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that heavy-handed arbiter


Apple has always come under intense heat for acting as a gatekeeper for the App Store. They decide which apps will and won’t be sold. This opposed to Android Market which allows third-party developers to post their applications without prior approval. …How current generation.

Jobs won’t ever change his position on this matter. And, I hope when he’s gone, Apple maintains that strict policy.

I feel Apple would rather be seen as a heavy-handed arbiter than as the purveyor of a product that runs bad stuff (see Google Docs). Sometimes control – especially in the name of quality, is more than okay. It sets the standard. Apple does this very thing, for excellence.

One more thought, and this about application development – and, the future iPad and iPhone… The advantage that Apple has, is that with the iPad, Apple has developers writing apps specifically designed to use it, which Windows 7 lacks, and Android, as well. I’m fairly certain, based entirely on experience, mind you, that Apple wants iPad and iPhone apps to feel like they were made just for the iPad and iPhone. They don’t want App X for iPhone to be indistinguishable from App X the whorish Android platform.

Peace be to my Brothers and sisters.

Brian Patrick Cork

cool DNA


All our football (we’re soccer purists) matches were cancelled this weekend because the water table is so high the fields are soggy and, thus, treacherous.

So, I busied myself with some epic workouts, entertaining the girls, looking for some new boots, and cleaning out the back of our basement where we have too many boxes of unnecessary stuff.

Haley Anne was looking through one of those boxes that, indeed, had: “Brian’s stuff #4” stenciled (not scrawled, because that’s too messy and uncertain) pointedly across one of the duck-taped flaps.

The first thing of interest was a picture of me winning an AAU State Championship in the 880. That was fun (more for me, likely), and actually held her interest for a minute.

But, what really caught her attention were twenty three tapes of a decidedly eclectic selection of music from 1980. This included AC/DC, Clash (no one cool actually said “the Clash”, eh), David Bowie and New Order. Much of this, most excellent tuneology, is currently being rediscovered by this generation, along with Michael Jackson (admit it… we miss him. I do). Haley Anne was particularly fascinated with the compilation tapes I had for various purposes to include: “working out”, “Driving to San Francisco”, and not ready to explain just yet “unusual events”.  So, right there in her hands, audio (even though it’s analog) proof that “Daddy, really, always has been cool” – this relayed to her new BFF Emma via cellular telephone.

That’s me, today, with a bit more hitch in my strut; even more than is typical (and, that’s a lot).

Today I’m, otherwise, listening to Jackson Brown’s The Road, Running on Empty, and all of The Police.

Peace be to my Brothers and Sisters.

Brian Patrick Cork

happy halloween


happy halloween




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just another Stated goal


Are you familiar with the Brotherhood of Chateauneuf-du-Pape?  Most are not. Yet, you can be certain that this is one of France’s most famous wine regions.

It’s a rare honor and experience to be invited to that place, and oft-reserved for one form of cultural star or another.

And, it’s a stated goal of mine.

free climbingYou can’t just climb there. Although that might be one way to get attention.

The invitation to join the Brotherhood, and the initiation ceremony, is always a quiet affair – as is the event itself. But, it unfolds something like this:

The guest is welcomed into the Brotherhood at the Domaine de Marcoux, has an aperitif, tastes the wine of some of the region’s top vintners, and finally tucks into a gourmet dinner at The Verger des Papes restaurant perched right on the top of the Chateauneuf-du-Pape village.

It’s rewards such as this that makes trying to make a difference, possibly a profound difference in this world, ever more the worthwhile.

Peace be to my Brothers and Sisters.

Brian Patrick Cork

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