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converge on this small iPhone now!


you are probably growing weary of me blogging about technology. and, perghaps Apple and Google, in particular. but, I also know you won’t stop reading my blog because you are building wealth and becoming more interesting at cocktail parties because of the plethora of eclectic information I share with you. just jump on my bus (or even my shoulders), and I’ll carry you the rest of thee way.

…and, I’m more keen than ever around my continuing dialogue relative to emerging trends and convergence. the rest of this post begins to tie together many loose ends.

I’ve hinted at this before. but, a smaller, candy-bar-sized iPhone is going to be a reality. Apple is working on a smaller iPhone that would be about half the size of the current model and cost half as much (and, will be quite a contrast to the Tim Cook era 47″ iMac (you read that first, here). if you can’t believe me, the Wall Street Journal has some what sketchier details. the new phones will come out this summer, says the report. we think we are hearing they will be a refreshed iPhone 4, while the new iPhone 5 (with LTE and NFC as part of iOS 5) pounces into your collective lives.

we saw the prototype of the “new” iPhone, and the device was/ is significantly lighter than the iPhone 4, and had an edge-to-edge screen that could be manipulated by touch, as well as a virtual keyboard and voice-based navigation. it’s starting to look like  Apple might also be planning to upgrade the iPhone 4 for different types of carriers (CDMA, GSM, WIMAX, etc have different design requirements). but, the smaller iPhone is coming just like the iPod evolved into the Nano.

we really like the edge-to-edge screen with a touch interface. it reminded me of the obelisk from 2001: A Space Odyssey.

I know the obelisk is bigger than a smaller iPhone. but, the impact on “humanity” will likely follow (monkey) suit.

the one possibly coolest new feature might be voice navigation. Apple already offers some rudimentary voice control with the current iPhone, so we don’t know if this voice navigation is something really all that new. and, Google already has it anyway. but, for many reasons, when Apple does something, almost anything, it seems more hip, refined, and cool(er).

here is a key, and where convergence drives deep… disparate and recent reports from Cult of Mac claims indicate that Apple will cut costs on the smaller iPhone in large part by drastically slashing the on-board memory of the device and relying on cloud-based content delivery.

so… with Apple deciding to lose some of the memory, which is by far the most expensive component of the iPhone (up to one-quarter of the device’s cost, according to iSuppli estimates)
, this bring “the cloud” more into the product road-map. so… now by “some” of the memory, perhaps we mean ALL of the memory. The iPhone “nano” is starting to look like it won’t have memory for onboard storage of media. this is what Santi says, anyway. It will have only enough memory to buffer media streamed from the cloud.

“think strictly storage memory,” says Santi.

providing all of this speculation thinking holds true (you have to admit we’re doing a good job here based on a visual and light touch opportunity) the smaller iPhone would pull essentially all of its media through a revamped MobileMe service, reducing the need for significant on-board storage in the same way that the Apple has been able to slash storage on the second-generation Apple TV by shifting to a streaming model.

NOTE: going back to the variable design requirement issue, I think that some on-board storage would clearly be required for the (even upgraded iOS5) operating system itself, and other critical system data, including caching of data handed down from the cloud and perhaps storage of photos and videos taken by the device should it include a camera. but, cloud storage (i.e. Apple’s iDisk) should be able to deal with that, right?

see how it all comes together? Steve Jobs has set the stage for everyone with products that scale in the direction you did not know you had to follow. but you will. do it!

but, there might be some conflicts. we also suspect that such a lean cloud-centric device would not be able to support the App Store, as Apps appear to depend on locally-stored content, and would thus require significant modification to run from the cloud.

but, is this another twist in the road where Apple forces developers to make that work, and Google looks stuck, again?

or… Apple may avoid the potential user interface issues of a smaller, lower-resolution screen by simply not allowing third-party apps at all, and opting to use only built-in apps specifically designed for the smaller screen. that’s what the guys at the Wall Street Journal might think. but, I don’t buy that. given the runaway success of the App platform, it would still be impractical for Apple to shift away from an App Store-focused ecosystem for the new device. mostly because it would detract from the larger device and broader Apple community.

there’s been a lot of speculation for a good while that Apple might move towards cloud-based music sync and services. but, licensing issues must be what’s holding up the debut of the service which we thought was originally planned for 2010. Apple may also add music backup, similar to the feature offered by Lala, which Apple acquired in December 2009, and quietly shut down a few months later. Google has also been working on an online music “locker,” but has run into problems with licensing. in any event, another new part of the MobileMe upgrade that some of the aforementioned articles indicate that users will finally be able to access their iTunes libraries without syncing to their computer. instead, files would be served wirelessly. this means the upgraded MobileMe service would give users access to their iTunes libraries from, say an iPhone or iPad, instead of requiring that the devices be synced by cable with a computer, and use space to store the actual files. this begins to make all the more sense  as the Wall Street Journal also says that Apple may open up (make it free) its MobileMe service, which automatically backs up information like contacts, photos, and videos, to a Web service. Currently, MobileMe costs ninety nine dollars ($99) per year. and, with this new iPone costing about two hundred dollars ($200), that makes the iPhone a problem for Google, and Nokia.

