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evidently I’m a 3:15 project for Todd Miechiels


I’ve recently had to jettison some people from my offices with the memory that they seemed satisfied with an effort  to turn my face away from my Father. I care about them; I really do. but their presence created a form of miasma that needs to be lifted (perhaps up, but certainly out).

meanwhile, God keeps answering something that I’ve often claimed to pray over – always putting the right people in front of me (and maybe removing the wrong people. but, not clear on that part of the equation, just yet).

one thing I am quite certain about is that over the past year I’ve inspired myself; and, more so myself, likely than you, my hearty and ferocious readers, with stories about how I am affected by men of faith. for example: where prayer rules convergence.

I don’t want to be referred to as a Christian (this Blog is full of stories and examples of that, and why). and, I think that has been my issue for a few years now. I’ve met too many that make me want to use the word “smarmy”. and, Christians don’t own God, or have dibs. there is a lot of good news when it comes to God, and one of my favorites is that most of the major faiths on this planet share the commitment there is a one and true God. it’s the Christ element that complicates matter, or begs the argument that creates the forum for awareness.

but, they don’t have to affect my relationship with Him, and the type of people He wants me to influence, and be influenced by.

in any event, I got one of those annoyingly sincere emails from Todd Miechiels. Todd, is rather like Tim Barker in that they are just awe-shucks sold-out for the Lord. Tim struggles in the material world (in terms of bounty) a bit whereas God seems determined to bless Tim (and, Tim has the tithing thing drilled-down to a form of science. but then, I think Chip Brackley may as well). so, I need to pay attention to all the indicators. so… back to Todd’s email:

On Apr 22, 2011, at 6:23 PM, wrote:

During my quiet time this morning
Out of left field I heard a very clear and simple instruction…
“ask Brian, yes, or no, am I the messiah and his savior”
just know that I swear that’s what I heard


and, my own email response (NOTE: I tend to use proper grammar and structure with email):

“I’ve given this some thought over the last few days.

All artful dodging and crafty wordsmanship aside, I’m confident we are discussing Jesus Christ in this exchange.

Over the course of my own discourse with God this morning I asked Him to help me sort through this. The words that came into my own head were something like: I want Him to be my Savior. I want Him to want me.

I had some artful (ugh… I used that word twice in a message) words prepared with this response. But, given the circumstances, they likely aren’t required.

So, my simple answer for you is: yes.

My on-going dialogue with God tends to be a bit more complicated. But, I’m comfortable we are basically on the same page and reaching an accord.

Happy Easter. And, thank you, sincerely, for the message.


my plans are fairly simple today. I’m going to be grateful that I may have enough sense (it’s that discernment thing) to be grateful. I’m hopeful I can get Emma Jo in the yard (the same yard where she hunted for Easter Eggs this morning) and work on her corner kicks. and, I want to wash the cars.

…just keep it simple.

many things in life are simple; just not always easy. but, cliche aside, sometimes that’s part of what makes life end-up being better.

Thank you God, for, well, everything. and, by all means, please keep the right people coming my way.

peace be to my Brothers and Sisters.

brian patrick cork

Rowdy is Home


Rowdy Taking a NapRowdy is now home and officially a Cork.

Emma Jo has, and rightfully so, pointed out that Rowdy is a “Holiday Dog”. He was born on Valentines Day, and came home on Easter Sunday.

And, in general, today has been a good day.

Peace be to my Brothers and Sisters.

Brian Patrick Cork

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who says the Easter bunny is a Rabbit?


A reminder that Haley Anne is twelve.

Adding that she acts like someone older would be both trite and inaccurate. We are fairly certain she is my daughter because she is, generally speaking, immature – or, at best, representative of her actaul age (not that I represent my age particularly well).


In any event, I caught her off guard a few days ago with the Easter Bunny. To my credit as an ever-evolving parent, I did manage to wait until none of her friends (a lofty and opinionated lot to be sure) were about.

I asked her outright if he was excited about the Easter Bunny this year (she was not last year – at first), and if she needed a new basket for egg gathering. And, would she require a new hat.

Haley Anne looked at me with a mix of skepticism, and perhaps, concern. And, then said with level tones:

The Easter Bunny isn’t real Daddy. And, I don’t need a basket. …what about shoes?

Ha! An opening. First of all, if she found a new basket (with a pretty bow on it) sitting on the kitchen table Easter morning, she most certainly would use it. I would ground her if she didn’t. And, I had her attention; she was looking me in the eye (I am always taken by surprise at just how beautiful she really is with those large and expressive almond-shaped brown eyes).

Easter egg hunts aren’t for little kids drenched with anxiety because of older kids with longer legs and much better developed senses of deviousness and greed. Easter egg hunts are for Mom’s and Daddy’s (and Grandparents, I suppose). But, I naturally digress, and otherwise, intend to approach, and then make an entirely different point.

All I said to Haley Anne was:

You have never, not once, heard me say that the Easter Bunny is a rabbit. That morning represents magic (all evangelical Christians can back-off right now, and just take this in good spirit), and reminders that magic and wonder are always available to those with open-minds and open-hearts. The night before is about uncertain excitement and an opportunity to be grateful for the opportunity to simply feel love that comes from nowhere and everywhere at the same time. Easter morning is time to reflect that someone, be it a Daddy, or a Saviour, will always love you more than themselves.

Before I could continue, Haley Anne strode over and gave me a hug. She knows how to shut me up. There is little doubt she is torn between thinking I am a lunatic – and, possibly, correct. But, it was a really good hug because she was not in a hurry to let go.

Peace be to my Brothers and Sisters.

Brian Patrick Cork

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