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Rowdy can Run


Rowdy, my world famous Rhodesian Ridgeback, is no longer, in official terms, anyway, a puppy.

Today, indeed, this very day, Rowdy is two years old. It’s hard to believe in consideration of this wildly popular photo.

The critical milestone that we can now face together is that Rowdy is eligible to run sustained distances (dogs should not run thusly before the age of two). This is one of the reasons I picked the Rhodesian Ridgeback breed. They are incredible athletes, and possessed of inspired stamina.

And, I need such a creature to keep up with me – and, inspire me.

Today, we’re off to Lake Lanier. But, Monday will likely find Rowdy and I on Brittle Road legging it out for what I hope will be one of many adventures together.

On a side note, before we’re off for the lake, it being Rowdy’s Birthday, Joanne is taking him to Petco to pick out a new toy. And, then it’s off to the dog park ( where his buddies will give him a good romp, he can chase deer, and Jo can compare notes with her own chums.

Peace be to my Brothers and Sisters.

Brian Patrick Cork

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levity, in a manner of speaking


There is something both absurd and delightful in advising a dog the size, and certainly the pedigree, of Rowdy, my eleven month old, 75 lbs Rhodesian Ridgeback, that it’s time for “din-dins”.

Especially when they are possessed of a 48″ vertical jump.

See also: Rowdy is Rowdy.

Peace be to my Brothers and sisters.

Brian Patrick Cork

rowdy is Rowdy


Rhodesian Ridgebacks are notorious “counter surfers”.

But, we were nonetheless, surprised (although, I’ll add delighted) when Rowdy made a 48″ vertical leap, at nine months, mind you, onto our kitchen island. This spot is always the center for entertainment, much of it raucous, to be certain.

In the picture to the left, he is evidently quite pleased with his prowess, and posed amicably enough, for the shot.

There was homemade soup and bread to be investigated, and he was not about to be excluded, not at all.

However, this Ridgeback gets no human food.

Peace be to my Brothers and sisters.

Brian Patrick Cork

coolest dog Ever


By ever popular demand, a quick update on Rowdy.

Rowdy is now six months old. He weighs-in at fifty-nine lbs. This probably makes him a bit light for his breed at this age. We think he might hit seventy five lbs. But, he is lean and strong. I should also add that he appears to be quite happy, content – and, certainly confident and self-absorbed (not sure where he gets the inspiration around that last trait).

Those that might qualify as authorities on such topics opine that Rowdy is going to make a very fine “Courser”. This, of course, requires unusual intelligence, speed and agility.

Rowdy is my buddy. He is pictured above riding shotgun in my (big black bad-ass) truck.

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brian’s new Buddy!

Peace be to my Brothers and Sisters.

Brian Patrick Cork


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