Read between the line…

Steve Jobs has said in the past that wireless sync services would come eventually.

if Apple stays true to form, the new service would only be compatible with the iPhone 4 and go-forward devices. obviously you will want to upgrade, and keep upgrading.

along the convergence (Steve Jobs himself told us: video everywhere and anywhere) Apple recently opened a massive new data center in North Carolina, and is apparently already planning an expansion. this could help it meet capacity needs as millions of new users take advantage of the service. Apple is going to eat Google’s Gingerbread.

peace be to my Brothers and sisters.

brian patrick cork


where prayer rules convergence


Earlier this month I dropped prayer and change squarely upon you. All of you.

Sure enough, those paths are beginning to manifest themselves.

“What paths”, you ask? Read the post. Do it!

But, John Stein is back. Although, in many ways, he likely never left. So is Tim Barker (oddly, Tim does not reference his primary calling on LinkedIN, so I’ll not include a relative link). But, if you consider the Parable of the Talents, his is akin to truth – and, this is apparently why he seeks me out. John is helping me do something different, for me, anyway – part of this on-going blog effort, in fact. And, Tim is finally letting me really help him. So, stay tuned for those stories.

It’s all rather involved, and about being involved.

Johnny Walker is also in my life. That’s because of Vincent Birley (I coached him into his current role at Ron Blue). …And, God, of course. Or, perhaps over the course of matters.

Just to be clear, I’m lifting some material that Johnny recently wrote himself and weaving it into this post. The details are less important than the result. I’ll just do my best to make it work, and lift the credit up to elsewhere.

If you have a Bible in-hand, you know that, evidently, there exist passages of scripture that keep using the word prayer over and over. But, the key is the nuance. Not enough of you know that the New Testament was originally written in the Greek language.  The Greeks had many different words to describe the word “love”, for example. So, it’s relevant to ponder if each time prayer is mentioned that it meant the same thing.

What you will find, if you investigate, or just take my word for it (and, Johnny’s) are eight different Greek words that we can translate into the single word, prayer.

One of the different variations of the word prayer the Bible uses means to beg.  According to Johnny, the Bible actually tells us that there is an appropriate time to beg God for something.

Another word for prayer is meant to wish for something.  The intensity of our prayer in these circumstances is to let God know that it may be something we would like to see happen, but isn’t that important.

Begging as opposed to wishing. A profound nuance, to be certain.

The variation of the word prayer that is most relevant to this post, today, though is  the word that translates, ultimately into intercede or to stand in the gap for.  There is power in that form of the word. It’s meaningful because it’s about amplifying the needs of others with our own voice and passion. So, the Greek word for interceding is “Entuxis”, and is the variation of the word prayer that is used in James 5:15:

And the prayer of faith shall save the sick, and the Lord shall raise him up; and if he has committed sins, they shall be forgiven him.

To intercede is like standing between the other person in greatly evident need, and God.  This might actually mean pointing at the person and asking for a thing on their behalf.  It’s really more than requesting and more like petitioning.  Not in terms of flippantly merely signing a petition, but to be that arbiter that keeps on representing on behalf of the victim, until something , meaningful, is accomplished.

Johnny Walker writes:

With God we should never demand, but neither should we only flippantly pray for someone and move on.  We should stand in the gap, fight for them, and seek aid for them.

With that in mind Johnny Walker thinks he needs your help. Indeed, he has been asked to intercede for someone and to pass the prayer request on to others.  To be sure, we all have needs. However, Joey Murray was apparently diagnosed with Lou Gehrig’s disease (ALS) in 1991.  It is a progressive disease that attacks the nerve cells in the central nervous system that control voluntary muscle movement.  Johnny will tell you that he has Joey for about ten years. And, although he suffered from this disease even before they met, Joey’s faith has always been incredibly strong, and something that he has truly admired.

That intrigues me. I’ll add that because Johnny Walker was introduced to me by Vincent Birley, and described as unusual, passionate and talented – and, someone I had to meet. So, I did. Now I coach him. And, I may be the better man for it. Johnny is now an ass-kicking sales professional. But, before today, he has also been a Pastor and a Police Officer,and Counselor.

