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Facebook and Divorce lawyers


Brian Patrick Cork the article below ↓ is rather fair. it tells you what a mindless journalist thinks.

so… I suppose it’s fair – if you care about things that are pointless.

meanwhile, what it made ME think of is that investors should have known better than to buy the IPO stock. and, I did warn you, here: why other people should buy Facebook (stock).

Facebook is not about financial value, or societal value. part of this is because the Facebook platform is deeply valued by people like divorce lawyers because it’s a great way to find cheating spouses. it’s also great for HR managers that don’t really know how to recruit but want to find the pictures of you doing things you don’t really (after thinking about it) want people to see, so they have an excuse not to hire you.

purchasing Facebook stock at the IPO, and thereabouts, makes you a terrific example of Darwin’s theories around Natural Selection.

oh… and, Barack Obama probably appreciates the whole IPO thing – but mostly because it has drawn more attention away from his own shenanigans. but, you can argue that Obama’s presidency is a lot like Facebook’s IPO, right? a lot of promises, but everyone that wanted the change, and bought in the media-hype, feels like they got taken for a ride.

so… maybe it’s the media that is the truest villain with all of this. they fuel unrealistic expectations and overly tout things that create collateral damage, just like Facebook and…

Actually, Mark Zuckerberg Should Say NOTHING About The Facebook… the past few days, as Facebook’s (FB) stock has continued to collapse, a growing chorus of people have been suggesting that Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg needs to say something. Specifically, the grumblers say, he needs to…

nancy pelosi and whitney houston, seriously


we must always compare for its contrast.

so long Whitney Houston. you really are an Angel, hopefully anyway. you entertained us all both with a golden voice and as a silly neighbor here in Alpharetta horse country.

meanwhile, Nancy Pelosi will ever be your equal in championing the odd cause:

I miss Bill Clinton and all the things he did for his country, that Obama never will.

peace be to my Brothers and Sisters.

brian patrick cork

looking at Obama’s foot


I’m not particularly happy to admit this, but I think Barack Obama has a good political strategy afoot.

by pushing hard for a “reasonable” plan to help Americans with mortgages he can’t lose. if he can successfully navigate an initiative through the House and Senate that works, he is a short-term hero. and, if the GOP elements of the House and Senate resist him he has an “us against them” platform to campaign on.

I’m skeptical Obama is sincere in his efforts. but, this is politicking at its best, providing you value that sort of thing.

sometimes the best defense a coach can teach an athlete is to watch his opponents feet.

peace be to my brothers and sisters.

brian patrick cork

picture This


I can’t, and simply won’t, add anything to this picture which tells a story:

but, I am listening to: Lighters, for no obvious reason other than an on-going effort to understand what’s happening around me.

…oh, and this version features Bruno Mars (he’s quite eclectic, really).

peace be to my Brothers and Sisters.

brian patrick cork

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