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Obama could be Trump’s Apprentice



yesterday I hauled-off and wrote, Obama and the Apprentice.

that raised some eyebrows, elicited fist-shaking, the gnashing of teeth, emails of admiration, and two marriage proposals.

but, it’s occurred to me that I should have named that post, Obama could be Trump’s Apprentice.


although not soon enough, Obama’s own cartoon side-show, the President will end, and he will be looking for some other way to unhinge our status as a First World Nation. what better way than an obnoxious television show to help further dumb-down the American people and take us off our, collective, guard?

if we keep getting candidates on par with Obama, we might as well use Trump’s the Apprentice format to actually run the general election.

I wonder if, after the next election whether Trump will broadcast a quick television short advising Obama, “you’re fired!”.

meanwhile, I’m looking for Herman Cain. come on brother, lead us!

peace be to my Brothers and Sisters.

brian patrick cork

Obama and the Apprentice


Donald Trump, that skalawag, has evidently decided not to run for president of the United States.

“I will not be running for president as much as I’d like to. Ultimately, business is my greatest passion and I am not ready to leave the private sector,” Trump said.

can you imagine Brack Obama’s relief?

for a few weeks while Trump appeared to be seriously taking a run at the GOP (Republican Party) nomination, he was hanging his hat on the “birther” issue. it got so uncomfortable for Obama that he finally distributed his long-form birth certificate (Obama responds conclusively to brian cork) and also arrange something rather spectacular, like KILLING OSAMA BIN LADEN, just to get Trump off his back.

Trump took credit for the release even though it robbed his candidacy of its signature issue.

NBC interrupted the airing of Trump’s show the Apprentice with word of an Obama announcement that he would release the certificate. but, within forty five minutes the president then informed the nation and the world the al-Qaida leader had been killed. whatever buzz over a Trump candidacy was left fully faded.

I’ll have to admit, they are both good show men. but, Trump is at least successful and good at what he does.

in any event, Trump’s office released a formal statement that he would not run for the presidency just as he was taking the stage during NBC’s announcement of it’s forthcoming Fall lineup.

so… just to make sure we are all clear, here… Trump used running for president to, essentially, advertise The Apprentice.

during the statement, a confident Trump said he felt he could win the Republican primary and beat president Barack Obama in the general election, but had come to realize a presidential campaign could not be run “half-heartedly”.

so… Trump is basically saying he could beat Obama with one hand tied behind his back, but it’s not a worthwhile effort, or as interesting as obnoxious television.

I wonder if Obama will have his own television show after he finishes with his current side show, the President.

I think he could co-host with Oprah, and make really serious faces into the camera.

…wait… Obama could host the President, right now, and use a format similar to the Apprentice and pick the Vice President or his Cabinet each week.

peace be to my Brothers and Sisters.

brian patrick cork


Obama responds conclusively to brian Cork


yesterday I called upon president Obama to get off his high-horse and suggested that he simply show everyone his birth certificate with my post: brian cork is asking President Obama to be a LEADER.

doing so would simplify matters (and have him stop wasting even more tax-payer dollars), clear the air and let us all get to work, and allow him to demonstrate a simple step towards being a leader. clearly, he has a looong way to go on multiple fronts. but, this morning he finally allowed the certificate to be posted on the White House website.

to wit…

Breaking News Alert
The New York Times
Wed, April 27, 2011 — 9:24 AM ET
White House Releases Long Form of President Obama’s Hawaii Birth Certificate

President Obama posted a copy of his “long form” birth certificate, hoping to finally end a long-simmering
conspiracy theory among some conservatives that he was not born in the United States and was not a legitimate president.

The birth certificate, which is posted online at the White House website, shows conclusively that Mr. Obama was born in Honolulu, Hawaii, and is signed by state officials and his

Read More:

thank you, Mr. President. I have a reasonable list of next steps for you. I’ll have that your way over the next week or so.

see what happens when you take action, leverage influence (channel Thomas Jefferson), and believe your words have power? that is using our super powers for good.

peace be to my Brothers and Sisters.

brian patrick cork

brian cork is asking President Obama to be a LEADER


Donald Trump is getting a lot or press and other attention of late not only because he has threatened us all, collectively, to run for president, but also because he is very good at saying things that are irreverent.

this has made him somewhat popular with weaker Democrats and Republicans alike.

but, Trumps’ influence is disruptive and will draw attention away from vital flaws found in the make-up of key party leaders pushing and shoving for a “poll-position”.

…I’ll not apologize for that pun.

one of the candidates adding fist shaking to the mob is Barack Obama. Trump has him squarely in his sites and is relentless in his hearty and ferocious efforts drawing unflattering attention to the incumbent. in fact, I’ll not be surprised if Trump throws his hat into the melee for a limited agenda that includes only foiling Obama’s desire for global demonization reelection. NOTE: he’ll use his own money to do it. and, this might end up making him a national hero that eclipses his ridiculous Apprentice. by the way, given Obama’s keen desire to be on late-night television (Leno), he may well be the first-ever president to appear on the Apprentice (a smackdown reunion, if you will).

Trump is not actually a threat to either party. in truth, the president’s aides probably hope to goad Trump into running, to the detriment of the Republican party. Trump’s antics cut off the air supply of GOP candidates who could be credible challengers. they make Obama look mature and reasonable.

…no, seriously. Obama could qualify as a pundit. look how passionate and firm in his convictions were over college hoops sweet sixteen.

but, Trump being involved in the elections can be useful. for example, we apparently now know (thanks to CNN?) that Barack Obama is a true citizen of the United States with a birth certificate found in the state of Hawaii ratifying the fact. personally, I’m delighted that he is a citizen (even though he did not actually live here until he arrived at for college). otherwise, someone might be embarrassed. and, Arnold Schwarzeneggar would be rightfully indignant. but, the fact that Obama has spent millions of tax payer dollars just to avoid holding it up to the press has Trump (and, well most of us) thumping our chests in outrage.

come on… Arnold would staple the document to his forehead on Saturday Night Live, and keep a straight face, I’ll wager.

I appreciate Obama making a stand on energy. that’s his thing, now, you know. but, that’s an easy one, mostly because no one expects him, or anyone to make a real difference, anyway. and healthcare is hard (Michelle is great on Disney Channel commercials. but Hilary Clinton had to travel). but, it makes for gallant sound bites. and Obama is very good at talking – except when it comes to making simple statements. mind you, it’s probably to Obama’s benefit to run against a grouchy, strangely coiffed tycoon with a taste for crackpot theories. if you were the president, would you rather spend the next eighteen months discussing your accountability around the dire facts about the budget and the economy – or, whether you were actually born in Kenya?

meanwhile, Trump is saying he refuses to reveal his tax returns, despite a mandate for all public office candidates, until Obama reveals his birth certificate.

that seems fair, to me.

and, all Obama has to do is shrug, set the drama aside, hop off of his high-horse and share a xerox copy of the certificate. end of story. pin in Trumps balloon. future president of the United Nations.

that would, in an odd way, demonstrate some otherwise lacking leadership.

look… to compete in an age group extreme race I still have to present a birth certificate. so, why would Barack Obama flinch in presenting his? we know he is a citizen, now (what we want is another matter). being stubborn (or, obstinate works) is not necessarily a trait you want to find in the leader of the free world. if this was a missile crisis, it would be one thing. but, smoking one hundred bills (tax dollrs) to create a smoke screen of self-indulgence is another. but, a clerical issue? come on Mr. President. we are laying-off school teachers while you are spending millions of dollars for your personal pride.

peace be to my Brothers and Sisters.

brian patrick cork

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