In any event, Joey will be on a retreat this next week that will focus on intercession and healing.  According to Johnny this is “basically, James 5:15 in action”.  Here is a portion of an e-mail to Johnny from Joey that helps set this stage, further:

I am grateful for the prayers you’ve offered up for my healing of ALS since 1996. I’m thankful to still be alive, but my health has continued to decline. The Bible tells us many times that Jesus came to forgive and heal all, for all time, and that there is much power in the prayers of many that agree. I will be going to a weeklong healing retreat in Thomaston GA.  I am humbly asking for you, your church, and friends to pray this prayer in faith often for me for the next few weeks.”

According to Johnny, the prayer that Joey requests for us to leverage on his behalf is specifically:

Heavenly Father, deliver Joey from all demonic oppression, and restore his body and mind to complete long lasting health, in Jesus name,  Amen.

I encourage you as James the brother of Jesus encouraged us: “Do not merely listen to the word and so deceive yourselves.  Do what it says!”

I don’t know if what the Bible reads us is true, or the ultimate truth. But, it does inspire us to decisive action- and, in particularly so, this day.

As many of you know, if not really understand, I can’t profess to being a Christian. There are many points around this to be found in this BLOG. I do fear and loathe hypocrisy. But, I’ll strive not to make this effort about me, and more so about letting you know that I do believe it can’t hurt to live your life like Christ. So, I’ll continue my searching. But, I can leverage my own influence. And, you also know that is rather vast and meaningful. So, I went right to my own special forces healer, John Stein, and asked him to intercede.

Verily, I sent John this email message introducing him to Johnny:

Hey Johnny.

I’m on it.

I’m raising the ante by including John Stein in this exchange. John is my friend. And, he is a healer.

John, I’m coaching Johnny. He’s a neat dude. Great story. You’ll love it.  Please see the attachment and get involved.


And, sure enough, this was John’s immediate response to my plea:

Jesus needs to collect on something He paid for a long time ago. God is moving and will heal this man.

In fact, John swiftly moving into action himself met Joey before that retreat.

More later. But, somehow, much of this is now in our collective hands.

I’ll petition you to intercede for Joey. His wife needs her husband. His children need their father. AND, we probably all need Joey walking this earth with us, as a living, breathing, miracle.

I need a miracle. This is all part of me living the Authentic Life. Lets start with Joey. Let’s dare try. Come on man, let’s rally!

In closing… I had contemplated a dramatic, life-changing, motivational post to send you off, collectively, into the new year. But, I’m finding myself guided by another objective as I prepare to be different myself with the onset of 2011. Will this qualify? I’ll continue to selfishly want to be part of you and amongst you.

Happy New Year.

Peace be to my Brothers and Sisters.

Brian Patrick Cork


…not what you were thinking


The fact is most opportunities are not corollary to the obvious.

Ten years will come-and-go quickly. It already has, and it will do so, again. And, along the way, Apple’s stock could well hit one thousand dollars ($1,000.00). You can take my word for it. But, here is additional insight.

As Galvin makes his case, Apple’s revenues may triple in the next ten years. So, the stock could indeed hit $1000. But, the real play is not so obvious, and will likely be in the form of fiber optics – because that is what is needed to pipe the content. But, Data Centers will have their role as well. And, dudes like Bob Twitchell (big smarty pants genius that he is) will help lead the way with emerging technology that makes relative technology faster, more secure, and less costly.

Reactionary investment strategy like reading news briefs off MSN and Yahoo! will kill you. Whereas proactive research will build wealth. So… read between the lines from cross-referenced information. Think in terms of convergence. For example, “Apple”, “Video Anywhere”, “Fiber Optics”, “Data Centers”, and “Venture Capital”.

Follow the money BEFORE the thundering herds sort it out.

It’s about foundational thinking and strategy – relative technologies that make for great strategic partnerships. One element of the formula building off of another.

Now you owe me.

Soon… More insight into being a physical bad-ass at fifty, and great Margarita tips.

Peace be to my Brothers and Sisters.

Brian Patrick Cork


all you need to know is what others use


Christmas has come-and-gone. However, what remains are on-going decisions relative to technology acquisitions.

Is it a new computer, or the iPad?

That’s simply short-term thinking around new toys.

However, here, yes right here, is is your peek into the reality relative to what’s to come (this will be affecting trends, and the stock market)…

At some point, workers – such as journalists and accountants, will remain tethered to PC’s (the generic terms for desktop or laptop computers) because they create some and various forms of information, while decision makers – like executives, will primarily use mobile technology represented by iPads and Tablets because they mostly care about information, and the leveraging of it (they use information).

So… who’s leading this trend? Follow the money. Then think in terms of convergence.

Soon… Look for my continued thinking around “video anywhere”, “Apple”, “Fiber”, “Data Centers”, and “Venture Capital”.

Peace be to my Brothers and Sisters.

Brian Patrick Cork

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