies to get what  they believe is due them.

it’s crazy to me. this flies in the face of every effort by the SEC and state regulators to protect against the pillaging small investors?

more later.

peace be to my Brothers and Sisters.

brian patrick cork


holding ministries Accountable


you have the option to listen to this blog post via the following audio link: holding ministries Accountable

so… this is about me helping to hold ministries accountable so they are part of the solution and not the problem.

if a man can’t make a living through his ministry is that not a worthy test of it’s own validity? this is about my own efforts in terms of, “putting your mouth where your money is” (I understand I twisted that), and asking others to do the same.

by the way… reading my own writing aloud reminds me how unusual is my prose. and, I do this in one take, mistakes and all. meanwhile, I have to laugh at myself because a definition of prose is:

“To speak or write in a dull, tiresome style”.

in any event…

I am a true entrepreneur. I put my money where my mouth and heart are. better yet, I now help men make better decisions around starting business, always leveraging my own experience as expertise.

I also seem to be a magnet for men wanting to start all manner of ministries. there are, at best, subtle differences.

I’ll not focus this particular post on this subject matter, but three great rules when it comes to starting a company or a ministry remain:

1. You need a plan you can defend;
2. You should be able to live without income for up to eighteen months; and,
3. Your spouse better be dialed in.

bonus rule: “Happy Wife, Happy Life”.

why can’t our every day business be a form of ministry?

that said, I want you, collectively, to focus on how, or why you can help a ministry genuinely make a difference. they must needs be part of the solution, and not be part of the problem. NOTE: can we agree that there MIGHT be something fundamentally wrong with a model that works under a principle where you have to read a book to earn a reward of food or water? Rick Carlock once told me that if someone were to read the Bible to an individual that had never seen a book before they were now required to accept Christ, or burn. I’ve not seen Mr. Carlock for over seven years. but, his words helped and certainly inspired me in ways he could never imagine.

so… getting back to the solution might mean holding ministry-types accountable for a form or return on investment (“ROI”), even if it’s an eROI. “e” stands for eternal. and, yes, I coined that acronym specifically for: ROI Ministry.

I’m of the opinion this organization is part of the solution, in fact, that’s why it was created.

I’m in. firmly committed with a will and purpose. absolutely.

I feel that ROI Ministry is, indeed, part of the solution. another solid example might be Faith Comes by Hearing. most societies are story-tellers. so, putting a message that is relevant to a culture in the hands of leaders that understand the needs of their people opens both hearts and minds.

however, this is something of an exception because, generally, I’m left thinking:

“ministries are better suited for the a season-of-life where people can afford to be involved with ministry. unless of course we find a unique, or cool way to integrate our business into a ministry-like view. if successful, the business then acts as a type of qualifier, and then draws people and appropriate resources our way. for example, if people ask you, ‘what makes you different?’, or, ‘how did you get to where you are today?’, you likely have credibility as the lens through which others render opinion”.

and, that’s the point of this post. especially if you believe that we can all example forms of ministry in our daily lives.

it’s no secret I have a philanthropic nature. and, I’m adept at matching funds and other resources with worthy efforts. but, I’m keenly aware that for every ministry lighting up passion and souls, there average four others just like them probably already in existence. and, they are manned by people that can’t manage money (or a vital business) – their own in particular. I point this out because there are thousands of people meandering about with hands extended that want people with jobs and sense to sustain their lifestyles.

how can this not be considered a form of welfare? the goal is subjectively noble. however, the execution is more often, questionable; suspect, if you will.

to wit…

I recently told a fellow that has formed a ministry that I felt his efforts were a bit “fluffy”. he appears to be more interested in getting attention and possibly building a life-style than executing a plan around what might be, otherwise, a pretty cool messaging platform for evangelism. I sent him an email outlining my concerns.

in his response he included:

“thanks for your response and your request of course challenged me greatly and i’m wrapping my heart around it.”

in other words I hurt his feelings, and he is going to pout, an hope I don’t press him, further.

of course that irritated me, some what (he really is a sweet man, but I want him to engage around a form of souly business). and, my own response was:

“So, I think being all sensitive-like and wrapping your heart around things is fine. But, if you want me in your life I expect you to stand firm around Best Practices and having a solid plan. Especially if you are hoping to take peoples money in any capacity.

God is great about foisting His own plans upon us. But, given the discernment He has seen fit to bless us with in unequal measures, we are likely expected to be good stewards and focused on milestones.”

all that said, when I travel to New York Ciry, for example, I am in the habit of bringing five hundred dollars ($500) with me in twenty ($20) dollar bills. I distribute them as I walk along those streets, asking naught of the benefactors other than a silent prayer that they use it to eat (thats good enough), maybe share (that’s all the better).

I’m possibly thinking about the Parable of the Talents in the Book of Mathews, here. but, a more in-depth review, here. more later.

hopefully this puts my initial question into perspective… if a man can’t make a living through his ministry is that not a test of it’s own validity? that makes me a pundit in terms of, “putting your mouth where your money is”, eh.

peace be to my Brothers and Sisters.

brian patrick cork


vanessa hudgens gets sucker punched naked


I meant for this post title to be provocative.

just like the story below is meant to be stupid and misleading. we, collectively, should expect naught else from actors with low self-esteem and media that feeds the assinine frenzie.

New photos of VANESSA HUDGENS, which appear to show the actress completely naked, have leaked online.

it’s both amazing from a process perspective, and as a commentary on our society, that words like “naked” and “punched” generate big numbers when it comes to Search Engine Optimization (“SEO”). in fact, I’ll tag this post with both words and be curious to see how many hits I get.

