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the weatherman ate my Data


the recent snow storm here in Atlanta now known as: “Snowageddon” made me start asking myself questions like:

what happens to all our information if we lose the internet?

I mean, the internet and the entire infrastructure that keeps it working the way we like it to.

I don’t pretend to know all the answers. my eight year old already knows I’m not quite all that powerful.

but, can we lose the internet?

maybe we’ll find out, collectively, come 20102. and, maybe just any ol’ HUGE catastrophe will do the trick.

all that said, the implications are certainly ominous. what would Larry Page do (for a job, I mean [hello Troy Brown”!])?

if the lights went out, so to speak, meaning we’ve lost power, and most of the back-up (let’s assume world leaders might desire, and so, be able to keep reading Nick Milne’s blog) amongst “the cloud”, and all… we would lose our online statements, subscriptions to Macworld and have no idea who was leading the English Premiere League.

…oh, and exactly what is the vital difference between “the cloud” and the internet? and, do storms, as referenced above, affect “the cloud”, more than the plain ‘ol internet?

Peace be to my Brothers and Sisters.

Brian Patrick Cork


checking in


It’s no secret that I coach several members of the House and Senate in both their political and business ventures. So, I’ve checked-in with them for some updates in terms of views from Capitol Hill.

Why now?

I’m disappointed in President Obama for some key reasons. But the biggest of those reasons is also the simplest: I feel that he’s failed to lead us at the time, and at exactly the moment, leadership has been needed most.

For example, the situation with BP and the horrendous situation off of the Gulf coast. Having (also) checked-in with several preeminent members of the Marine Biology Faculty at College of Charleston, the real and awful expent of the damage is not clearly understood by the average American.

Obama appears to align himself with the cause of the day; joining in and commiserating (like making a speech), as opposed to making a stand and being firm. President Obama has ben great at meeting distraught fishermen and Gulf shore home owners. But, he has been slow to pin BP down on what needs to be done beyond financial restitution. I understand this is more in BP’s line of expertise, but, I feel a task-force is called for. Also, Obama has literally told Great Britain that there is: no hard feelings over both the oil leak… Oh, and the draw in Saturday’s 1 -1 World Cup match, mind you.

Peace be to my Brothers and Sisters.

Brian Patrick Cork


What’s All This About?

"What am I looking at?", you might wonder.

Lots of stuff.

Meanwhile, here, I discuss events, people and things in our world - and, my (hardly simplistic, albeit inarticulate) views around them.

You'll also learn things about, well, things, like people you need to know about, and information about companies you can't find anywhere else.

So, while I harangue the public in my not so gentle way, you will discover that I am fascinated by all things arcane, curious about those whom appear religious, love music, dabble in politics, loathe the media, value education, still think I am an athlete, and might offer a recipe.

All the while, striving mightily, and daily, to remain a prudent and optimistic gentleman - and, authentic.

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