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As readers of this Blog know, I am currently engaged in a titanic struggle betwixt loyalty and practicality with regards to my utilization of not necessarily Smart Phone technology.

I recently abandoned my 2nd generation iPhone for a Blackberry Curve 8900 because the iPhone kept dropping calls, and reception within my offices was abysmal.

The Blackberry is now actually a “Macberry” – however, that is a completely different story.

The ugly truth of the matter is that the iPhone has arguably the worst radio of all the Smart Phones, and AT&T (currently the sole-provider of the iPhone) has demonstrably the worst cellular coverage of all the major providers (I just don’t know if it’s due to over subscription or just lousy decision-making). But the combination can make for a horrific (okay at least exasperating) experience.

I am making this case because A LOT of people read this Blog. Also because readers understand what an otherwise passionate Apple evangelist I am (so, this is clearly a big deal); and, the people at Apple read this Blog and listen to me (Apple closed down about 4 points Wednesday after I spoke with an analyst about my concerns).

Fix the problem please.

By the way… The Palm Pre is a nifty device. But, as I have already stated on this Blog, it’s not an “iPhone killer” (the considered act of throwing your iPhone against a wall because you dropped yet another important call with a client half way around the globe is certainly an iPhone Killer). The essential reason for this is that it’s not (ironically) an iPhone – and, therefore, not cool enough.

NOTE:  a Macberry is obviously cool – but mostly because it represents resourcefulness. It’s still a work-around – from my unique perspective, anyway.

Peace be to my Brothers and Sisters.

Brian Patrick Cork

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My readers, and most people around me, know I am a table-thumping Apple evangelist. I have stubbornly used Apple technology (I prefer that term as opposed to computers because Steve Jobs and company bring something more elegant than “computers” to the world) and related products and peripherals since 1984.

apple iphoneI did not have to wait in line to purchase my first iPhone. Apple made sure I had one before most everyone else. I won’t waste time here offering a review of that brilliant device. Many others are obviously better qualified to do so. But, for the record, I have used two iPhones – both the first and second generation units.

My concern this morning is that I have, once again, set aside my Apple iPhone and started using a Blackberry Curve 8900.

I understand that this announcement will drive consternation throughout both corporate America and Wall Street.

This is a big deal.

blackberry curve 8900The driving reason for this is that the radio in the iPhone is awful.  I could not make many calls from my offices. I had calls dropped constantly. That had become a forgone conclusion and something that caused consternation amongst my global clients. I speak and work with business leaders that change the world daily. So, having unreliable technology defines the very meaning of the word awkward. AT&T’s 3G is certainly suspect. So, I turn that off most of the time, and this reduces the iPhones competitive advantage. On the other hand, the Curve, and most Blackberry products, have arguably the best radio available in commercial handsets.

The thing (or ability) that I like best about the iPhone (other than it being a flagship Apple product that is clearly changing the world and represents yet another reason why I am right when I foist Apple on everyone) is simply visual voicemail. And, Apple products, in general, are considered hip (not sure if I consider myself hip). To be candid, using my finger to make things magically happen on the iPhone is cool. But, fingerprints and smudges are not. So, my Curve always looks shiny, clean and new. I don’t use any handset to access the internet, and I refuse to use email on one as well. I use a Smartphone mostly for talking and limited texting. This is actually annoying to many of my friends and associates that understand the access I have to wicked-cool technology and stuff. So, that best-of-class radio feature is, in the end, most important to me. And, I am advised (breaking news hint #1), by insiders, that AT&T should have a feature rich visual voicemail application available in the third quarter. Finally, the Curve is smaller and lighter than the iPhone.

Okay… This might be a bit of a review, or comparison, after all.

In any event, this is also me venting and adding my voice to the masses concerned about the Apple and AT&T connection. But, I am very loyal, and having to set aside Apple technology for any reason will always trouble me. By the way, there are rumors. But, I can confirm that the next generation iPhone is very close (breaking news hint #2).

plam preBy the way… The Palm Pre (Verizon) will be cool. I learned today it’s already at Best Buy stores (ahead of the publicized delivery day of tomorrow/ Saturday). Just so you know, Jonathan Ive, the fellow that essentially designed the iPhone for Apple, had a vision conflict with Steve Jobs. Mr. Ive felt the iPhone should have a keyboard. The Palm Pre realizes this vision for a keyboard that slides out from the back of the handset. However, that keyboard won’t represent an iPhone killer. It really won’t.

Feel free to weigh in. Call me on my Curve if you must. Just know that every time I pick it up I look forward to a better iPhone – but, might also be sportin’ a Pre.

Peace be to my Brothers and Sisters.

Brian Patrick Cork

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