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that which might be Obvious


In the simple span of only one hour, a veritable snap of a cosmic finger, mind you, I witnessed God invoked across the extreme.

I stood before a jubilant fellow whom thanked God for finally giving him a job. And, not much later, another bloke that couldn’t comprehend why God would take his job.

NOTE: Neither were, or are, likely suited for either position. But, those parallel tales will realize and play themselves out in future chronicles. However, it’s all relevant to my eventual point, here.

So… I found myself pondering (fortunately I have the coolest job in the world, and I have the latitude to do such things) how this might fit into: the way things work.

On a side-note, while at Wal-Mart this weekend, I overheard a Dad tell his little boy he was going to: “beat the jesus out of [him]. Even though I’d submit the brat (by any definition) might deserve a scolding of some measure (although parenting may serve us all a greater good), I was uncertain how the actual objective could be met. On the other hand, it did occur to me that the kid might, all things considered, be possessed. …just not of the Spirit.

Moving from that side-note, and returning to a possible point for this post…

Along the way, I’ll be waxing, painfully, sophomoric.

It’s admittedly been, concurrently, painful and interesting (in a Chinese interesting sort of way) to observe how some people, groups, and organizations have fared over the past eighteen months. My point of context is through what many have game-fully referred to as the 2nd Great Recession (“great” is such a subjective word. I value the richness of our language to no end).

Survived or thrived appears to be the standard.

Also, the manner in which folks have opted to orient themselves with God.

Some have apparently, and pointlessly, blamed God for bad things – or, what they perceive as bad. I’ll put it that way because, life is often like playing commodities; if someone loses, someone else wins, in a manner of speaking. So, other people thank God – and, ironically for bad things happening to other people they might not know. I think this might very well be the case with people in separate countries (certainly competing companies). War (and, possibly the Olympic games) is a terrific example.

When an eleven year old girl humping a back pack filled with explosives into a diner and unleashes someone else’s evil will upon unwitting victims, who wins? And, then who thanks God if any part of that is deemed successful? How about the “freedom fighter” that killed her younger brother in a cross-fire, and then survived the sapping? What was he grateful for? Has he thanked God, or been perversely inspired by misunderstanding of his utilization of God’s gift of discernment?

We all know, or recognize people, that appear to argue with God. Or, rail against him.

What’s up with curbside preachers in New York?

I’ll submit to you that I’ve remained steady in the saddle though all manner of skirmishes that I don’t see any point, not one, in trying to do anything but go along with God. And, this mostly involves me using my best judgment and being fair. That Love Kat thing that we’ve not revisited in much too long.

The best news is I haven’t a clue what He (God) wants from me. I think I can recognize what He does not want me to do because there is typically a fairly clear sign it’s not working out. So, I change something. Some times it’s me. Other times it’s the circumstances. But, that’s me trying to work through what I feel God wants of me – leveraging discernment. I also, selfishly, don’t want to be a footnote relative to examples of Natural Selection.

Why fight God when you know He can kick your ass – every time?

Mine is a subjective, and possibly, a rhetorical question. We (certainly me) may not have any salient answers until we find ourselves fading to black. So, in the meantime, I’m sticking with what Rusty Linquist said on LinkedIN yesterday: “Every day you chose what kind of person you will be for that day. Who you choose most frequently will be your legacy…”.

Listening to: Cello Lesson by Dario Marianelli, Suite for Cello N0.1 in G Major, BWV 1007: I. Prelude by Y0-Yo Ma, and Stir it Up (the original version) by Bob Marley.

Oh… By the way… Don’t let your kids do this: unfortunate video. Beat them if they attempt it.

And, yes, I’m a bit sad this day (I’ll reserve the right to be optimistic – because that’s my role). There are elements to life, regardless of how I try, with all my considerable might, that must submit; ultimately surrender, to what may well be a form of the inevitable.

Peace be to my Brothers and Sisters.

Brian Patrick Cork


perfect contradiction


perfect contradictionWar and peace.

An image of perfect contradiction.

Although One Love/ Let’s Get Together by Bob Marley might be the obvious choice, lets throw One Love by U2 out there.

Peace be to my Brothers and Sisters.

Brian Patrick Cork

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that smells like Life!


…alert the media…

For the record, that was sage with which a CERTAIN SOMEONE blessed our new offices – and, what they can stand for, reflect, and represent.

Come on…

This is me keeping it light today.

Allowing myself to be distracted with “Satisfy My Soul” by Bob Marley.

Peace be to my Brothers and sisters.

Brian Patrick Cork


the Real Stimulus package



My current theory is that McKinsey has likely posited a report stipulating a formula whereby public companies of a certain size reduce their work forces by a certain percentage. We are seeing this (i.e. employee reductions of approximately 6000 per company) happen almost daily.

What will most certainly follow is stock analysts rewarding these companies (and themselves) with opportunistic positive forecasting. Those companies that cooperate participate in the stimulus campaign will, in turn, be rewarded with higher stock valuations and share prices – which is obviously good for shareholders (this is particularly great for executives), and our economy (generally speaking).

This is a “Chinese maybe”.

The bottom line: The American people can’t/ won’t tolerate a devolving stock market much longer. So, it will “go up” (as the amicable Barrista at Starbucks confidently stated yesterday [to be clear, she said the “go up” part – none of the other bits and pieces]).


As large companies sacrifice shed lower-level employees (and dead-weight) mid-level management, the stock market will react (that buffoon the buzz killing Kramer on MSNBC notwithstanding) and trend upwards (despite 33 year old A.D.D-addled day traders). NOTE: a Client of mine that is the CEO of one of these aforementioned (think billion +) dollar companies recently mused that part of this thinking includes “squeezing” the remaining employees so productivity (also) goes up even as COST of doing business (lighter payroll) is reduced.

Summary: As the stock market begins to go move up, and stock analysts “cooperate”, investor, and American confidence in general, will mount; the DOW will point North (go up); and, the economy will follow.

Then companies will begin hiring again.

This will play itself out A LOT faster than any thing President Barack Obama has planned.

So… GM will start selling SUV’s to people that live in Alpharetta again. NOTE:  One (amongst many) reasons I purchased a Ford F-150) [by the way…  Is it just me. or does the music associated with the Ford video sound like something from an updated Dawn of the Dead movie?] was due to their bold stand in refusing to take money from the government relative to the “other” stimulus package that will (as intimated above) take a decade to waste everyone’s time and become not much more than wikipedia-fodder (but, mostly for my dog and soccer [incidentally, I have settled on “Rowdy”]).

By the way… Thanks for making this Blog part of your life.  About 25,000 hits a day now.

Let’s Stir it Up with Bob Marley. Appropos for my Blog.  And, its Friday.

Peace be to my Brothers and Sisters.

Brian Patrick Cork

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