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Joe Biden is a BAD BOY


VP Biden: Dignity trumps ring-kissing etiquette –

“NEW YORK (AP) – Joe Biden doesn’t kiss up to anyone – whether a queen or a pope. The vice president told a gathering of Irish-Americans in New York City on Thursday that as a young U.S. senator he was to meet the queen of…”

Brian Patrick Cork:

this fascinates me.

“Biden says his mother told him that no one is “better” than him. And while Biden should treat everyone with respect, his mother said her son should also “demand respect.'”

the Queen of England? The Pope? whom else might have earned a hell of a lot more respect than a boorish Vice President of the United States? the Queen inherited her title. but, those two people have to earn their titles every day. Biden was a runner-up.

my own parents, and their parents, as it turns-out, often reminded me that its better to earn respect, not “demand” it.

this, unfortunately, speaks to the whole entitlement issue represented by the Obama administration, and everyone associated with it.

I suppose Biden is a successful politician, for what that’s worth. but, he is just not likable. and, how much do we respect him now that he has basically told the world, and let’s not even get started over our staunchest ally, in Great Britain it can, collectively kiss his ass, because his Mommy said so.

Joe Biden is a BAD BOY.

it’s likely that Pope Francis has washed and kissed poor people’s feet. in fact, that thought may have crossed his mind when Biden failed to respect the Papal influence. Pope Francis’s entire platform is based on humility.

this is about Joe Biden being for himself. not we the people.

"Oh look... There goes Biden's dignity and credibility".

“Oh look… There goes Biden’s dignity and credibility”.

Biden and Obama always come across like the bad guys. smarminess smacks of evil. although Israel did give Obama the Obama awarded Israel’s Presidential Medal of Distinction recently. I wonder if he will wear it while he plays golf with the philandering re-surging Tiger Woods? I wonder what he might say to his daughters if they ask him why they like Tiger? all of that’s a head-scratcher. however, it probably also involves some shadowy dealings that were deemed necessary.

from Obama’s award speech:

“All things are possible, even those things that, in a moment of darkness and doubt, may seem elusive,” Obama said.

that evidently includes sincerity.

…as opposed to simply respecting meaningful traditions that bind society around great deeds.

how did the United States Diplomacy Corps liaison help Biden drop the ball on this one? an entire globe now sees’s the abject ignorance of an arrogant and insecure American blue-blood.

AMENDMENT TO POST (as discussed on Linkedin):

Read the entire message, Ken.

Ali, Churchill, Lombardi et al collectively earned our respect. Ali may have been more brash than the others. But, they all inspired us.

I have yet to see such a quality in Mr. Biden.

– Cork

“Ken Willis wrote: What??????? Demanding/commanding respect is an entitlement??? Guess Mohammed Ali, Churchill, Lombardi, MJordan (and my football coach) were wrong. What am I missing?? – Ken Willis

ORIGIN: Joe Biden is a BAD BOY EXCERPT: the Queen of England? The Pope? whom else might have earned a hell of a lot more respect than a boorish Vice President of the United States? the Queen inherited her title. but, those two people have to earn their titles every day. Biden was a runner-up.

peace be to my Brothers and Sisters.

brian patrick cork






losers pay


We’ve certainly taken things from the British. This obviously includes a lot of real estate.

However, a process we need to take as an example from our English brothers is their collective approach to the process of litigation within the court system. In Great Britain, if a person or organization sues another and loses they are responsible for paying all related fees and expenses. Obviously this makes the aggressor think twice before they take action. Following this example would help simplify our own court system by reducing the number of frivolous cases that currently make the judicial system a blunt-edged weapon. Who knows, fairness and reason might even prevail minus avarice and greed – driven by temptation.

A good example for the need to evaluate such a change is the story of the woman (I can’t bring myself to write “lady) in Sacramento, California, that is apparently suing Mcdonalds because her kids make her take them there for kids meals – because of the toys. She wants McDonalds to stop including toys in the kids meals. And, she expects McDonalds to pay her a lot of money because:

a. She is an idiot.

b. She is a moron.

c. She is greedy.

d. She is unemployed.

e. Probably over weight and generally undisciplined.

f. Thinks Boston Market is upscale dining.

g. All of the above and soooo many more things the reflect what is completely stupid in this country.

Whether this might be an Urban Myth or not, is immaterial. Other examples exist. In any event, this does not have to make sense. It can’t. The defiance of logic (and, for nuance, the absence of reason) is only matched by the clear drive of greed and lack of class.

It’s bad enough she is a moron and abuses the judicial process. But, she’s aided and abetted in doing so by a lawyer.

Other topics I’ll touch on might include: the flat tax, consumption tax, and my emerging theories around college scholarships based on a play-off system.

My thinking is simply along the lines of fairness and equity. So, feel free to try and debate me. Do it!

Peace be to my Brothers and Sisters.

Brian Patrick Cork


Debate me, I dare you: Apple vs. Adobe


All of the current passive aggressive behavior between Apple and Adobe is, in reality, good for technology and you.

