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Life vs. Bank of America


but, John Stewart tells the story so much better (or, more fun):

use your super powers for good. Kung Fu, in particular.

peace be to my Brothers and Sisters.

brian patrick cork





banks, lacrosse, and beers



I’ve been on a covert mission, that won’t be so secret later today.

the Feds are going after Bank of America, and that is for good cause.

with that effort more behind me, and less before me, I’ll be on the boat most of the weekend other than Lacrosse practice Sunday.

more about that later. but, I am having a blast with my Young Lions Pride.

meanwhile, I’ll trust all of you to have a great Labor Day weekend. Although we must rue the end of seersucker for the year, I’ll leave you with this low-technology visual tip (great opportunity realizes itself in the oddest forms).

we have a lot to celebrate. do it!

Model Especial for me.

peace be to my Brothers and Sisters.

brian patrick cork


trading sense for Dollars



recently the German stock market, also known as the DAX, fell sharply at two hundred fifty points that really only equaled less than two percent (2%), quickly recovering from four percent (4%), in a matter of minutes – and, seemingly without cause or reason (they can be different especially if there is a purpose). read more about that, here.

global indexes followed also – all seeming without legitimate explanation. oddly this happened right on the heels of Warren Buffet investing five billion ($5B) dollars into the shame-drenched Bank of America. more about that, here.

NOTE: I’m evaluating Mr. Buffet right now. he essentially bails out Bank of America for their bad behavior. this is the same fellow that says certain people in this country need to pay more taxes. but, this man has a perspective shared by few others. I can’t say today it’s (that unique view) good or bad. but, his perspective is different than almost everyone else’s. and, both things equal bandaids and less so long-term solutions (although Bank of America appears to be bailed a lot with the word taxes being involved – directly, or indirectly). maybe Bank of America needs to be run-to-ground with its executives being held in the spot-light, and we should consider paying less taxes and focus more on responsible spending. seriously… how do most of you run your own households?

QUESTION: many of the Bank of America executives received HUGE bonuses in the last couple of years. how many of them invest with Mr. Buffet?

…I’m just asking.

last week, our own New York Stock Exchange took a precipitous dump after generally good market news. although the media failed to elaborate, we know this ostensibly occurred due to “algorithms” and certain trading protocols driven by murky economic data that may-or-may-not be self-serving (to someone).

this means a computer (or, something like it) measures activity, somewhere and somehow then makes a cold calculation to buy or sell certain stocks or interests in commodities.

have you bothered to notice that most of the shenanigans occur during “after hours” trading?

so… who actually approved algorithmic and after hours trading? and, how is it monitored to keep things fair? oh… and, who defines what is fair?

what few people (the hell with “pundits” like the self-serving cultural terrorists idiots on MSNBC) will actually talk about is that these algorithms create buying opportunities for certain types of people that most of you don’t know and also don’t care about you, collectively.

consider this… stocks like Apple (AAPL) seem immune, for the most part, to predatory speculation, like that. people can still buy that stock and reasonably expect it to help them plan for the future. I believe it could be worth one thousand dollars ($1,000)a share afore too long. but that stock is in the spotlight for many other reasons. for Gods’ sake, the company has over seventy eight billion ($78B) in cash reserves. they could bail-out this country because they actually understand how to run something successfully, unlike our own government. so, it’s behavior tracks to reality, whereas stocks driven by algorithms react to insidious stimulation by people commonly referred to as, “they” or “them”.

keep thinking about this and remember, one day, I brought it up.

peace be to my Brothers and Sisters.

brian patrick cork


laughing all the way from the Bank



now we have the rumor JP Morgan could acquire Bank of America. read a bit more about that, here.

Why this can only fascinate me is that it’s Constitutionally unfeasible.

…another thought is one could argue that Bank of America currently is part of the “axis-of-evil” (I’d add Facebook to that list), and led Wall-Streets melt down in 2008.

however, if it does happen, and I don’t have any information (but, its unlikely), it signals the Federal Governments willingness to operate outside of rules that are the foundation of law. there is now, essentially, no discipline. this signals open-season on rules of policy, and the rule-book. It’s also another “bail-out”, just under another description.

but then, look what the Obamacrats did with the debt ceiling.


Jamie Dimon becomes not only the single most powerful man on the planet, but also, potentially (ironically?) emasculated because everything he does will be watched through a completely new and different lens. the meeting at the White House, and it would have occurred, must have been historic with it’s import.

pause and also consider the fact that the United States still does not have a “super bank” that can play with the big boys in the mountains of Europe (and, watch for what’s going out of Hong Kong – you did read about that first, here). and, you now have the majority of United States households financial snapshots under one lens.

could this be a precursor to imminent domain to sage the country in Obama’s twisted view?

but, now, perhaps, we have insight into the rumors I am aware of that have Dimon being names as Secretary of the Treasury.

save this post. you did learn of this, here, and first.

peace be to my Brothers and Sisters.

brian patrick cork

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