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casting Stones at the Media


Brian Patrick Cork : 

while Yahoo! news is pointless and carries virtually no credibility unless you really care about reality television, it’s certainly no Onion.

so… I’m thinking Yahoo! has inadvertently proven that most news we have driven at us by the media, in general, these days is contrived and a joke. – Cork

sharon-stone-hollywood-swineFrench police have named actress Sharon Stone as their prime suspect in the daring heist, in which more than $1.4 million in jewels were stolen from a hotel room during the Cannes Film Festival….”

“while Sharon Stone’s last starring role in a major theatrical release was in 2006’s ‘Basic Instinct 2,’ which should have gone to straight-to-DVD anyway,” a spokesperson for the Nice police told Hollywood & Swine. “So what possible business does Sharon Stone have attending the 2013 Cannes Film Festival other than to steal expensive jewels? No one including Ms. Stone has been able to give us a good answer.”

I suppose this is better than ambien.

peace be to my Brothers and Sisters.

brian patrick cork

those Jewish Basterds!


I know I misspelled what is supposed to read: “bastards”.

Well… Not me, actually. It’s Brad Pitt’s fault.

And, the title of this post is going to ignite some controversy – until people read on, shake their heads, and likely say:

“That Cork! There he goes again.”

However, let’s not get distracted by grammar. Lets roll with intent.

CANNES, France (AP) – Quentin Tarantino and Brad Pitt have spun some revisionist history on how World War II ended.

Their Cannes Film Festival premiere, “Inglourious Basterds”, presents an epic saga of a band of Jewish Allied soldiers led by Pitt who play a pivotal role in taking down the Third Reich.

The band’s exploits culminate in a bloodbath plot to take out top German leaders at the premiere of a Nazi propaganda film in Paris.

“Inglourious Basterds’‘ screened for reporters Wednesday morning, and afterward, Pitt apparently praised Tarantino’s “outrageous’‘ vision for the movie. Pitt is, by all accounts and rumors, still associated with Angelina Jolie.  So, that kat knows and intimately understands outrageous.

In any event, the film gets its gala premiere at Cannes later next month.

Meanwhile, I learned something new through Brian Visaggio’s recent post A Culture of Shame weaving of the past and current events. My eldest daughter Haley Anne is endlessly fascinated with events in-and-amongst the Jewish Holocaust (primarily the “whys” and results).

So, I am thinking of ways to break apart much of what he has written and sharing it with her in bits and pieces via her Home School program.

Its our call to action to learn from everything.

The worst mistakes we make are the ones we repeat.

Let’s be part of the solution, and not the problem.

Ultimately, it’s how we finish – right?

Peace be to my Brothers and Sisters (particularly to my Jewish Amigos this day).

Brian Patrick Cork

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