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okay… so this is more about me being in a situation than on top of it.

but, the worst mistake we can make is the one we repeat. so, this is being memorialized.

I wrote a version of the following for my business blog recently (albeit it with better grammatical structure).

many of you read Justin Daniels on that blog about once a month as he dispenses invaluable business related legal insight.

Justin and I are contemplating a radio show (airwaves, not internet), just so you know. stay tuned for that, literally.

meanwhile, I found myself perplexed, if not vexed by the way I was treated by a an existing and also a prospective client in a recent business transaction (as most people know, I introduce a lot of people and businesses that make for meaningful business. if not you should, and do so now). there were promises and representations made and that I accepted at face value and they did not abide by their word.  also, there was the simple matter of trust and good judgment. Justin, who encounters these situations repeatedly, offered the following advice:

“I also think you need to seriously consider what Joanne and Bob are telling you. Your rolodex and ability to bring others together is powerful and is an important asset you must protect. It is guaranteed you will run into more situations where people don’t abide by their word, I think that is why people find the bible teaches lots of life’s lessons, technology may change but human nature never has.


it’s true… I have super powers, and they must be used for good. but, also be appreciated.

meanwhile, during a Board meeting for (a company that I coach that is on the verge of HUGE things) earlier in the week, I was reminded of the following by Marcus Crockett:

“Where there is no guidance the people fall, But in abundance of counselors there is victory.” – Proverbs 11:14

thank you for the reminders Justin and Marcus. slso for being great friends and men of good business principles.

and, for the record… I forgive the interlopers. I’m blessed beyond measure, and wish them only the best fortune.

ultimately, I suspect mush of this will be resolved through providence, and there will be those of us, Prudent Gentlemen, certainly, that will nod our heads with the Laws of Natural Selection, once again exampled.

peace be to my Brothers and Sisters..

brian patrick cork


ministries mean Business


I’ll begin this with a hearty thanks to John Stein for our time together Friday. John, I think you might be one of my best friends. and, I am always appreciative of our time together – and, recently in particular.

I’m copying Tim Barker on this email because of ROI ministry (Tim created this Ministry and he’s letting me help him).

all this said, I’m actually directing this post towards Todd Miechiels, as I continue to think about the  financial model for The 3:15 Project. I’m pretty convinced that $315 per video is the way to go. and, selling (sponsorship) packages of six (6) for $1890 is sublime. NOTE: it was John that taught me Friday that “6” is the number for man in the Bible. so, $315 x 6 = $1890.

in any event, this communique is about Return on Investment (“ROI”). and, since Todd wants a For Profit Ministry (and, I really applaud this), ROI will be a key to it’s acceptance, proliferation, and success (that requires definition for human comprehension).

take heed, Tim.

I believe that I’m quickly coming to the conclusion that ROI relative to most Ministries is going to be subjective and ultimately arbitrary. but, most of the time we seem to equate a Ministries success as involving the “saving of souls” in one form or another.

so… how about this… lets assign the value of a saved soul in the United States as $315,000 US Dollars. in Great Britain it can be £315,000 Pounds. In China, ¥315,000 Yen, etc.

it comes down to economies of scale. each nation recognizes and can relate to its own currency, yet the proverb of 3:15 remains consistent.

each video that is bought and shot, any where around the globe can now be assigned it’s relative value and we can create a financial model that will be accepted. we now have a universal methodology for calculating a requisite ROI. and, people in business can relate and communicate all of this in a way that legitimizes the integration of faith and business.

John, whom is a healer, says I’m “annoited” for business. we all make a difference. my gut tells me my thinking, here, is inspired. so, lift me up, please. I don’t need to be “right”, mind you. recently David Quail accused me of having an ego. but, candidly, I’d rather be useful.

peace be to my Brothers and Sisters.

brian patrick cork


the Plan


I had an opportunity to catch-up with a long-time friend, who also happens to be one of my investors.

he called me to let me know he still believed in today’s youth, but he feels the opportunities are diminishing. for a bit of background, Jack made a lot of money in polycarbonates and decided to fuel young engineers and technology entrepreneurs with seed capital up to two hundred and fifty thousand dollars ($250,000). over the last thirty months he has invested over eighteen million dollars ($18,000,000.00) in over twenty five startup companies, often upon my say-so.

the reason he called me last night was because he’s coming to the conclusion that too many of the kids he meets see business “…like a video game”.

