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Haley Anne Update


I’m not particularly my verbose self tonight.

just home from the hospital. Emma Jo needed some home time.

lots of tests and the unnerving words: “we’re just not certain”, from doctors.

but, we’ll likely be draining the blood from Haley Anne’s tummy tomorrow morning as they attempt to sort out what’s causing the internal bleeding.

this is a picture of little Emma Jo comforting Haley Anne.

Emma Jo does not want to bother with school tomorrow. she is petitioning to be with “sissy” because she needs her. I’m not sure, yet, how she means that in terms of whom needs who. however, we’ll likely discuss it later this evening after I read to her. we’re in the midst of exploring Harry Potter (sorry Northpoint), together.


with all my super powers, why can’t they include the ability to take my daughters pain as my own?

peace be to my Brothers and Sisters.

for the record, I have none this night.

brian patrick cork




I’ll leave you with one last prayer request…



we were awoke around one am today realizing a parents worst nightmare (okay… in fairness any one of an awfully long list). our fourteen year old daughter Haley Anne had come crashing into the bedroom howling and bent double in agony, tears streaming down her tortured face.

Haley anne is still at Children’s Hospital with her Mom undergoing a mounting number of tests, and on a morphine drip. it was left to me to get Emma Jo off to school and explain why Mommy and Sissy were not about for the routine.

why is it God makes men like myself so strong physically, but so weak emotionally when it comes to my daughters?

following was part of an email I received (along with a lot of other people), yesterday, that, although generally unrelated to the current plight of my own family, offers terrific perspective.

…this is all I can muster, today.

“I’ll leave you with one last prayer request…

it expresses things in such an elegant manner that given my own anxiety I’ll just surrender my will and efforts to God and the gifted author of these words:

When you dodge a bullet like this, it’s incredibly easy for its ripple to fade quickly. There are mountains of mundane, everyday novelties and necessities just waiting to gobble up all of that fresh perspective you had when danger was so near. That quickening sense of what’s truly important is already starting to fade. I would really love to be able to keep first things first without an immanent threat closing in on me. Wisdom usually doesn’t come easily or without some expense. I’d ask for us – and for you – that God would remind us each how to live well and love well, even more so because we’ve been given the grace of a good report.

If you live in a house and have clothes and aren’t wondering where you’re next meal is coming from, you’re incredibly blessed. If you have any friends or family, BONUS! It’s so easy to get caught up focusing on how to pay for the house, whether the clothes are fashionable and the food fattening. Don’t waste your energy on worry. Just take a minute to say, “Wow. I get to spend another day with people I love. Thanks, God.”

Yes, there are bills to pay, rooms to clean, cars to fix, trash to take out, messes to clean up and hard conversations to have. But underneath all the stuff we catch ourselves complaining about is something we would be destitute without: life. Whatever your biggest problem is today, there are at least a million people on the planet who would give their right arm to be you. Be bold, be grateful, be honest, be humble. Be yourself and enjoy it.”

peace be to my Brothers and Sisters.

brian patrick cork

It’s time for a Princess to Dance!


“Gentlemen, when the clock strikes seven o’clock on Saturday, January 29th the land of Princess-Ville awakens and the celebration begins. This night will be like no other as the great protectors called “knights in shining armour” whisk their Princess into a night of wonderment. This evening will be for you and your special Princess – your daughter, granddaughter, niece or the little girl who just makes your heart melt.”


Register, here: Do it!

emma jo cork is a princessIf you ask me, and many of you will, I’ll tell you to bring your date to a night filled with fun and all things “Princess”. To be sure, more details will follow after completing your online reservation.  Woody and company will  look forward to creating a special evening just for you.

My Emma Jo and I make this for an annual event. And, few other things generate as much excitement with her. This past Saturday we found ourselves at Macy’s picking out the “pretty dress”.

Peace be to my Brothers and Sisters.

Brian Patrick Cork

ultimately age will come before beauty


Today I’ll give you a break from my opinions political and economic, and just allow you some insight into where my head is from a personal and fitness level.

(proper) Futbol is done for the Fall season ( And, as I navigate a recent betrayal from an erstwhile friend (who was an important part of all that) and reorganize my thinking around my passion for “the beautiful game”, I’ll have some fun writing, the holidays, and focusing on my youngest daughter with some road trips (pretty dresses, carriages, Broadway and FAO Schwartz, here we come!).

Meanwhile, at the tender age of fifty (just stop, if only for a moment, and ponder that entendre), I like it when people tell me I look great, and ask how I stay so fit.

I still have my “wheels”, I can do more push ups and pull ups than most human beings, and I manage quite well on an unusually low number of sleep hours.

There was quite a media furor when the news got out that I had issues with my achilles tendons. But, that’s passed and I’m feeling more like myself, now.

Lacrosse beckons – and, with it a keen desire to get out there and put some recent college graduates and defenders on their collective backsides.

What you don’t know is that I am too old for a sports injury to be a status symbol or anything other than a dent in the armor that is failing. But, the key to my long-term fitness strategy is to maintain a rigorous, albeit smart fitness routine with a balanced nutritional plan. I’ve recently stopped thinking about trying out for the Falcons as a walk-on Quarterback (and, I’ll not likely pursue medical school with an eye towards being a surgeon). But, I will follow through with ending up at a university teaching future entrepreneurs, compete again in a Ironman Triathlon, and look to scale a few hazardous mountain peaks.

It’s my life. And, I’ll live it.

Peace be to my Brothers and Sisters.

Brian Patrick Cork

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