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isn't evolution Gods fault, anyway?


I found myself embroiled in something of a heated debate over on Paul Sunstone’s “Cafe Philos (an internet cafe)”. I had been given a heads-up on a post he wrote titled: Do Evangelists Ever Tell the Truth? I waded in and offered some thoughts. I clearly touched a few nerves (nothing new there). But, unexpectedly, I found myself facing a ferocious crew that are convinced over half of America believe it’s Creationism over Evolution. I am naught less than skeptical. And, I’ll hold-out for Evolution (as you will see from the long-winded comments, providing you approach that post – beware!).

In any event, we’re putting a poll together today to resolve the matter. To prepare for that I’ve lifted the following outlines of both Creationism and Evolution directly from that venerable repository of information itself, “Wikipedia”.

The Creation of Adam“Creationism refers to the religious belief that humanity, life, the Earth, and the universe were created in some form by a supernatural being or beings, commonly a single deity. However the term is more commonly used to refer to religiously motivated rejection of natural biological processes, in particular evolution, as an explanation accounting for the history, diversity, and complexity of life on earth (the creation-evolution controversy). In Christian sects such creationism is usually based on a literal reading of Genesis 1-2 but other religions have deity-led creation myths which are quite different.”

Just to be clear… This would mean carbon dating and fossils are wrong. And, I have already pitted myself against this view in an earlier post: How Long Is Seven Days?


evolutionEvolution (non-technical introduction) is the change in groups of living things over time. Living things (organisms) have children (offspring) which differ from their parents in minor random ways. Many of these differences, called traits, can be passed down to future generations of offspring during reproduction. Evolution is the process of these inheritable differences becoming more common or rare within large groups (populations) of organisms. Evolution occurs in two different ways. The first way is random – when a population’s traits change by chance. The second way is called selection. Selection happens when a trait helps an organism to have more offspring, such as by keeping the organism from dying young. This helpful trait will tend to become more common in the population, because organisms with the trait produce more offspring – who may inherit the same trait.”

You know the drill here… Amoeba’s, fish, birds, dinosaurs, Land of the Lost, Jurassic Park, fossils, apes, and all that stuff most of us learn in school (at least me and Curtis Burton the Third, any way).

There is some uncertainly within the aforementioned post’s comments where certain people of interest like Senator John McCain and (wannabe, but not really, VP) Sarah Palin play it down the middle saying they might lean towards evolution, but add the “hand of God” element – which I personally, feel is fair and balanced (just so you know).

There is some true (and delicious) irony represented in-and-amongst all this. Those debating me at Cafe Philos are relying heavily upon the internet (to include google and carefully crafted youtube videos to support their position).

I have taken a different and more academic and community census approach (this unhinged poor Webs, one of the commenters).

Therefore, because of the differential in approach and passion involved, I’ve decided to take personal opinion out of (my) equation, and go to my readers whom I know to be both fair-minded, as well as a hearty and balanced crew in their own right. It’s time to go with that promised poll.

And, the best irony comes in the form of my using my Blog (on the internet to make a point – I just don’t know who’s point yet).

Thusly, and without further adieu America (okay this is a global Blog. So, I’ll ask those who are not Americans to back away), which is it – Creationism or Evolution?

Peace be to my Brothers and Sisters.

Brian Patrick Cork


Facts, Desire, and the Truth


Were we taught through life that there might be a truth in every story?

“Question with boldness even the existence of a God; because, if there be one, he must approve the homage of reason than of blindfolded fear.” /1

So… here is a thought… I think a friend of mine laid this on me a few days ago…

“A scientist brings evidence, a priest brings cool stories”.

I fear (well.. believe. I don’t actually have a fear of any thing [seriously]). /2 this is often the case. It is also the main difference between an evolutionist and a creationist: one believes because of overwhelming scientific evidence and expert consensus; and, the other believes because of a “cool story” in a holy book that they were probably taught as a child — in spite of overwhelming scientific evidence and expert consensus.

Just for perspective, consider my prior Blog post How Long Is Seven Days.

All the evidence in the world could be against creationism (and, it is), and yet many would still believe.

However, paradoxically, you are not doing science when you refuse to seriously consider the other side’s evidence. After all, if we understand there is a God, he can work outside of time and space – right? And, you are not doing science when nothing could possibly convince you that you are wrong. You are doing religion.

And that is why creationism is religion, not science.

Peace be to my Brothers and Sisters.

Brian Patrick Cork

1/ Thomas Jefferson as quoted in Jennifer Hecht, Doubt: A History, p. 360).
2/ Believe me… I have faced more awful shit in my life and remain standing than most men could ever hope to endure.


How Long Is Seven Days?


[Haley Anne – Age 10]:

“Daddy, if God created all the animals in the seas instantly with the snap of his fingers then what about all the fossils?”

We Home School my oldest daughter Haley Anne.

