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trading sense for Dollars



recently the German stock market, also known as the DAX, fell sharply at two hundred fifty points that really only equaled less than two percent (2%), quickly recovering from four percent (4%), in a matter of minutes – and, seemingly without cause or reason (they can be different especially if there is a purpose). read more about that, here.

global indexes followed also – all seeming without legitimate explanation. oddly this happened right on the heels of Warren Buffet investing five billion ($5B) dollars into the shame-drenched Bank of America. more about that, here.

NOTE: I’m evaluating Mr. Buffet right now. he essentially bails out Bank of America for their bad behavior. this is the same fellow that says certain people in this country need to pay more taxes. but, this man has a perspective shared by few others. I can’t say today it’s (that unique view) good or bad. but, his perspective is different than almost everyone else’s. and, both things equal bandaids and less so long-term solutions (although Bank of America appears to be bailed a lot with the word taxes being involved – directly, or indirectly). maybe Bank of America needs to be run-to-ground with its executives being held in the spot-light, and we should consider paying less taxes and focus more on responsible spending. seriously… how do most of you run your own households?

QUESTION: many of the Bank of America executives received HUGE bonuses in the last couple of years. how many of them invest with Mr. Buffet?

…I’m just asking.

last week, our own New York Stock Exchange took a precipitous dump after generally good market news. although the media failed to elaborate, we know this ostensibly occurred due to “algorithms” and certain trading protocols driven by murky economic data that may-or-may-not be self-serving (to someone).

this means a computer (or, something like it) measures activity, somewhere and somehow then makes a cold calculation to buy or sell certain stocks or interests in commodities.

have you bothered to notice that most of the shenanigans occur during “after hours” trading?

so… who actually approved algorithmic and after hours trading? and, how is it monitored to keep things fair? oh… and, who defines what is fair?

what few people (the hell with “pundits” like the self-serving cultural terrorists idiots on MSNBC) will actually talk about is that these algorithms create buying opportunities for certain types of people that most of you don’t know and also don’t care about you, collectively.

consider this… stocks like Apple (AAPL) seem immune, for the most part, to predatory speculation, like that. people can still buy that stock and reasonably expect it to help them plan for the future. I believe it could be worth one thousand dollars ($1,000)a share afore too long. but that stock is in the spotlight for many other reasons. for Gods’ sake, the company has over seventy eight billion ($78B) in cash reserves. they could bail-out this country because they actually understand how to run something successfully, unlike our own government. so, it’s behavior tracks to reality, whereas stocks driven by algorithms react to insidious stimulation by people commonly referred to as, “they” or “them”.

keep thinking about this and remember, one day, I brought it up.

peace be to my Brothers and Sisters.

brian patrick cork


the secret series: in pursuit of They


We may, and finally, have a clue as to whom “they” are. “They”, of course, being that shadowy and uncertain collective that is assigned, or assigns, every uncertain dictum.

We know they are part of “the plan”. We don’t know if the plan is managed, if you will, by the “smoking rabbit”, or that damn black dog with a pipe.

We are unclear if they and the plan can be defined under “good” or “evil”. We don’t know if this is the final stage set for the epic battle promised around “good vs. evil”.

We understand it involves a “secret”. And, the secret is also the “key” to, well, “everything” (often referred to by thirteen year olds as the obvious).

But, this is what we’ve uncovered – a (potentially) significant clue that has us all rather excited – and, worked-up:

Featured Article | SCP-055 – (unknown)

“The self-keeping secret. Nobody knows what it is, nobody knows what it does. Anyone who sees it forgets about it entirely in the space of minutes. It may have killed hundreds of people, or it may have been placed by an outside force to invisibly monitor the Foundation or humanity…. and nobody would know.”

Look for the full article, based on our joint research, to be revealed by the end of the week. That is of course, if we can remember to do so. Or, survive what is likely to be an imminent attack from “them”.

NOTE: More about this later, we hope.

Don’t be unnerved. Be aware. Or, perhaps just Beware. It’s what you don’t see that can kill you.

Peace be to my Brothers and Sisters.

Brian Patrick Cork


dire Warnings, indeed


Something terrible has happened.

The entire text of The Unsinkable brian cork, a simple Blog for Gods’ sake, albeit a chronicle of worthy events, has been made available online – for FREE. It’s now open to anyone, including horrible villains, missionaries, innocent readers, and you.

Can they do this?

And, who are “they” anyway? I’ll still suspect it’s that damn smoking rabbit and a nefarious crew of cutthroat conspiracy theorists. Surely this is a clarion call for those Prudent Gentlemen.


However, “Completely irresponsible” is a phrase which here means no one will be able to prove you did it.

Click here to develop an understanding of why someone like me might possibly do such a thing as this. Do it!

The sudden appearance of the uncoded text online may be a horrible mistake. Hopefully, it will be corrected as soon as possible.

A final, and heartfelt warning: Do not visit

The experience will be extremely unpleasant and filled with the viewing of utterly fascinating dissertations, hilarious insight, poignant prose, unbiased views on all things religious, introductions to brilliant music and associated artists, vile videos and other dire things.

I’m resigned to my duty, here, and you are warned. Yes, you certainly are.

Peace be to my Brothers and Sisters.

Brian Patrick Cork


take a Bow (but not too low) DOW


Not many are talking about the simple fact that the Dow Jones Industrial Average is steadily trending up. As I am preparing this post, and as the news would have it, the Dow stands at 9806, about 500 off it’s highest point /1.

Why isn’t the media picking up on this? Are you asking that question readers?

Allow me to wade in. Try and stop me if you might. Just try it!

My guess is we are back to the insiders game. A valid, warm and comfortable position, to be sure. In many ways this is good for the country because we value ourselves relative to the Dow. If the Dow is up, much else that matters will follow.

It will be interesting to learn, providing we ever do, which of your neighbors were buying stocks only three months ago, when this trend actually began. It’s very likely, the analysts and media will pick this up at roughly 10,000. Then you will see some slight correcting for natural adjustments (or more likely ill-conceived reactions by those vapid day-traders), and then a prolonged push upward – once, mind you, the insiders have established themselves.

I know some of those analysts are thinking: “dammit Cork, quit tipping the scales”.

However, that’s me. It’s what a Prudent Gentleman does.

Why would anyone join the Navy when they can be a pirate?

Peace be to my Brothers and Sisters.

Brian Patrick Cork


1/ According to The Privateer, the all time high on the Dow Jones Industrial Average (DJIA) as of April 7th, 2008 was 14,164 on October 9, 2007. However, this is incorrect. if you look at the high for October 11th, 2007 you will see a market high of 14198.10. Our information is just better.

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