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investing in my daughters


Saturday night realized the 6th annual Daddy Daughter “My Princess” dance.

I’m chuckling as I tap this post into your collective lives because after all the work Emma Jo and I did practicing “swing” dancing, and a Waltz, she still had more fun standing on my feet and looking up at me with those beautiful blue eyes lit up like gemstones (and, her Princess ring from the event). she’s my little monkey, that one.

this years was the best yet. and, I’m deeply grateful to Woody Faulk and his team, and that includes Shari Wassell, who likely fielded over one thousand questions, for pulling the event off with such panache.

I feel that way for many reasons. but, one that stands-out was the opportunity to define “panache” to my Emma Jo.

she listens to me. and, carefully.

oddly, though, while we were dancing through the evening I found myself thinking about her future. college. that sort of thing. and, Apple, where most of her college (and wedding) money is growing.


I don’t hink Emma Jo’s hand left my own. not once. and, we talked non-stop the entire evening. the words just seemed to flow one into the other with no real plan. it was just easy banter. however, it’s times like these that I share stories about my own childhood for examples. and, she is also particularly fond of stories about her “Nana” (my own Mother) as relayed to me by Mom and my own Nana.

we took only one quick snack break. but, even the beautiful and towering chocolate fountain possessed a prayer of hope in competing with myself that evening. Emma Jo was much too eager to remain on the dance floor and kick up her heels. I don’t think she stopped smiling, not once. except when she was observing. she is good about doing that. and, of course, that leads to endless questions. so, more on that later.

we got home in good form. it was late for Emma Jo. she was utterly exhausted. and, her feet were sore. but, I did get a sleepy “giggly-giggly” in response to my “home again home again” (that won’t last much longer, will it) she had her warm milk and I got an extra long hug and a squeeze.

later, I was pulled from my own deep slumber when I heard her calling for me around 0530 hours Sunday morning, and that resulted in my crawling into bed with her and smiling into the dark as her little arms relaxed and twitched around my neck and she slipped back to sleep. she snores, just a little bit. but, I’ll not, ever, tease her about that.

Joanne is still sick. more on that later, as well. so, with Haley Anne still at her sleep over, it was Emma Jo and me left to fend for ourselves. we pulled Anastasia off Netflix as we remained in the Princess zone. and, other than me out for a run in the afternoon, the day belonged to just the two of us.

NOTE: Haley Anne was busy being fourteen in-and-through her eighth grade dance. I asked her how that went Sunday late morning. all I got, at first was: “fine”. but, details continue to realize themselves slowly. and, I am very patient. in fact, she just before her own bed time Sunday night she crawled onto the sofa with me. I knew it was meant to be quiet time. she just wanted to be around me. she asked me a question about Mormons. I gave her some of my thinking. but, I know she was more interested in listening to my voice, as opposed to words. and, that was enough to make her sleepy.

mission accomplished.

peace be to my Brothers and Sisters.

brian patrick cork


the Princesses and the me


I have three Princesses in my immediate family with the girl of my dreams at my side, and two daughters that I’m determined will realize their own.

I coach a good number of princesses in soccer. But, that is different. And, the stuff of other stories. You can always read about those adventures, here.

Haley Anne is preparing for her first big eighth grade dance tomorrow night. This one is clearly different from other less considered events. She has an indoor soccer match that morning with a team that will likely vie for the state championship in the Spring. After the match she has to rush home (and, we’ll be pressed for time) so she can shower and then spend ninety minutes being surrounded by a hand-picked team, alongside her BFF’s (I know they don’t say that any longer) being pampered with the application of makeup, getting their hair coifed (seriously), and having their collective nails manicured.

There are moments when I think that attention to detail might be over the top. You might use the term: “spoiled”. But, it’s also something I can do that allows her to get really excited about things that are actually harmless, but really fun. I understand the planning is half the joy. And, just being thrilled by something is very important in life. My own Mom was a debutante out of old Sacramento. She would have absolutely understood the tradition of the preparation. The prospect of getting roughed-up that morning in a soccer match before the preparations begins has Haley Anne turning her nose up at me. But, she’ll pull it all together. And, I know she’s doing that for me.

It wasn’t so long ago that I was blogging about taking Haley Anne out to buy a pretty dress so we could go to a Father Daughter dance. Or, maybe just have a special evening where I tried to make things magical under simple circumstances like a dinner at a posh restaurant where she could experience what being treated like a lady means.

She’s growing up. And, we both need to be ready. She’ll be leaving me behind all to soon. So, maybe me allowing her to get gussied-up is just a way for me to stay involved.

And, as you know Emma Jo and I have the My Princess Daddy and Daughter Dance that evening as well.

Wednesday night she was playing music on her Mom’s Macbook. I asked her to dance. But, instead she grabbed a soccer ball and insisted on practicing her stops and kicks. She was blissfully unaware that I was holding back some tears and remembering her big sissy was about the same age when she started being a Shocker and thought it was fine when I sang along to the radio while we were in the car.

So, come Saturday night I’ll find myself in two worlds. One foot pivoting my Emma Jo through a Waltz at the Buckhead Intercontinental making damn sure she feels like the very center of the universe. She has a lovely white and black ensemble ready to go. Her silver tipped shoes will match a specially picked handercheif that will be stuffed gallantly in the breast pocket of my coat. The other foot will be tapping to the beat of my heart as Haley Anne, my “formidable defender” takes her own first steps towards a coming of age, but just outside of my protective reach.

I look at them, and I can’t believe what absolutely wonderous creatures Haley Anne and Emma Jo are (and, their own Mother, Joanne). They are so pretty. And, smart. And, perfect. And, silly. And, always four years old in my eyes, stomping in water puddles.

So… Saturday is going to be all about being a Princess at the Cork household.

Peace be to my Brothers and Sisters.

Brian Patrick Cork


showing Up


I’ve discussed this in, possibly, more detail with an earlier post: being pleased or being satisfied.

However, along a different track (but in so many ways the same), Friday night Emma Jo and I were at the annual Daddy’s and Daughters Dance at the Intercontinental. Woody Faulk, a Chick-fil-A stalwart, has helped sponsor the event for going on six years now.

We had a terrific time, although I’ll submit that much of the excitement is focused on the weeks leading up to the big event (that dress, and the right shoes, are a really big deal), and the sore feet to prove it. Although Emma Jo was quick to point out that they failed to play any Selena Gomez songs (or, John Mayer, and Daddy sings those tunes really well).

I had the opportunity to lift my head up and observe many of the fathers with their daughters. And, I was struck by many, and many more variable images.

And, this thought:

You can spend your time, waste your time, or invest your time. It’s your choice.

I feel great about mine. Especially how I relate to my girls.

We can’t just show up. This was greatly evident to me as Emma Jo clung happily to me, whirling slowly to the sound of a song that she could care less about.

This morning I’m listening to Fly to Your Heart by Selena Gomez (with Emma Jo working on a project nearby). It happens to be associated with Tinker Bell. And, Heartbreak Warfare by John Mayer.

Peace be to my Brothers and Sisters.

Brian Patrick Cork


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