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People around town see me with my oldest daughter, Haley Anne, quite a bit – even during what they know to be school hours. So, when they ask me why she is not in school, I tell them that she actually is… She is simply on a break from Home School studies, and we are taking the opportunity to hang-out with one another.

They are mostly amazed – and uncertain – around the concept of Home School. I get the question: “What is wrong with public school”, or, “Is it a Christian thing” a lot.

It is not a “Christian” thing, but it is definitely a concern over public schools in general.

I won’t go into my concerns about the kids exposing each other to mature themes in this post. But, I will state my ‘big three’ concerns over Public School, and the core reasons why we keep Haley Anne at home where we can have a better influence.

1. In Public School she is not allowed to pledge alleficance to her own nations flag – even though her parents pay A LOT of taxes, and are very proud to be American Citizens (well… Dad is an American Citizen, and Mom is proud to be British and relieved to reside in the United States);
2. In public School she is not allowed to pray or acknowledge her belief in a very powerful God under whose principals our nations Constitution was formed (and, this right has been, ironically, taken from her by people that want to foist their own agenda on all of us);
3. In Public School she is taught to be tested, and not taught to learn.

My money is on Haley Anne’s moral barometer, and sense of values.

So, I vote with my kid.

peace to my brothers and sisters

brian patrick cork



There is a lot of information in the Bible that can be interpreted in many ways. I think this is good because “questioning” and “seeking” mean you care.

What is image? Or, what is an image?

The answer might begin in some of our most common questions about ourselves:

“Who am I?”

“What am I here for?”

“What is the purpose of life?”

So, I went to work in an effort to divine some clarity. And, the answer (for me any way) came pretty quick (yet continues).

If you are a Christian you are taught to interpret the Bible and believe that we are supposedly created in Gods image. Meanwhile, I happen to be a “Christian that drinks Beer” (I got this from Craig Butler). Of course, this fuels lots of interesting debates amongst my friends and myself (there are always a lot of kids and parents at our house). My friends know that ‘image’ concept has frustrated me at times because I try to apply a physical perspective to God. And, I used the existence of extra terrestrials, and their potential alien appearance (what if Aliens resemble Dolphins?), as my argument.

So, here I approach my point:

Lets assume you believe in God (I do). It’s worth taking the stance that God is bigger than the universe, and every thing in it. He is everything and every where, right? We aren’t like that.

So, lets say image is a reflection and/ or representation.

God created us to REPRESENT Him to one another in order to REFLECT Him. God probably possesses (certainly invested) every attribute we know of, and many more we may not be able to fathom (yet). For example, Love, Grace, Trust, Unique, Wonder, etc… These are words that describe God represents in part, and certainly things we can reflect. So… When the Bible says:

“in HIS image He created him”


…maybe it’s more about ‘WHY’ we are created and ‘WHAT’ we need to do, than how.

We were made to reflect Him into the lives of others.

I appreciate it when people ask me what makes me different. It probably means I am making an impact – an impression, and they want to learn more about me. Maybe even emulate me in some fashion. So, now my integrity and character are important because of accountability, and a sense of responsibility – providing I want to be “Part of the solution – and, not part of the problem”./1

Peace be to my Brothers and Sisters.

Brian Patrick Cork


1/ Chuck Schmidt, one of our Battalion Chiefs at the Louisville Volunteer Fire Department said that, and I think about it’s application with every thing I do.

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