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take a Bow (but not too low) DOW


Not many are talking about the simple fact that the Dow Jones Industrial Average is steadily trending up. As I am preparing this post, and as the news would have it, the Dow stands at 9806, about 500 off it’s highest point /1.

Why isn’t the media picking up on this? Are you asking that question readers?

Allow me to wade in. Try and stop me if you might. Just try it!

My guess is we are back to the insiders game. A valid, warm and comfortable position, to be sure. In many ways this is good for the country because we value ourselves relative to the Dow. If the Dow is up, much else that matters will follow.

It will be interesting to learn, providing we ever do, which of your neighbors were buying stocks only three months ago, when this trend actually began. It’s very likely, the analysts and media will pick this up at roughly 10,000. Then you will see some slight correcting for natural adjustments (or more likely ill-conceived reactions by those vapid day-traders), and then a prolonged push upward – once, mind you, the insiders have established themselves.

I know some of those analysts are thinking: “dammit Cork, quit tipping the scales”.

However, that’s me. It’s what a Prudent Gentleman does.

Why would anyone join the Navy when they can be a pirate?

Peace be to my Brothers and Sisters.

Brian Patrick Cork


1/ According to The Privateer, the all time high on the Dow Jones Industrial Average (DJIA) as of April 7th, 2008 was 14,164 on October 9, 2007. However, this is incorrect. if you look at the high for October 11th, 2007 you will see a market high of 14198.10. Our information is just better.


World War III – The War Against Financial Chaos


“WASHINGTON (AP) – Financial officials from the world’s wealthiest industrial countries are pledging decisive action to deal with the biggest upheavals to hit the global financial system since the Great Depression.”     – Martin Crutsinger, an AP Economics Writer /1

In an effort to expand the firepower the United States is bringing to the problem, Treasury Secretary Henry Paulson announced Friday that it had decided to go forward with a plan to buy a part ownership in a broad array of American banks.  NOTE:  It would be the first time the U.S. government has employed such a program since the 1930s. /2

I am advised that President Bush invited Paulson and Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke and their counterparts from the other G-7 countries to come to the White House Saturday morning for a meeting that the administration hoped would demonstrate global resolve in attacking (action word) the current crisis.

The G-7 officials wrapped up three hours of closed-door talks Friday with one of the shortest joint communiques in the history of the group.  It was also the most direct in its promise to take “all necessary steps to unfreeze credit and money markets” to end a severe credit crisis that began in the U.S. a year ago but since has spread worldwide and has grown in furiosity.

Who would have dreamed that World War II would be a unified fight against global financial chaos?

A big question currently being bandied about on Capital Hill, Wall Street and of course posed by the bozos on MSNBC) is: 

Whether the standing one-page action plan will be enough to stop the bleeding as investors watch trillions of dollars of wealth melt away?

One simple answer is: 

Certainly not.

My question today is why didn’t the Fed suspend short-selling to protect American savings accounts (like they did with Fannie Mae six weeks ago)?

By the way… The DJIA finished at 8456 Friday. On Wednesday the 8th I predicted 8400.

Brian Cork Was Spot On

Brian Cork Was Spot On

This coming week will likely be better.

This is because its likely part of “the plan”.

On the other hand, most market insiders will tell you that support for the bottom of the market is actually at 7200. /3

Peace be to my Brothers and Sisters.


Brian Patrick Cork


1/  Also known as a “Rag” writer and/ or rumor monger.

2/ So… A partial solution to shoring up a Democratic-inspired capitalistic marketplace is socialism?

3/ This is just an FYI.


DJIA going to 8400


I have been hinting in prior Blog posts that the DJIA is heading for 8400. /1

This is about where it was seven years ago before a great bull run. 

So, maybe this means we have an opportunity before us. 

Here is what I am thinking…

Oddly, oil is dropping – which means the US dollar gets stronger.  Ironically, this means foreign currencies get depressed – which in turn make it difficult for us to borrow from world banks to float the “Rescue Plan (aka Bailout)”.  NOTE:  It looks to me like the Fed, through Fannie Mae) wants to buy bad debt from the banks (with other people’s money), and then let Fannie Mae start with a clean sheet. So, when property values go up, Fannie Mae (the government benefits.  

Ha!  How contrived.  But, also rather slick.

But, our foreign allies don’t care for the notion of us borrowing from them to float bad paper (the nerve).

Never mind.

Meanwhile, both McCain and Obama seem to like the idea of reinitializing (my word for the process) mortgages.  They both brought it up during their “Apple Chunks”.


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