Steve Jobs is forcing the technology world (and, it’s users) to bend to his will and create a different solution. Rather like man-kinds waging war and evolving medical practices.

The struggle between Apple and Adobe can be likened to a divorce. The companies were once great allies (Jobs was an early investor in Adobe). But, in a sense, Adobe cheated on Apple when they refused to evolve and stay current with Mac OSX (the current Operating System). So, Apple thinks it needs to force Adobe to grow and change, or get left behind.

Jobs is arrogant. But, he’s earned it. And, you should be glad for it. Because he is probably right. He’s a visionary with few stories to match. And, he wants to make things better, and lives for those epiphanic moments.

Debate me, I dare you. You’ll stand no chance against my own indomitable will and sense of perspective. So, don’t fight the course of change that Jobs will foist on you nonetheless. No good would be accomplished.  No justice would be done, otherwise.

I’m going on about this because I find myself amused at the vexation realized by people that can’t let go of FLASH and related applications. The odd thing, to me anyway, is it’s mostly people younger than me that are the most resentful. I have a friend, and he really is important to me in the best sense of that sort of thing, that rails against the machine, if you will. As interesting as this is to me; and, as important as it is to him, the only real response I could offer is simple gainsaying.  Job is telling the truth; he’s had the vivid dreams most can’t imagine. We shouldn’t dispute that for a second.  All I could feasibly say (at the moment) would run along the lines of: “So what? You didn’t. Thrive in a world created by someone greater, in that sense – and, possessed of a great example of discernment”.

God gave us all discernment. Don’t lose sight of the simple fact that He also gave us Jobs (I could play-off that one for days) – and, thusly Apple’s best-of-class technology. And, Jobs is going to Finish Well, and, in the end, make fellows like Bill Gates (often compared to a devil of sorts) pale in despicable comparison.

Like in many divorces, the kids (us) are going to get something akin to a new bike.

Peace be to my Brothers and Sisters.

Brian Patrick Cork


pieces of the nobel prize puzzle


I’ve found myself in a bruehah (always happy to oblige) over my recent post regarding Barack Obama and his Nobel Prize. You can refer to that here: let’s compromise on the nobel peace Prize.

Far from from here, and engaged in a titanic struggle through the comments section of another blog, there arose a comparison of Obama to Henry Kissinger, Yasser Arafat, Le Duc Tho and the Dali Lama.

For me, Henry Kissinger was a no brainer. The terms “sheer genius” and “inspiring” would never due him enough credit. His complex thinking and ability to understand all sides of both an argument and solution enabled him to serve both a number of U.S. Presidents, and numerous foreign leaders (many of whom sent their own children to learn from him at Georgetown University – so, there’s an interesting perspective). His views and efforts around Diplomacy were harsh, but effective. If respect from one’s global peers is a gauge for the Nobel Prize, then it’s possible Kissinger established the bar.

Yasser Arafat gives me pause. I’ve researched this a bit. The best I can come up with is he was indirectly rewarded for not being an asshole as much as he could have been.


In a way, this might put him in the same category as Obama… This notion of being rewarded for not being George Bush has merit if you squint your eyes and stand on one foot. Those silly little men under big hats in Oslo are sending a message that they are relieved Obama is simply taking the U.S. in another direction. Our country is (I know this is obvious) such a world driver, that such an effort needs to be acknowledged.

So… Having just written this, it makes me feel no better, but, I can almost grasp the odd thinking behind Obama’s award – but, only if my theories around Arafat are correct, and his award, then, represents a kind of awkward precedent.

Israeli raiders during the Battle of KaramaOn another hand, I might try to argue later (after more investigation) that Arafat set the stage for his prize during the Battle of Karameh where he generated international pattention by standing up to Israel in a very bloody twenty four hour battle fought for what appears to have been more for pride, and less so prejudice. Thirty years later he found himself at the Oslo Accords hosted by then U.S. President Bill Clinton (so… this raises a question around why didn’t Clinton get a Nobel Prize?).

Le Duc Tho still has me scratching my head. I know he was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize jointly with Kissinger over the Paris Peace Accords. I’m told he declined the Prize because his country was still divided at the time – and, the fighting was bitter and ugly by any historical standard. This has me thinking he probably earned a prize more for taking this position, and not being a hypocrite, than any work leading up to the Accords. So… This actually puts a LOT of pressure on Obama, because his name and hypocrisy could well become synonymous. Could those fellows in Oslo be that smart?

Please feel free to wade in.

The Dali Lama? He stood up to the Chinese as a symbol of strength, courage and change. He’s inspired billions of people to stand against anarchy and communism. He confounds evil.

The irony there is that Obama is the first President in decades not to invite the Dali Lama to the White House. And, unfortunately, that raises the ugly specter of some underlying political game being attached to Obama’s prize.

“Tainted” is a word that keeps popping into my head.

Peace be to my Brothers and Sisters.

Brian Patrick Cork

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