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brian’s new WHEELS (and osama bin laden is dead)


we lost the big, black, bad-ass Ford F-150 in “the accident”.

the team said, “you can have your hearts desire”.

we did some research. the result is bad-ass, rare, and by special order.

it’s not what you might expect. it’s unique and also special (edition).

in other news, osama bin laden is dead. US Navy Seals apparently took the minion of evil out with a shot to the head Monday (remarkably apropos). evidently his son was killed in the action as well. that’s probably another good thing. no family legacy to rally around. by the way… there is certain to be a measure of controversy around the fact that bin laden’s body was “buried at sea”. conspiracy theorists will rail against the lack of a body as evidence. however, casting the remains overboard unceremoniously (without honors) makes for standard Navy protocol reserved for common criminals and riff-raff. and, I’m confident we’ll see photos at some point. but, on the other hand, without a burial place or marker, there won’t be a shrine of any sort for his followers to visit.

the miserable bastard is fish food. and, only good riddance.

peace be to my Brothers and Sisters.

brian patrick cork

miraculous healing


I’m standing here (literally), and I’m claiming a verified miracle.

For twelve months I’ve been in constant agony with the achilles tendon on both sides. The globe has promised to spin off it’s very axis with the alarm and concern this has generated. In fact, you can read about that here: Brian Cork Injures Achilles Tendon Extreme sporting World Draws Collective Breath.

Running has been next to impossible, except occasionally – and, despite the economy, the makers of Baer Back and Body tablets (super-charged aspirin) have realized a banner year with all of it I’ve literally choked down. Every time I sat still for awhile, or slept, they (the achilles tendons) would go stiff, and I carried myself like an old man, hobbling about, with arthritis in his feet.

Then I started running on the turf field at North Park here in Milton (formerly Alpharetta). I could tolerate that and began to carefully increase my mileage again. The scenery is tenuous. But, I allowed myself to be lost in thought (and, to be certain, many of the worlds issues are potentially resolved) as I hurled myself around the pitch for ever longer periods of time. Late last week I looked up from a cooling-down walk when I heard applause. Joanne had come over to watch me on her way to Publix.

That was cool.

Maybe it was a sign.

I started realizing about that time the pain was easing. Then after a run Wednesday, that included my best effort to date, I realized that I was feeling pretty fit, and there was almost no soreness. Today I came out of the shower with nary a hint of discomfort. To celebrate in my own special way, I knocked-out a quick one-hundred push-ups.

Just like that… Healed.

I knew you, collectively, would rejoice with this august news.

Peace be to my Brothers and Sisters.

Brian Patrick Cork

iPad reality


Here is what I know based on having an iPad in my hands for two weeks…

This from the perspective of a businessman (me) – or, perhaps a field researcher, doctor, traveling salesman, even a warehouse supervisor – anyone whose job offers them an opportunity to get away from a desk. The iPad runs hundreds of iPhone apps, and you can bet thousands of more are under development. The productivity and multi-revenue opportunities around the iPad are potentially inconceivable as of the writing of this post. Many of those apps are tailored to specialized lines-of-work. And, it’s more powerful hardware (I’m drawing the compaison to the iPhone) should inspire developers to be relentless in their pursuit of innovation.

But it’s iWork that sets the standard. It comes with attention-grabbing presentation tools. For example, the laser pointer effect in Keynote is slick, bad-ass, awesome, cool. iWork beats Microsoft Office for usability anyway – and, we like our videos. And, the iPad’s size, weight, and battery life make it a natural for the field and travel.

Prediction: “iPadders” will leave their Macbooks at home and the office when they go any where.

One determined piece of advice from a self-acknowledged know-it-all… Don’t skimp and settle for the WiFi-only version and fool yourself into thinking you don’t, or won’t, care about 3G. When you grasp the potential of this device for communication (i.e. VoIP), and the aforementioned Apps currently under development around that potential, “the game” (gaming is a whole other topic) changes completely.

Peace be to my Brothers and Sisters.

Brian Patrick Cork

complete Badass


I have, yet, another hero, thanks to the research and this most excellent submission from the redoubtable Nick Milne.

I’ve cut and then ably pasted (it’s the best I can do at the moment as I bow to Nick’s epically measured writing style) a piece of his most recent posts:

“- Following in the footsteps of something I mentioned earlier this month, it was on this day in 1944 that yet another remarkable young man was awarded the Medal of Honor. Whereas Alvin York basically had to destroy an entire German army single-handedly to win the same medal, for Private First Class Desmond Doss (1919-2006), of the medical corps, it was a matter of saving lives rather than taking them. PFC Doss was the first-ever conscientious objector to be awarded the United States’ highest military honor, and the manner in which he earned it is breathtaking. The citation for bravery reads like the stuff of some pious legend, but it is all well-attested, and although he refused to carry or fire a weapon, owing to his Seventh-Day Adventist background, there was nothing to stop Desmond Doss from being a complete badass in a basically peaceful sense. His unit (in Okinawa) was cut to pieces by machine gun fire, with seventy-five men going down; Doss carried every survivor to a nearby escarpment, still under fire himself, and lowered them to safety. A fellow soldier was wounded, falling some 200 yards beyond American lines; Doss went out and got him, again under heavy fire. He rescued injured marines from the very edges of Japanese ramparts, caves and machine gun installations, stolidly going back for man after man no matter what his frustrated enemies hurled at him. He was injured by a grenade, once, so he sat there for five hours treating his own wounds until the stretcher-bearers were no longer busy with other tasks. Even as they were carrying him back he found an opportunity to distinguish himself; the stretcher team and its escort came under attack, and Doss rolled off the litter to allow it to be used to bear another man who had been injured. He was then shot in the arm, and separated from his rescuers, so he improvised a splint out of a rifle stock and crawled through the jungle to the American lines. He kept doing stuff like this all the time. Nobody could stop him. No one would dare.”


My favorite part:

“The citation for bravery reads like the stuff of some pious legend, but it is all well-attested, and although he refused to carry or fire a weapon, owing to his Seventh-Day Adventist background, there was nothing to stop Desmond Doss from being a complete badass in a basically peaceful sense.”

By the way… There are several videos you can pull off and view for perspective. You should  do so. Do it! But, none of them, try as they might, inspire the images of PFC Doss as ably as those divined by Mr. Milne.

Peace be to my Brothers and Sisters.

Brian Patrick Cork

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