And, we are assuming, of, course, God has fingers, and not flippers like a Dolphin. 1/

I get to teach Science on Friday’s. These are really great days. The best part is actually going to the Starbucks together off Bethany Road. I savor my Ice Vente Chai (and Haley Anne) and Haley Anne usually partakes of the biggest piece of coffee cake she can wheedle out of the guy behind the counter. We sit outside in the sun. I tell her stories – usually about myself when I was her age. She listens to me. She won’t be ten much longer. But, she also asks me loads of great questions. I hope she does that for the rest of her life.

The Home Schooling curriculum we use is provided by Veritas. This quarter we are studying Marine Life. Haley Anne wants to be a trainer at Marine Land or Sea World. She studies hard because now she knows she has to study Marine Biology at a good College. The textbook we are currently studying is “Exploring Creation with Zoology 2: Swimming Creatures of the Fifth Day” by Jeannie K. Fulbright.

Fulbright says that God created all of the animals in the oceans spontaneously. She also says that Carbon Dating is a hoax; we should ignore fossils because the earth is not billions of years old. The Bible infers that the world as we know it was spontaneously “created” over the course of seven days. The Bible is, at least, in my view, open to interpretation. But, Fulbright, and people like her, is potentially delusional, possibly ignorant – but, certainly a Christian.

I don’t plan on letting Haley Anne go to a great school only to sort out that her father was wrong, and foisted one-sided dogma on her. So, I considered launching into a dissertation around the ‘Space and Time Continuum’, ‘Quantum Physics’ and Star Trek. But, instead I said…

[Daddy – Age 46]:

“God is, well, probably pretty big. Different.”

Ironically, because I am a creature of this earth, and I am bound by physics that I can relate too, I want us to assume, for now, that He lives by (and created) rules that we won’t be able to comprehend until He shows us the ultimate Rosetta Stone 2/. I don’t like the driving theory behind Creationism. It’s difficult to substantiate and defies the discernment God imbued us with. It also reduces credibility around the Christian faith. And, there is nothing worse than a Christian on the defensive. They become less tolerant and more judgmental when they get insecure. Beyond our tiny solar system is a vast space created by a big God whose days might not look or track like ours. Our days relate to the son and it’s rotation 3/. God can probably see suns that are a lot bigger than ours and this might create longer days on other planets. His days might relate to something like a black hole.

So… Maybe his days are longer. Maybe his ‘day’ is equal to several millenniums 4/ in our reckoning. So, maybe that fifth day when he created the seas and dropped in all that amazing and complicated aquatic life occurred over the blink of a God’s eye that translates into millions of years for you and me.”

I walked Haley Anne through this. And, she listened to me.

Haley Anne will go College one day knowing that her Dad really loves her; wants her to get it; be able to think things through; have a global perspective; and, ask lots of terrific questions.

Brian Patrick Cork

1/ See “Image” by brian patrick cork dated 03/14/05.

2/ The Rosetta stone is a Ptolemaic era stele inscribed with the same passage of writing in two Egyptian language scripts (hieroglyphic and demotic) and in classical Greek. It was created in 196 BC, discovered by the French in 1799 at Rosetta, and translated in 1822 by Frenchman Jean-François Champollion. Comparative translation of the stone assisted in understanding many previously undecipherable examples of hieroglyphic writing. The text of the Rosetta stone is a decree from Ptolemy V, describing the repealing of various taxes and instructions to erect statues in temples. The Stone is 114.4 centimeters high at its tallest point, 72.3 centimeters wide, and 27.9 centimeters thick (45.04 in. high, 28.5 in. wide, 10.9 in. thick). Weighing approximately 760 kg (1,676 pounds), it was originally thought to be granite or basalt but is currently described as granodiorite and is dark grey-pinkish in color. The Stone has been kept at the British Museum in London since 1802.

3/ Solar rotations vary because the sun is composed of gaseous plasma, and therefore lacks a fixed rotation rate. The rate of rotation is fastest at the equator (Latitude φ=0 deg), and decreases as latitude increases. The rotation rate is demonstrated by the equation:

where ω is the angular velocity in degrees per day, φ is the latitude and A and B are constants.
A=14.1844 deg/day (+/- 0.35)
B=-2.00 deg/day (+/- 0.48)

At the equator the solar rotation period is 25.38 days. This is called the sidereal rotation period, and should not be confused with the synodic rotation period of 27.2753 days, which is the time for a fixed feature on the sun to rotate to the same apparent position as viewed from earth. The synodic period is longer because the sun must rotate for a sidereal period plus an extra amount due to the orbital motion of the earth around the sun.

4/ The term Millennia can also refer to an interval of time beginning on any date. Frequently in the latter case (and sometimes also in the former) it may have religious or theological implications (see Millenarianism). Especially in religious usage, such an interval may be interpreted less precisely, being not necessarily exactly 1,000 years long.


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