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how does God pull us to Him?

more-and-more I blog less-and-less, but allow my inspiration to surprise me.

thusly, today, I found myself reading a comment from a friend regarding a prior post, does God have a fake ID? read it if you must; both the post and the comments. do it!

either way, I’ll simply share my response thinking it might make for it’s own goodly addition to my posterical (if that’s not a real word, it soon will be) thinking.

to wit…

“Thank you, Barbara. I found myself reminiscing about little Talia only last week. I’ll trust you to give Adam and the girls, collectively, a big hug for me.

Meanwhile, I’ve always had faith in myself and God. I was, from time-to-time, uncertain about specific events like the resurrection.

But, I’ve come to worry about the details less, and the objectives and God’s influence through them more.

I’ll reinvestigate Wagner to refresh myself on the controversial perspective. But, your words remind me that I’m reasonably certain that the roots of faith realized themselves with primordial man’s fear of nature and natural events such as lightning and death.

How many of us, despite our link along evolution, can’t fathom fading to black followed by absolute nothingness? Right there, our minds create a solution that is first founded in hope and then given life through discernment, form, and practice.

God gave us life, he rewards all of our efforts with death, but we hope the next step is another life.

That said, I still want a life well-lived for myself and others. And, any doubts I have mean I’m no hypocrite because my efforts could very well go unrewarded other than in the localized results. Is that the ultimate “testament” of moral courage – perhaps transactional transparency?

I can, at best, hope, I’ll find out. I am genuinely curious. Curiosity is also another hierarchal gift from God and his evolutionary process. That leads us to questions. And, ultimately all questions lead to one form of faith or another.”


peace be to my Brothers and Sisters.

brian patrick cork

reflection? realization?


I love New Years Month, and the turn of the new year, largely because it’s a time where we all (or some /1) take the opportunity to reevaluate our lives, assess where we’ve been, and plan where we’re going. 

It’s a phenomenal event, pivotal, and magnificent. 

I hope you all take the time to do it.

As for my assessing 2008, I found that I’d been so greatly blessed.  I had a splendid year; nearly incomparable in fact.  Even in spite of such tough times (global – if not epic in it’s very proportions). 

The brief time (so far) I’ve taken to reflect has surely manifested Gods hand in my life.  I do feel unworthy – and, certainly incapable of creating such a great year autonomously.

But, then, the business man in me forces me to oft revisit the notion that God has a plan for us; And, we are in-charge of the milestones.

The realization of that reflection caused me to rededicate my life in many respects. Just to be clear, I reboot this, and myself continuously. My Mom taught me to question every thing, and accept nothing.

Cork Interlude: By the way…  I have no idea where this Blog entry is going.

It will sort itself out.

And, that is one of the points I MIGHT be trying to make here.

One of those areas of rededication is with my Blog.  I feel strongly that this is an endeavor the people want me to undertake. God and my friends have blessed me with the talents to do only a few things well.  And, so perhaps it’s my duty to use those talents appropriately – leaving room for the Spirit, or the meaning behind the Spirit to magnify my efforts so that they’ll be of enduring value.

Wow… I certainly have a high opinion of myself.

But, if I am wrong, why am I then so fortunate?

In any event, the whole process of reflection upon the past with the perspective of today tends to call out the starkest instances of entropy /2 experienced in our lives.  Those areas where we’ve let slip the most.  Those are the areas we need to proactively rededicate ourselves to. 

And, I never rest (just ask anybody at all close to me). I am concerned (and curious [and questioning]) about EVERYTHING.

Or, am I simply restless?

Life is not casual.  Life is engaging, and requires us to be engaged with it.  Spend too much time as a bystander, and you find your life is filled with more regret, than accomplishment and opportunity.

“Verily I say, men should be anxiously engaged in a good cause, and do many things of their own free will, and bring to pass much righteousness”. 

Doctrine and Covenants 58:27 (I believe this is from the Book of Mormon). /3

Peace be to my Brothers and Sisters.

Brian Patrick Cork


1/ Let’s be ever mindful of the reality that ten percent of us have ninety percent of what everyone else wants.

2/ Entropy.  It’s a concept that describes the natural deterioration of order.  It’s a process of degeneration that begins almost instantly, in almost everything.

3/ Don’t panic (I’m not).  I am not Mormon; nor considering the faith – other than using (leveraging? /4) scripture to TRY and make a point. I was asked recently if I were Jewish. I took that as a compliment.  So, before this ignites a firestorm in my community – go and read my entire Blog history. Or, call me.  But, you might have to buy me a beer (or, many). Modelo Especial, please (right babe?). But, just to be clear, I remain a Heterodox.

4/ Are we ALLOWED to use a footnote within footnotes?

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