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emma jo bakes a Cake


emma jo's cakemy eleven year old Emma Jo baked this (VERY) one-of-a-kind chocolate cake with her Mom today.

she is not only brilliant and beautiful, she talented and creative.

I love being a Dad.

peace be to my Brothers and Sisters.

brian patrick cork


the 2012 My Princess Dance


time certainly does fly, but all the more so when every Daddy grimly observes the ticking clock against the dreaded time his “little girl” lets go of his protective hand.

however, those fears can be reasonably set aside for the moment, because its that magical time of year, again. and, the 7th Annual – My Princess Dance is upon us! it is! so, mark your calendars! guard the date, and fiercely so! Saturday, February 18th at 630pm to 9pm at The Foundry at Puritan Hill. stand firm, goodly men, and register, here.

to be sure, you’ve read earlier stories on this Blog from last year, God gave me daughters. What did He give you?, Its time for a Princess to Dance!, the Princess and the me, and, investing in my daughters.

consider forging a few stories of your own.

I have three Princesses in my immediate family with the girl of my dreams at my side, and two daughters that I’m determined will realize their own.

I coach a good number of princesses in soccer. but, that is different. and, the stuff of other stories. you can always read about those adventures, here. now, I’m also coaching young lads in Lacrosse with the best hopes of influencing them to be gallant around any right Princess. more on all that, to be certain.

Haley Anne and I went to the first “Daddy/ Daughter Dance” six short years ago after a heads-up from Woody Faulk (a father of four girls of his own) let me know he would be hosting this inspiring event. it has quickly became an Atlanta-area tradition. Last year the event was renamed, and aptly so, “My Princess Dance,” and held at the InterContinental Hotel in Buckhead. More than five hundred fathers and daughters came to that My Princess Dance, and they are, and all of them, forever changed. complete with princesses, carriages, chocolate fountains, and a knighting ceremony, the evening was spectacular.

Haley Anne kicked me to the curb after seventh grade and I started taking Emma Jo to the dance. the experience has been brilliant for us all, and I’m keen to share it with any man that understands how important he is in the life of his daughter. I’m convinced this is a vital bond where God really trusts some of us with daughters. the anticipation builds with talks about pretty dresses and an afternoon getting hair and nails done (or, Mommy can certainly do that!). it’s dancing practice and perhaps a special dinner. then come the shared secrets and the memories that enchant a life-time realized in only the span of a few hours that leave us all the more excited about the next year.

the My Princess Dance is all about the importance of family by stopping the busy-ness of life, and spending time with those we love, and cherish, the most.

read more about My Princess Dance in this story, printed by the Atlanta-Journal Constitution: do it!

and, then watch the video below for a sense of what is yet to come (sorry if it’s bleeding over on this blog page. it’s videos fault, and not mine own – yet, I’ll forgive almost anything that helps me share this wondrous event with you all.

peace be to my Brothers and Sisters.

brian patrick cork


should a wise man shed his weakness?


I’ve deliberately (I had initially used the word: “purposefully”, but after debated consideration, made the careful change) torn the final page from Louis L’Amour‘s memoir, Education of a Wandering Man, which contains an excerpt from a Robinson Jeffers poem titled “Wise Men in Their Bad Hours”:

Death’s a fierce meadowlark: but to die having made

Something more equal to centuries

Than muscle and bone, is mostly to shed weakness.

The mountains are dead stone, the people

Admire or hate their stature, their insolent quietness,

The mountains are not softened or troubled

And a few dead men’s thoughts have the same temper.

why I might do such a thing is a worthy and valid question, certainly.

it might have something to do with being a Dad. having a teenaged daughter keeps me on my toes. my judgment, sensibilities, fashion-sense, and coolness factor come into question constantly, and at the most (chinese) interesting junctures in time, at the hands (and, temperament of Haley Anne). but, I’d not trade a moment of it, for anything.

the question at hand, and it’s ponderousness (is that thinking?) might also find it’s genesis in my on-going experience with CEO’s, and being a kind of CEO, myself. for perspective, see my recent business “blogsite” post: CEO’s and ego’s – a cautionary tale.

…oh… my point?

it may well be legacy.

I’ve found that if I set aside my temper, ego, image, and other self-centered perspective, and try to see it from Haley Anne’s vantage point (also asking her the inductive why as often as possible) I can find, at least, the middle ground, and we both win, and I get more hugs. and, she has a better chance of evolving into a vital contributor to our society.

I’ve grown confident that most Fathers (of the earthly variety, anyway) and CEO’s are the weakest link of any organization. but, if you plan for the group under your care properly it means selflessly making them all stronger and better than yourself.

I may be a miserable creature (I can neither carry a tune, or dance a reasonable jig). but, I can pour myself into those around me, and make us all the better.

peace be to my Brothers and Sisters.

brian patrick cork



daughters rule


Haley Anne is home now. She is tough, but it’s really been a rough two weeks (although it feels like an eternity – especially for Joanne whom took the brunt on the parenting side). The test results came back in our collective favor. So, now the focus is getting back on her feet.

My best contribution was the attempt at keeping Emma Jo on pace.

In my prior post I had mentioned that Emma Jo wanted to skip school to be with “sissy” at the hospital. My dear friend Chip Brackley had asked a question as to how that played-out (his own family is currently expecting daughter number three – that lucky basterd).

Daddy and Emma Jo had a long talk (for an eight year old anyway) about how important it is to stay focused on school work so Mommy would not worry (and, of course being responsible, as well).

I don’t think she was impressed.

Then, of course, it was revealed that the underlying agenda was the hospital gift shop and it’s wide assortment of stuffed animals. This then led to bargaining that resulted in leveraging a good grade in social studies for a stuffed giraffe. Being the genius Emma Jo is she pulled-off a hat-trick (in Daddy’s eyes) with a solid grade, a visit to see sissy, and a trip to the gift shop (but, it was a large stuffed yellow lab to match her black at home).

I am, clearly, so much better at guiding world leaders how to run their business than I am at holding my beautiful daughters to the rule.

This might not make a lot of sense, at the moment, but I’m thinking about my Dad and how he would have both valued and treated his Grandaughters. They would not have been spoiled so much as simply and thoroughly relished. Dad would have slept at Haley Anne’s feet at the hospital. I wish everyone could have known that fellow. Anyone that did was always the better man for it. That said, Dad’s legacy has me, always, more than willing to drop a rule in favor of a happy smile.

Peace be to my Brothers and Sisters.

Brian Patrick Cork

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