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that which cannot endure but always shall


that which cannot endure but always shall. and, I’ll add, here, [should?]


I sent Jane Pope a simple email today.


with my own relationships evolving, what do we try and hold on to? what should we expect of ourselves and those around us?

I added a different type of post to the ever-growing inventory earlier this morning after a pointless effort at sleeping. that is all about the endless quest for answers.

is Self Reliance it’s own principle or quality?

all that said, with so many questions burrowing through my head to my soul, I’ll remind you that God took Bill Pope and his son Bryce from us with today the events tragic anniversary. or, did He borrow them? why would God need those solid figures more than ourselves? is that how it works? or, did some evil force intervene, and we need to remember and work hard to keep the good memories of better men alive in our hearts.

…the mystery.

that said, I’ll share some other – and yes, earlier efforts with you, all of you, to keep Bill in our hearts, and in our beings. he was my friend, and nothing can take that from me.

moments like these

standing with Bill Pope

I hope you will write about Me some days

I’m lucky God took my truck

taken aback by Bill Pope

in no certain order, mind you.

walk with me Bill. as my Grandad might have said, “you were a good man in a storm”.

peace be to my Brothers and Sisters.

brian patrick cork



I’m lucky God took my truck


this won’t be an epic post. my head hurts, a lot. it (this post) will be about, …well, a force of will, and the sharing of my thoughts, and eventually, my soul.

truckloads of people perish in accidents, daily. I’ve always been lucky. the only thing that died around me last Tuesday was Satan’s hopes with his latest effort to get into my head.

lucky. fortunate. fortuna.

the miscellaneous keys on my chain, their purpose forgotten, some how, long before the writing of this post, were bent.

everything, except me, in the truck cockpit, blew up. my stereo ended-up in the back seat. my (drivers) seat was bent at a 45º angle. I felt the very air pulled from the cockpit, and my lungs by the force of the concussion. when I came too it took me a few minutes to sort out that my left boot was up on the dash (my foot was in it, attached to my leg, which fortunately, was still attached to me).

in the seconds it took between me catching site of the Jeep out of the corner of my eye as it hurtled towards me it did, perhaps oddly, also occur to me it was three hundred and sixty six days since we had lost Bill Pope. I willed myself to let go of the steering wheel, which was torn up-and-out of it’s mounting. time slowed down long enough for me to start thinking that I was surprised it wasn’t the “white van”. but, more on that later.

as the jeep then piled into me, and my world began to spin out of my control and easily into His (God’s, not Bill’s), I did start thinking: it’s okay, I am a Soul Surfer.

just so you know, soul surfing has been described as:

“the highest level, the pinnacle of surfing spirituality equivalent to NirvanaSatori, and total enlightenment, but is rarely attained. the Soul Surfer expresses himself through his unity with the breaking wave. he borrows the wave’s spirit for a short while and uses his body and equipment to translate the essence of the wave’s spirit into Art”.

I understand that might be corny. …so?

I’m going to need healing. I have broken ribs, my left shoulder is jacked. I have an odd-shaped nob on the top left side of my head (as if my noggin wasn’t already badly malformed as it was), and perhaps most odd, my left calf continues to cramp.

I’ll also need a new truck. Nike sent over some new cool shoes to help me “get on and put on my fitness”. Apple sent over another iPad2 to help me read and research (and, evangelize them, naturally). I’m skeptical Ford will deliver a new truck absent my wallet, but little surprises me, these days. my wicked-cool, bad-ass black truck is totaled.

I really did love that truck. it had something akin to it’s own mojo – or spirit (and, some terrific memories hauled with it). and, it (helped) saved my arse, eh.

I’ve lost count of how many people have grimly advised me it was a good thing I wasn’t in my Porsche. I don’t really even like that Porsche. but, oddly I had thought about backing it out of the garage that morning.

luck. providence. fortuna.


two things I plan after State Cup (soccer) is to go and visit my dear, dear friends, the waves. and, not only will it be epic, but far from, here. I know that I need to surf, because it will help heal me. I also intend to deep sea fish. so, Chuck Papgeorgiou I’ll be calling in a few months and allow you to host that bucket list element. I’ve had more than my share of near-death experiences. but, this one was so close to home – literally, twenty meters from the driveway up to our estate. and, I want to breathe. maybe because that simple act is so difficult with the broken ribs.

