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consider Everything Is Debatable


in this case, LITERALLY, if not vocally.

consider Everything Is Debatable.

it’s an album generated by none other than Hellogoodbye.

Hellogoodbye-hellogoodbye-714517_1024_768I, for one, fell for this group while they were still pumping out ultra-catchy electro-smacked pop for a punk label, of all things, roughly a decade ago. Emma Jo was a new born, and Haley Anne would listen to almost anything I said, sang, or introduced to her, and with rapt fascination.

I fell harder yet when they managed to turn-down the beats and focused on more introspective acoustic-tinged tracks that remind me still of PlayRadioPlay!The Secret Handshake, and even Cute Is What We Aim For.

their latest effort is Everything Is Debatable that manages to refine their sound quite a bit with a baring-point middle ground between their collective past approaches. that said, the lyrical depth is rather a bit lessened. however, these songs will grab you hard after a few turns.

by way of example, test yourself with the following Youtube effort around, the tune Here (In Your Arms) from their not so aptly named album, Zombies! Aliens! Vampires! Dinosaurs! and More! from 2006.

peace be to my Brothers and Sisters.

brian patrick cork


MAYBE Google is a Chinese two hump camel


there are some cultures where a two-hump camel is valued higher than a wife. even a model that can cook and carry water.


so… let’s see if that incites enough ire to get this post viral?

it fascinates me how interested Russians and Chinese are in Google. but, with that view comes research and an understanding of how Google can and probably level many a playing-field in terms of information and how we live our lives.

consider the Chinese Parable about, “Maybe”. there are numerous versions. however, this one helps make the point:

maybe – a parable

a chinese farmer lost his horse.

the neighbors reacted, “that’s terrible!”

the farmer: “maybe”

next day, the horse came back with several others.

the neighbors: “that’s wonderful!”

farmer: “maybe”

next day, the farmer’s son tried to tame one of the

wild horses, fell off, and broke a leg

neighbors: “that’s terrible!”

farmer: “maybe”

next day, the chinese army came through gathering men

for their army, but did not take the son due to his broken leg

neighbors: “that’s wonderful!”

farmer: “maybe”

meanwhile, and for it’s rich perspective…

“Even in this recent bull market spurt to new all-time highs, the run-up in Google’s (Nasdaq: GOOG) share price is dramatic. Since the beginning of the year, the stock has gained almost 13%. On March 6, …”

NOTE: thirteen percent (13%) comparatively speaking, is not “dramatic”. however, we must needs maintain the vital perspective that this, like many Google related articles, are a form of infomercial. and ANYTHING Yahoo! is suspect.

Brian Patrick Cork: the Google boys want to see their stock hit $1000 for bragging rights. but, it won’t get there on real merit. the products listed as drivers in this article are actually not fully baked. the right strategy is to split the stock. then hold on to your hats. otherwise, look for the Russians and Chinese to keep pushing some short action to keep the range lively enough for spot-trading.

peace be to my Brothers and Sisters.

brian patrick cork


Macbook Pro with Life-like Hair (and Kung Fu Grip)

just so we are collectively (in a manner of speaking) clear, I never understood, or liked G.I. Joe with Life-Like Hair. Kung Fu Grip was pretty cool. but, the whole beard thing left me aghast. that may have been due to my military upbringing. but, I’m sure that at the age ten, my sense of utilitarian-propriety-application were simply and instinctively offended.

so… late last week on Linkedin, I posted a version of the following message:

Brian Patrick Cork ”Five days into the life-cycle of Apple’s new Macbook Pro – with Retina Display, the product is hard to find. Apple’s own website has a three-to-four week delivery date. From a consumer standpoint that’s frustrating. But, from a shareholder standpoint it’s potentially brilliant. This should make for an interesting story by the end of the quarter.”

Jo DeLapp, father of Organic Food Guru JK DeLapp, reared his head with (we did make some grammar revisions):

Joseph K. DeLapp “B – Reviews of new MacBook Pro with retina are skewed negative vs mixed. Do you have one and are the reviews that are less than positive deserved or not? I am ready to update my MacBook which is about 4 years old but have put acquisition on hold until I learn more. Other than that, how goes it for you in General? Joe DeLapp.”

I felt my response was rather creative and relevant (culturally speaking), so I’m making it a point to share all of it with you.

Brian Patrick Cork “Hey Joe. Life is running on all twelve cylinders. In terms of reviews of the new Macbook Pro with Retina Display (its like GI Joe with Life-Like Hair). The old GI Joe was great. The Life-Like Hair was kind of cool but not necessary for performance. The new Macbook Pros are very thin and light. They also don’t come with a hard drive. So, the sense is they feel like a larger Macbook Air. But, they are FAST and powerful machines. And, they will likely be as reliable as may other Apple product on the market. All that said, if you want my opinion, unless money is no object I’d recommend that you go with a new Macbook Pro (without the Retina Display). Thats $1700 with all the upgrades.”

this may be a good example of how the latest gadget is genuinely unnecessary. I’m convinced the Retina Display is really cool. however, it adds a whopping $1000 to  the price tag. so, you can get a great Macbook Pro with about the same level of performance if you don’t mind it being just a bit (negligible) thicker, like a hard drive (I don’t care either way because almost all of my files are on DropBox) and keep your wits about yourself.

Apple shareholders win, either way. and, going back to my original point on Linkedin, the Apple faithful, and newly realized, are snapping-up the new MacBooks in record numbers.

peace be to my Brothers and Sisters.

brian patrick cork

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history is always in the making but understanding makes it meaningful


I’ve heard, and admittedly not verified, that Barack Obama only came to the United States in time to attend college.

that need not make him unique, compared to other foreign (like) exchange students. but, he is a bit different in that he happens to have followed his career-path as a social worker into the presidency of our nation.

I do believe that Mr. Obama is a United States Citizen. so, lets put that angle to rest.

the reason I’m making a point of this is it struck me (while running in the rain yesterday)  that if Mr. Obama did not grow up in the United States he was probably not exposed to our history. he was raised in places that probably failed to drill into him the value of lessons learned at Valley Forge and what occurred because of Louisitania. I can only speak for myself to be absolutely certain, but I’m reasonably confident the bulk of our learning about this nations history occurs in middle school (it was called Junior High School while I was scratching my head in those years spread across stops in Arizona, Nebraska, and Wyoming following my Dad through his valiant career as an Air Force Officer).

there is a lot to be said, not just about nuance, and that includes, with its greater import, perspective. and, what about culture and community? those things form us as a people.

more later. but, I’ve had some things in the back of my head really bothering me about the Oval Office, and they are coming to light with greater clarity with each passing month. during his State-of-the-Union speech address last night he proposed that we “freeze spending (unrelated to defense) for the next five years”. but, we need to cut-back to pre-2008 spending levels. I don’t think he “gets it” even though, and ironically, the majority of his henchmen, flunkies, cabinet are theory-humpers, I look into the eyes of our president, and I can’t see someone truly invested looking back at me with the cast of steady gaze that inspires my confidence. I was raised by warriors and leaders. I don’t recognize Mr. Obama. I respect the office. I just can’t be sure about the agenda.

this sort of thing bothers a Prudent and Optimistic Gentleman.

peace be to my Brothers and Sisters.

brian patrick cork

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