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I say it probably starts with awareness, and refine that with self-awareness. then you get to invoke change from within that gets reflected outward. that requires a desire for change that is drawn from choice. that brings meaning to why we should feel gratitude around doing things we love, for people that we value. if you believe that giving as much as you take, if not more, then finally reciprocity finds itself in the formula for success at life.

everything else is a burning platform.

“We all need a road that we can find that gives us love and peace of mind” – Songwriter Randy Thorderson

peace be to my Brothers and Sisters.

brian patrick cork

looking at Apple: 08/25/2011


obviously a great many people are looking to me to address Steve Jobs stepping down as the CEO at Apple.

but look… it’s the wrong time to ask questions. that period has run it’s course.

I’ve warned you for two years that Jobs has his days numbered. he is ill, even while his company grows all the more robust.

remember this day, and mark my words: 08/25/2011.

shareholders and consumers, alike, will continue to be rewarded because Apple’s Product road-map extends over six years, and is naught less than brilliant. Tim Cook has, essentially, been running the company since 2004, driving a vision inspired by Jobs and an incredible team of people that see the world and its voracious appetite for best-of-class products much like Jobs does, himself.

Apple is ready for what is happening, even if a fragile world desperate for heroes does not understand it is as well.

the stock has dipped a bit. I’ll buy more with a quiet thank you to Jobs and company. it’s simply another opportunity every bit delicious as hot Apple pie. we, collectively can’t wait to see what’s cooking.

peace be to my Brothers and Sisters.

brian patrick cork

my hero, today


and, or

Apple Lion and ME



being an Apple evangelist and shareholder might hold the promise of bias.

fear not. that simply can’t be the case. I hold everyone and everything to a standard established ably and first for myself.

this calls for a true form of open-minded, and that of the heart.

of course it helps that Apple’s stock has crossed the line with a new high of $400. and, I did tell you, didn’t I?

I was likely amongst the first to download and install Apple’s latest Operating System (iOS) “Lion” (eventually this same link will reflect a later generation of iOS).

it’s fine. many useful bells-and-whistles. a worthy platform that heralds the quickening dominance over all things PC. did you know that Apple’s iOS devices (iPhones, iPads, etc) now outsell all production of Dell and HP combined?

nonetheless, I found myself very unimpressed with some changes in Apple’s Address Book, iCal and Mail. all of my companies rely on these tools. and the newest version quickly became more of a distraction than a boon. for example, Address Book and iCal now shared the leather-bound (aka: the “leather silliness”) look found on the iPad. I simply don’t like that. I prefer a more modern, brushed metal look. my team shares that “view”.

the solution realized itself in the masterful efforts of “CODEUS”, a worthy developer, for the following “fix”.

Change Mac OS X 10.7 Lion iCal and Address Book Skins – Easy Method


a note from CODEUS, himself:

I am not a fan of the new leather title bar in iCal on Lion. What were they thinking? Now all we need is a wood-effect dashboard for our cars and rotary-dial iPhones!

I created new images files to go inside and to give them an aluminum look like previous versions of OS X.

This is a simplified version of my previous post which uses a package installer to apply the skins automatically without you having to manually modify the and Address files.  The original manual process is still available for those that prefer to see whats actually being modified, but both methods effectively do exactly the same thing.

with that said, Click here to go to the manual installation instructions.

or, simply us the following DMG files for Automatic Installation:

  1. Address Book Skin – 10.7_Address_Book_Skin_Installer.dmg
  2. iCal Skin – 10.7_iCal_Skin_Installer.dmg

alternatively, and in a pinch, just point your browser here:

meanwhile, here is an image of the result, to help with my point, here:

I am of the suspicion this may well signal only the beginning. the underlying source code for the Mac OS is Linus, open-source. I am looking for all manner of developers to one the OS wide with all manner of upgrades and updates. this has likely been the vision from the beginning. Apple let Google experiment upon themselves and the hapless user community. in their typical fashion, Apple will “bake” it all to perfection. …simple as pie.

by the way… if you don’t like the way Apple’s works, in general (threading to be more specific), you can go to preferences > view and check the box for “classic mode”. voila!

peace be to my Brothers and Sisters.

brian patrick cork

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