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the writing is literally on the wall


so… I’ve only just learned that the State of Georgia, Fulton County anyway, is planning to remove cursive writing from the elementary school curriculum.

I have to think about this. but, my understanding of hand-writing is that it’s not only a form and expression of art, it promotes careful consideration, thought and discipline. these are all qualities and traits desperately needed in our children.

obviously hand-writing and its form in cursive can be taught at home, it will continue in my own. but we all know most families will take the easier path through the Disney Channel.

I would write you all personal hand-written notes on my very cool personal stationary. but, we need to start thinking about this and take action now.

so, I am pledging, and today, to write Susan Matzkin at, the principal of my Emma Jo’s Birmingham Falls Elementary School, a personal note asking her to reconsider and be part of the solution, and not the problem. obviously, many of you will have other Principals to contact. do it!

Chip Brackley just asked a great question,

“what’s next, teaching English in our schools?”

peace be to my Brothers and sisters.

brian patrick cork


fashion alert at Birmingham Falls Elementary


You were first alerted to my youngest daughter Emma Jo’s unique school-yard adventures with the worthy reading of: intrigue at the Summit.

And now, this just in, from a decidedly breathless, and no less impressed, Emma Jo and her new school – Birmingham Falls Elementary:

There is a tremendous amount of excitement, apparently, being generated by the hall stomping news that little Miss Lauren Newman has earrings in the form of strawberries.

However, what sets this emerging fashion trend apart from your run-of-the-mill accessory is that they dangle so low that they can also be stuck in her ears“just like Daddy’s iPod ear plugs”.

More later as this story continues to unfold, and other formative information, is drawn from this educational bastion of fashion and intrigue.

And, not likely related, but one never knows about these things, jennie3465poo on Build-a-bearville is “mean”.

It should also be noted that Emma Jo is taking Hip Hop dance lessons, and she is confident that she “[has] a lot of really good moves”.

Peace be to my Brothers and Sisters.

Brian Patrick Cork


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