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Some times the exchanges that occur, in the trenches (comments), once a Blog post is aired become decidedly more rich and vibrant than the original posts themselves.

I found myself on Daniel Florien’s Unreasonable Faith and Nick Milne’s The Daily Kracken adding comments, and then embroiled in a rewarding repartee with other bloggers positing varying beliefs and theories involving such wide-ranging topics to include Rap music and Christianity.

Interestingly (to me any way) part of this dynamic communication ended-up migrating over to one of my own recent posts: open minds.

Today (if only in terms of writing and sharing) I will take it easy, and share this summary I offered a new acquaintance “John C (his real name might actually be Craig)” after he reached out to me, through this Blog, as the dust was settling:

Call me a Seeker.

I was a Christian of unreasoned faith. “All hat and no cattle”, if you will. I was very passionate. But, not very learned.

I think I should feel it, to have it.

So, I stepped back and began to evaluate how, and what, I think and feel in terms of faith. I believe in one God. It’s true; and, the conviction runs deep. However, I struggle with the Christ element of the Christian faith. I don’t want to be a hypocrite. God will know the difference – right?

Admittedly, I enjoy this evaluative process. I am learning whom my friends are, and making new friends all the time. I started reading Florien’s Unreasonable Faith, more because a contrarian view is healthy and interesting if you take a heterodoxal position (and, I do). I also stumbled upon (or, was possibly led to) Nick Milne’s The Daily Kracken. But, Nick draws us (me any way) to him because he is so interesting and ernest (and educated and striving for more) – and, that means he reflects and represents what I believe I am looking for. This is a central theme (as is Natural Selection, Thomas Jefferson and Family) of my own Blogging efforts.


On a different comment thread, involving yet another post, I concluded:

Okay Colm … The lack of italics aside, my daughter agrees with you. Quite dismissive of Black Eyed Peas in fact. She did, however, offer Akon for consideration. So, I will sally forth and reconsider. There is no soccer this weekend due to Spring Break. So, I will indulge myself with investigating a history of Rap and Hip Hop. A facilitator for some good long runs, to be sure.

Syzygus … Your words are like apple butter on hot homemade bread. Wow. I wish I could write with such clear articulation. I struggle with that. I was practically illiterate when I graduated from High School. I could run like the wind and was passed through each grade. I only got into college because I could run and had a great SAT score. It’s been a long road. But, writers like you and Nick (and Brian V.) inspire me.

I am still drawn to Rap and Hip Hop, however. I feel and relate to the passion those forms inspire – even as I try to represent and reflect other things and influences. It has a lot to do with being a Dad (deeply flawed, but determined to be a good example).


I understand a lack of context might be confusing. However, a little research and digging could bear some fruit that will drop much of this into perspective.

Or not.

However, in summary, that is all me today, looking forward towards tomorrow.

…Transparency. Open-mindedness. Today’s truth.

Peace be to my Brothers and Sisters.

Brian Patrick Cork

open minds


Last night I posted: Holy Crap!

I was going to call this post “Holy Crap! revisited”. However, I changed my mind once I realized the point I really want to make.

Nontheless, and to be clear, this effort is an update to Holy Crap!.

I am certainly no atheist. But, my point of that post was to “take the mickey” out of John C. I thought my play on words was witty. I am not so sure today. I had an odd vibe about the entire matter. So… I went back to Florien’s Unreasonable Faith to further explore A Believer’s Farewell. I found myself working through the comments. It really is interesting (to me any way) how fond readers, on both sides of the fence, are of John C. He is silly, and a bit of a cantankerous rascal. But, he comes across as a blithe spirit as well. No real rancor at all. He is simply a man of great faith. It is fair to say, oddly Refreshing.

Yet another reminder to keep my mind open, and relish both sides.

Some force is clearly at work on me. I also found myself on Nick Milne’s The Daily Kraken reading Experimenting. There has been a lively exchange within the comments. Go check it out. You won’t regret it. Nick apparently does not like Hip Hop or Rap music (well, not yet anyway). But, he is apparently willing to journey forth – experiment, and, investigate those, and related, forms of music, albeit it in foreign languages, so not to leave any stone unturned.

Good man.

Peace be to my Brothers and Sisters.

Brian Patrick Cork

Holy Crap!


This shared with the rest of us by Mr. Daniel Florien, the arbiter, if not purveyor, of Unreasonable faith:

A Believer’s Farewell by John C.


…holy crap.

Peace be to my Brothers and Sisters.

Brian Patrick Cork

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