“if they take a hit they think they can recharge the purse like it’s World of Warcraft. if they make a promise they thinks it’s okay to break it”

Jack and I both believe in a covenant.

Jack was frustrated, and being over general. he admitted as much. but, while I was coaching him to evaluate a more stringent due diligence process I was admitting that I just may have made a similar mistake along the same vein recently myself.

I’m working with a young man that I’m watching carefully because he is dangerously close to breaking a covenant that will cost him dearly in the business community long-term.

more on that later. but, it’s a good preamble for other, vaguely related things that are weighing on my mind and shoulders.

I need to help Jack navigate his own disaffection with youthful entrepreneurs and keep him part of our business community’s solution. and, I need to be a strong baring point and example for Haley Anne, her walk, and making sure she has a plan that works.

last night Haley Anne was clearly feeling more like herself. She made it through a complete day of school, still the center of attention. she came home with loads of cards and balloons. had the circumstances that initiated the out-pouring of affection from her buddies not been so dire, the activity would be fun to observe. well, it still is, kind of. but, I’m still haunted by her laying so still in her hospital bed with morphine coursing through her veins. she had no idea that about ten days ago I was at her side, fully awake at 330am holding her hand and willing her better. I don’t think I’ve been that focused since Sarajevo. that digression aside, Haley Anne was on a full-court press with her Mom petitioning for “hoop earrings” because “everyone” was going to wear them to school, and we had to get to Target, NOW. that didn’t happen, mostly because there were too many other things going on at the house to include home work and contractors. on top of this Joanne was trying to make sense of the bills we had just received from two separate hospitals for Haley Anne’s care. the total was an astonishing one hundred and sixty four dollars ($164,000). this included five hundred dollars ($500) for a single blood test. Joanne actually showed the bills to Haley Anne to see what she thought. but, all she got was a shrug and a: “I’m worth it”.

that’s true, to be sure. but, the lack of perspective gave me pause.

while I was distractedly listening to the exchange between Haley Anne and Joanne I started thinking about another post that I had written almost three years ago about a lighter moment in time called: Haley Anne Has a Plan. read that. do it!

I had also been thinking about it while standing vigil over haley Anne at the hospital.

“please let her have plans”.

I suppose all of this was hitting me at once because God was helping me keep my balance, perspective, guard, and wits about me. that’s all part of his gift of discernment, eh.

I feel responsible for everything and every body.

and, I like it that way. it keeps me sharp. often on the verge of disappointment. yet keen to see everyone around me win.

maybe it’s similar to what I try to teach my Shockers in soccer. there is a vital difference between being pleased and being satisfied. and, if you are going to do anything, just give it your best.

so, while we are going to face set-backs, sometimes terror, we have to remain firm in our resolve to be a beacon for what we believe is great hope. I’m convinced that’s my role… to be a teacher, possibly a mensche.

that’s my plan. I’m not going to stop believing; I’ll never quit trying.

…I think I’ll call Jack today. maybe I’ll fly up to visit with him, and I’ll take Haley Anne with me.

peace be to my Brothers and Sisters.

brian patrick cork

service this


I’ve became more than fed-up with certain service providers that, well, don’t.

I always do what I say. And, then some. In fact, I (cliche alert) really do try to perform well beyond my promise. I’ll pause and note, here, however, that I’m always very careful when I promise anything. And, I certainly choose my words carefully.

The simplest reason why I’m going on about this, today, is the guy that built the previous version of one of my business websites has side-stepped his part of a deal in the form of maintenance. And, in some respects he actually attempted to hold my business website, and it’s content hostage.

I really take it personal when people let me down in any form or fashion.

On the other hand, I’ve decided to “hitch up my drawers” and be part of my own solution. Thusly, I’ve complained, and now have done something positive about the problem.

I’m willing to call this one a victory, of sorts.

So… Here is the result: This is not an elegant design. But, it’s unique (enough) and very different from other websites of professionals like myself that recruit and coach on the business side of things.  And, the format (blog-oriented) will force my hand in subjecting offering my readers relatable thought leadership because I am, supposedly, a subject matter expertise around people in business and best practices.

By all means, add me to your RSS feed.

Peace be to my Brothers and Sisters.

Brian Patrick Cork

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