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I was talking to an older fellow here in town Thursday. He leads a Bible study group and, regardless of mitigating factors, can often be quite close-minded. I savor that delicious irony. I do!

Just to be clear, I understand, and will also submit that this is not a view limited to Christians (not even those whom profile as Christian-esque or Christian-ish [see Atlanta-based MSA Mafia]).

In any event, we find ourselves outside of Starbucks, often engaged in friendly debate around all manner of topics. Thursday he was explaining to me that God “gave” man woman. Husbands, in his view (and, he isnsists the Bible is clear on this), “own” their wives.

I shared one of my own maxims with him as we were parting:

“Behind every great man there stands a woman rolling her eyes”.

He did not like that. This was greatly evident in his body language – and, his face turning an alarming shade of purple. And, he grimly warned me, in his own not uncertain terms,  that: “you don’t get it”.

Correct. Albeit relative to context.

This fellow, and he’s a good man, in my estimation, believes I have some how failed (his version of) God.


I have two daughters (and, I coach and otherwise influence many more daughters).

Me? I’m teaching them to be forthright, self-aware, leaders with positive self-image. Other earthly fathers trust me with their daughters when I coach them in soccer, and hang out at our home. They don’t have to be second class citizens if there is a son in the house.

[pause for effect]… …how many readers out there have such a situation in their home? Sons being favored over daughters, to be more clear. It needs to be a veritable elephant in the room (often crowded with another form of idolatry).

In any event, I’m seeing good results. I think I’m on the right path. And, if not, in terms of wanting to facilitate my daughters contributing to society in a meaningful and multi-faceted way, then God can smite me now.

Peace be to my Brothers and Sisters.

Brian Patrick Cork


poweR Chameleon


Readers of this morning’s post won’t have much context to fall back on.

However, that has rarely represented much of an impediment for me expressing my thoughts.

karmaPower, control and influence are all relative – as is our perception of such things.

In any event, I am reminded of late that the maxim(s):

“Always use your power for good”


“Karma is a bitch”

…are ever relevent.

If you are part of Atlanta, and it’s unique business scene, you will particularly appreciate this relative to the MSA Mafia.

Peace be to my Brothers and Sisters.

Brian Patrick Cork




It’s a bit unusual for me to offer more than one post on a given day.

However, I find myself with just a few extra minutes on my hands – and, it’s drizzling rain today.

I don’t like rain (even though Atlanta desperately needs it) unless I can run in it. Rain makes me melancholy. And, drops in barometric pressure apparently conspire with other elements to give me migraines. Also, drizzling is just so pathetic. I prefer a torrent of rain! Or, no rain. Why else might be the point of such inclement weather other than to really piss me off because we probably can’t have soccer practice (I don’t care for Bermuda grass – and, don’t get me started there). Soccer was meant to be played under any conditions. Just not in Atlanta – or where Bermuda grass, and poor soil conditions and highly suspect roots, prevail (what an incredible metaphor for shallow things).

Such dizzying ruminations aside, I am feeling surprisingly bouyant in this late morning (even if the word bouyant is creating some consternation with me and spell check).

One of my business coaching clients, Sanders McConnell, has only just left my offices. We are both pretty excited. We had a great break through – call it an epiphany, with regards to his evolving business model. The pieces snapped into place on this overcast morning that suddenly feels so bright and full of promise.

NOTE: The inestimable PJ Bain must be running late himself today for our appointment. Possibly due to the rain. However, the extra time is allowing for this impromptu post – and, it feels great. And, I shall look forward to seeing PJ because he, himself is such a terrific example of truth and light.

I have the coolest job in the world. All I have to do is hang out with my friends all day and help them make better decisions.

God gave the world the Beautiful Game of soccer. And, He has given me, in particular, experience, discernment, and many opportunities to use them for good.

Peace be to my Brothers and Sisters.

Brian Patrick Cork


Today is a BIG Day


I was recently named to the Catalyst “Top 25 Entrepreneurs”.

Tonight is the awards dinner at the Atlantic Station Ballroom. This award might indicate that I am among the most influential Entrepreneurs in the Southeast. This evening we find out where I stand in this motivated group of business athletes.

But, I am more excited over this evening because my oldest daughter Haley Anne has agreed to be my date. This is another opportunity for Haley Anne to see me in action from a business context, and be around successful people that consistently demonstrate best business practices.

We had a magical moment a few days ago.

Joanne and I took Haley Anne shopping for a new dress for the event. I had never seen (or, comprehended that it was even possible) Haley Anne do the pirouette thing. She was looking in the mirror; absently swept her hair off of her forehead; cocked her head to the side; and, gracefully spun on her toe. She looked right at me and just beamed! She had found a great dress; she knew she looked terrific; and, it was so natural.

Haley Anne went from being my “Silly Lady Bug” to letting me have a glimpse of the young lady that was emerging.

This evening is transitional in so many ways.

Peace be to my Brothers and Sisters.

Brian Patrick Cork


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