I’m certain it was that proverbial sign. I’m also certain John Stein, who readers of this blog happen to know is an annoited healer, lifted me up and is healing me in record time. and, to prove it, I’m going to start running as soon as my head stops spinning so damn much. it’s going to hurt like hell. but, …well, just stay-tuned for that story as well. and, I know my unusual level of fitness also played a significant role in my ability to heal quickly. rather like Wolverine.

this post is not about surfing. although many of you will be drawn to this post while doing another form of that. this post isn’t about surviving, ether. because I’m not a survivor, I am a thriver. I’m also Racer-X.

God took my truck, but He left me to do, naught a few, things.

peace be to my Brothers and Sisters.

brian patrick cork

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standing with Bill Pope


I’ve admittedly struggled with the sense of posting about Bill Pope today.

it’s the one year anniversary that we lost Bill and his son Bryce to a treacherous curve on a darkened road here in Alpharetta. my last communication with him that very evening was a series of brief text messages (probably in the hands of Bryce, and dictated by Bill). I distinctly recall being in the moment, with Bill. that’s important, to me.

I like what I wrote last year: taken aback by Bill Pope. and, I think I’ll stand with that, and add only a few additional thoughts…

I don’t know that Bill’s reputation will grow in legend. but, it certainly will by inspiration, if not Bryce’s great promise. Bill and Jane did a great job with that one.

some men are good at trying to make a point. others can make a difference. my thinking is that Bill made it a point to make a difference.

I miss you Bill. you were my friend. and, man, you were a really good friend like only a man’s man can be. a stalwart, and true.

I keep hoping I’ll round a corner, and there you’ll be, hands in trouser pockets, with shoulders rolled forward standing in those saddle shoes with a silly grin on your face – and, a  look in those eyes dancing with naught but the promise of adventure.

my “red-headed-Errol-Flynn-like-friend”, Bill Pope.

peace to my Brothers and Sisters.

brian patrick cork


moments like these


our minds create pictures of moments that we can cherish the rest of our days, or perhaps soften the blow of our final moments as we are standing between our flag and bitter enemies, being hurled towards a tree, or simply fading to black.

this is the month we lost Bill Pope and his son and Bryce a year ago. you can read about that, here: taken aback by Bill Pope/

I often wonder what Bill’s final moments were like, the last thought, the image in his mind. I suspect he was calmly sorting through options that would navigate he and the boys to safety, and determined to realize Jane’s arms. by the way, Jane, if you are reading this, I only bring all of it up again because none of us can or should forget Bill and the man he will always be the standard for, and Bryce and his great potential.

the last few weeks were tough on my own family with Haley Anne suffering so much. it’s been a tough year. but, the recent events were, if naught else, perspective building.

emerging from all of this is a continued appreciation for the moments, great and small alike, that are making my own life so very rich.

monday night I was watching Stargate Universe (I don’t need any rude comments or jibing. at least I admit that I watch it – oh, and Battlestar Gallactica, as well). it was past her bed time but Haley Anne, still sore and restless could not sleep. so, she groggily made her way into the family room, muttered something about needing Daddy, drew up a large pillow and put her head up against my chest so I could stroke her hair for awhile. within moments she was purring and asleep. no ferocious tiger, just my silly little kitten.

that was a great hour. just me and Haley Anne. she was safe, relaxed and sleeping deeply.

last night at my U10 Shockers soccer practice I had a small turn-out. tuesdays are “extra” practice for the little ones.

this gave me an option to work very closely with the team and I decided to try and work on some fairly advanced “give-and-go” drills.

“think simple about giving the ball to a teammate and then running up pitch and calling for them to pass it back. give-and-go, give-and-go.”

to both my astonishment and delight, and that of one of the more experienced mothers, we pulled it off. the girls knew thay’d done well, and we all felt great about practice.

so, seeing my keeper roll the ball to an outlet player that deftly passed the ball to my little Emma Jo who then set up the “go-pass” was inspiring and deeply satisfying – both as a coach, and a Dad.

dammit Bill… I genuinely miss you. and, I know you would have listened to my stories at Starbucks and enjoyed them as much as I relished relaying them.

peace be to my Brothers and Sisters.

brian patrick cork

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