A third set of nude snaps, allegedly featuring Hudgens, were published on various websites on Tuesday morning.

The High School Musical star’s good girl image was first tarnished in 2007 when provocative pictures of Hudgens first appeared online. Last year, Hudgens was left red-faced again when new snaps circulated on the web.

Sources say whoever leaked the photos this time is trying to sabotage the star’s career. The untimely scandal arrives two weeks after Hudgens’ film Beastly hit U.S. theatres March 4th, and just before her next movie release, Sucker Punch, hits U.S. theatres on March 25th.

so… inching forward, this post might not be taking form like you want to expect.

my eight year old, Emma Jo, saw an advertisement for Beastly and recognized that it was, indeed similar to Beauty and the Beast. she reminded me that the “beauty” was lucky because the “beast” “…is a good dancer…”

I doubt either Emma Jo, or myself will actually see Beastly. but, I’m hopeful Ms. Hudgens gives the retelling of a solid parable a worthy effort. the choice of direction for her career, in that regard is more promising than troubling.

I’m not so sure about Sucker Punch, though. it’s writer, Zack Snyder has described the film as “Alice in Wonderland with machine guns”, including dragons, B-52 bombers and brothels. the imagery is rather stylized like The 300 (the ultimate guy film), and Watchmen. I want to see Sucker Punch, but not because of Hudgens. I want to see dragons, derigibles, zombies, explosions and Scott Glenn being a wise man (with both a samarai sword, and a straight face).

I’m skeptical that someone wants to “sabotage” the movie career of Hudgens – unless that “someone” is herself. she had to pose for those naked pictures right? she also had to be hanging out with “someone” that took the pictures, had the power, and lack of character, to post those pictures on the internet. and, she had to consciously choose not to learn some form of lesson from the first time all this occurred back in 2007.

or, maybe she did learn a lesson. those pictures of her nude are excellent advertisements for, what might be, provocative story-lines and content in both the up-coming movies. if she follows the career advice of other self-flaggelating actresses like Paris Hilton, no PR is bad PR, eh.

my challenge remains to try and keep my own daughters focused on a different path. Haley Anne, at fourteen, sees young women like Hudgens making a lot of money, wearing gorgeous clothes and dating Zak Efron, and the only trade-off is a decidedly different kind of character development than preparing for a movie. to be fair, it’s feasible that Ms. Hudgens can separate her person from her public personnae, and the internet exploitation is rationalized as being only business. but, I wonder what she is going to tell her own kids when they Google her.

I knew Robert Downey, Jr. (Iron Man) back when we were both kids and in our mid-twenties. I was more often than not surfing and playing volley ball off the strand in Hermosa Beach, California and he was already making “interesting” moves both on-and-off screen. but, he was clear with his objective to laugh all the way to the bank. somehow, it’s all different when it comes to girls. so, I write about these things that weigh on my heart, shoulders and sense of responsibility as a citizen and father.

I’m also torn in business this week. I just helped one young entrepreneur secure seven million dollars ($7M) for a venture, rallied a long-time investor and friend of mine, Jack, to keep up the good fight even though young people are disappointing him everywhere he turns, and I just got punked by a young, eighteen-year-old entrepreneur I took a HUGE chance with my local reputation on the line. after only thirty days of coaching, he told me his team really only wanted me “…for my rolodex”, I was “slowing him down”, “things were not going as fas as he thought they should”, and, “…if [he] needed business advice he would go to his Dad (who has never been involved with start-ups in his, otherwise, storied career)”. I still think he is a good kid, and we have to be allowed to make mistakes. I’ve made some (really) big ones, despite great mentors. but, it’s only Thursday, and this has been a really whacky week.

I am really looking forward to soccer practice tonight with my U10 Shockers and the U14 Breakers (that’s another story I’m trying to get straight in my head). however, God is all over all of these touch-points.

I find myself searching for baring points. and, maybe I can’t help everyone (well… I actually, probably can, and do. some times some people just don’t like what they hear). many people are going to become great examples of Laws of Natural Selection. he’s certainly sucker punched himself. perhaps that is what what God is telling me through one humbling episode while also getting an opportunity to be taught other lessons by my Emma Jo, Jack and another young man who is making me (and hopefully his investor, proud) in terms of perspective.

I’ve long maintained that God’s greatest gift to us is discernment. I don’t want to debate the Christ element. whether He rose from the dead or not, his example remains “the gift that keeps on giving”. but, discernment allows for perspective and offers a foundation. and, in my case I’m thinking “example”.

I am determined to do my best work with anything and everything I do. it’s the vital difference between being pleased, and being satisfied. often the difference between success and failure. people from around the world seek my guidance. I can’t help people that won’t help themselves. Ms. Hudgens is an example of what I don’t want my daughters to be. one way or another that young entrepreneur is going to be an example of something, and it will be a lesson for many other people I work with over the next seventy years (I expect to find myself, at one hundred and twenty (120) years of age sitting outside of a Starbucks in China guiding some young champion. one day he’ll be annoyed because I fell asleep with an venti ice chai in my hand. but, I’ve actually faded to black – but, doing the thing  love almost as much as I do my daughters – helping great people make good decisions). I intend to be an example and baring point for my family, friends any generation of people that want or need a beacon.

why me, you ask?

I’ll let God sort that out. He gave me the tools, and the will and discernment to use them. I’m no ark. but, I believe in a covenant with everyone around me.

peace be to my Brothers and Sisters.

brian patrick cork


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